The Chimeric ring is a handsome mans ring, and if donned on a womans hand does nothing. It is a heavy gold band set with three stones, a ruby (dragon), emerald (goat), and topaz (lion) in a circular setting. It is always warm to the touch, and is obviously a magical item. If donned by a man, the ring will resize itself to fit his finger.

If worn by a virtuous man, the ring is a potent magical item, gifting the wearer with a number of boons. If worn by a base man, the ring is cursed and brings woe upon the bearer and those close to him.

Each aspect of the chimera, represented by a stone, has a boon, and a curse, depending on the virtue of the wearer. At first, telling the difference between curse and boon is difficult, but as the curse increases it becomes obvious.

The ruby, the eye of the dragon is the first stone. The boon of the dragon is power of the sorcerous variety. When donned by a virtuous man, the wearer becomes invulnerable to weapons crafted of metal, gains the reptilian strength of the great beasts, and is rendered immune to illusions and deceptions of the mind.

The curse of the dragon is that of greed. The wearer becomes possessed with the urge to gain as much gold as possible, to hoarde it. Magic items and weapons are also sought. At first it is a minor impulse, and later grows into a life shaping domination. The resultant hoarde draws heros and dragons alike to the wearer, and the ring passes from the corpse to a new owner along with the treasure and misery accrued by the previous.

The Emerald, or the stone of the goat is a potent one. The virtuous man is rendered immune to any posion, and can eat food that is spoiled with no ill effect, other than the taste of eating rotten food. The wearer is also blessed with near limitless virility, and endurance. He will never tire in strenuous activity such as running, or other - ahem - endurance events.

The lecherous man who dons the Chimeric ring becomes irresistable. At first this is a boon, until the wearer is assaulted by would be paramours, jilted lovers, and angered spouses. The wearer will also begin to suffer from cholic and slowly become ruled by his basest nature. Eventually his heart will stop, and the lech will die.

The topaz, or the eye of the lion is the last of the three stones. The power of the virtuous lion is unfailing courage and pussiance with any weapon, ranging from swords, to bare fists. The wearer is also rendered immune to wound penalties, though does not suffer the ill effects of reduced senses.

The avaricious lion suffers from the vice of wrath. Anyone who displeases him will be attacked and maimed or slain. The wrathful lion leaves a bloody swath through the community until new heros rise and the monster is slain and the ring again is taken.

The ring was created by one of the divinities, one strongly in favor of women. The ring benefits virtuous men who care for and protect women, while it punishes those who treat them poorly. Often the victims of the unvirtuous ring powers are themselves lacking in virtue.

Magical Properties:

The Chimeric ring is the first item in a series of 12 inspired by the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Instead of the normal dog, rabbit, and goat, there will be twelve mythic beasts and one magic item for each of them.

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