Carl Sterling was an above average child with an unremarkable background. Born of suburban WASP father and Jewish mother,this only child got A's and B's and was socially normal. The only dark spot on the blond haired ,brown eyed youth was a near kleptomania level of theft, developed at an early age. After finally getting caught by his mother at the age of 5, Carl hid this much better. Never again would he be caught, not by anyone.


When Carl was 12 , at a friends birthday party, Carl engaged in the common party petting / kissing game with Emily Braddoch, the object of his heart's desire. In the middle of the adolescent act, his mutant ability manifested. He looked at her and suddenly, they physically shifted places, teleport style.Both were left dazed and bewildered by this, and Emily never spoke to him or anyone else about it. Unsure about this event, Carl went about his average , theft ridden life.


At the age of 17, He was under age drinking with some friends and went out back to vomit. While he was retching He spotted a bum laughing at him and starting to tease. Carl glared at him and once again, he switched places with the man sitting 50 feet away from him. This time he understood what was happening. After he was feeling better he consciously tried to switch place with a very drunk woman and he succeeded. From that moment he had a plan.


Carl joined the Marines as soon as he could, to gain the combat skills he would need for his planned life as a criminal mastermind. He casually (and secretly ) switched places with friend and foe alike, heedless of the deaths he was causing. It wasn't that he was a true sociopath, it him it was learning deadly arts and mastering his mutant ability. Other's death was just a side effect. After serving his single enlistment period , Carl went away and Castle emerged.


Castle has the mutant ability to switch place by merely glancing at an individual.who is left moderately disoriented He has surrounded himself with other villains who can take advantage of this. He switches places with his foes, putting them in terrible position or setting up his friends in advantaged positions. Having a near limitless ability to do this makes his team far more powerful than it would be.He will often start a fight by having a flying compatriot carry him, switching places and then the flyer drops the helpless one.Sticking to heavily populated areas, he also has the ability to rapidly 'jump' away by quickly switching from passer by to further away passer by etc. He is a skilled hand to hand fighter in his own right but avoids melee combat most of the time. He wears non-descriptive clothes to blend in if he needs to make a getaway. He doesn't care who gets hurt and will put helpless bystanders in harms way, often with fatal consequences, employing this tactic vrs heros who he know harming a civilian would be devastating to. He has caused at least 3 super strong bricks to quit the business by having them kill innocents. All just a day at work for him.

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