Cessna and Piper Aldean come from typical Californian-Rocky Mountain stock, and are of average height and while pretty in their own way, they are neither supermodels nor ugly. Cessna is slightly taller than her sister, and is given a passing similarity to Lady Gaga with a slightly large nose and almost artificially straight blonde hair. She has an athletic build from regular visits to the gym, blue eyes, and a rather stern demeanor. Piper is 'give that girl a cheeseburger' thin, with a mop of somewhat frizzy hair that is continually pulled into a ponytail and an attitude befitting a stuntman.


Cessna favors blues, grays, and other dark neutral colors, along with form fitting clothing. This benefits her work as a professional pilot. She finds regular work flying the jets and other small craft owned by celebrities, VIPs and large corporations as she is a certified pro with all the credentials. When she paints herself into the professional pilot/ne stewardess outfit and then puts on the aviator shades and headphones, most of her mostly male clientele are more looking at her body than her face. While somewhat demeaning, this coupled with her very cool calculating manner has gotten her top notch references and some impressive tips. As a seasoned pilot, she is not adverse to flying in bad weather, or handling a craft through storms, ice, and so forth.

Cessna is single, but that is mostly because her schedule and work keeps her from having the time to make relationships work, and she has a personal detachment, a sort of machine like mode, that she goes to when she's flying or working out a problem, and so far this has created a buffer between her and the handful of men she has dated. It doesn't help that in her area of work, she sees quite a few men behaving badly and it generally puts her off. There's nothing like flying a load of rappers and musicians and prostitutes across the country with enough cocaine on board to qualify as a primary drug pipeline to make someone interested in dating.


Piper favors casual tomboy style clothes, blue jeans and t-shirts. She doesn't do anything to impress anyone but fly. Where Cessna ferries about the elite, Piper flies agricultural, cargo, and other basically blue collar piloting jobs. Her devil may care attitude makes her a favorite at local area airshows where she likes to show off her skills. She is also popular among fire fighting crews, as when she flies in the loads of fire retardant she isn't afraid to get in low and close where it can do the most good. It is also a challenge that she enjoys, even if it unnerves her copilots.

Piper is the girl everyone likes, but don't want to spend too much time around. Likely an undiagnosed manic depressive, she balances her adrenaline fueled acrobatics and rescue piloting against periods of sleeping and long bouts of downtime where the only reason she gets up is to drink, and maybe fly. This has taken a toll on her personal life as everything she has is either worn or worn out, and she takes her relationships with people for granted.

The Aldeans and Airplanes

The Aldeans have been in the air since there were airplanes, and Cessna and Piper were born to fly. Their father James 'Pappy' Aldean was a military pilot in the first Gulf War, and his girls were raised in a military brat family. They moved frequently, and shared a passion for aircraft. Eventually this constant moving and stresses involved with constantly flying caused Pappy and his wife to break up. In a rare instance, Pappy was granted custody of his daughters, while their mother moved back to her home state. While there was back and forth visits, the girls were increasingly alienated from their mother. They were born and raised air force brats and they couldn't give up that any more than their mother had been able to give up the midwestern notion of the house and barn and little farm.

The girls grew up and Cessna went professional, getting the licenses and accreditations to handle the Lear jets, and other high end hardware. Piper lacked a certain rigidness and didn't pursue the professional path. She found the schedules jarring, and the time frames restrictive. She put her skills to work flying planes for farmers, spraying pesticides, or helping round up cattle in the big country. Sometimes she did work with small cargo planes, and eventually found her way into a firefighting plane. While she doesn't have all the fancy paperwork, she has the trust and respect of the people who own the planes and the airports. truth is that if it has wings, Piper can probably fly it. The older and more bucket like it is, the better she can fly it.

But Wait...

All of this is mildly interesting, but at best marginal.


The Aldean's have been aware of the supernatural for generations. While few of their number have become full fledged hunters of supernatural monsters, they have provided aid and support for hunters in need or in the field.

Airplane Repo!

As basically a ranked civilian aviator, Cessna has the credentials to work in airplane repo work, taking back aircraft that are behind on their payments. While this is certainly a good moneymaker for when the VIPs aren't keeping her busy, it is a good way to grab equipment from vampires, or requisition an aircraft when an emergency flight is required. Moving repo'd aircraft is also an effective way to move people and equipment that want to stay off the proverbial radar as police searches and roadblocks aren't going to stop a repo pilot from moving a seized plane to another nearby airfield.

Air Drop

An isolated group of hunters are besieged by fill in the blank monsters in an isolated fill in the blank location. Piper can fly a cargo plane over the sight and air drop supplies for the PCs, like food, water, ammo, and so forth. While certainly dangerous, few supernatural foes have anti-aircraft capabilities. Alternately, she can land a plane in unlikely places to make emergency pick ups for injured people, or evacuate hunters on a job gone horribly wrong.

Unlikely Skill

It isn't immediately obvious that both women are accomplished pilots, Cessna can pass as a business exec and Piper exudes the girl next door charm. Caught in a supernatural hunt/event, they are supporting characters, unlikely to carry the fight or solve the puzzles, but once a way is needed out, they know how to handle some of the most complicated vehicles available.

Shadow Runners

In a Shadow Run or cyberpunk setting Cessna and Piper can fulfill the same basic role. Cessna is the air chauffeur for the elites and entertainers, while Piper is the daredevil stunt pilot. The availability of VTOL and VSTOL aircraft in the near future setting increases Piper's viability as an asset, as does the much more common availability of hidden guns and weapons in just about everything. While Piper would be flying the Shadowrun equivalent of the Millenium Falcon, Cessna is jetting about in bleeding edge luxury craft, possibly even taking aerospace craft from the surface to low orbiting space stations and junctions.

Basic Modern

In any modern based game, Cessna and Piper are a skillset with some backstory and appearance. Their skillsets are adaptable and variable. With military in their background they can both be proficient with firearms and self defense skills, as well as being regular travelers. If a certain language or regional knowledge is required, it can be handwaved that Pappy Aldean and his family was posted to an airbase near said region. After living off of Rammstein AFB in Germany, the girls could be passably fluent in German as well as generally knowing their way around, and so forth for any installation where it is conceivable for civilian families to live nearby (Iraq and Afghanistan are right out).

Character Basics:

Attributes: average but perception, dexterity, wits and other traits are higher than average

Skills: high, both are educated, competent, and skilled.

Resources: Cessna: high end of average reaching into bottom region of well off. Piper, low average, but most money is tied up in owning her own aircraft.

Reliability: Cessna: highly reliable, organized, and determined, very consistent. Piper: highly variable, while able to pull off very impressive feats, balanced out against lack of motivation, lack of punctuality, and general traits of being a 'free spirit' or manic depressive.

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