Inspired by Cheka Man's 30 Groups of Mooks

1. The Armor of the King

The Armor of the King is a masterwork suit of full plate armor. It is not ornamented or baroque. Rather, it is tough and highly functional armor that can be worn for prolonged periods of time without chafing or tiring the wearer. The King wore this armor when he rode on campaign. The armor itself has several enchantments on it, raising it's armor rating, and offering damage reduction. Though not flashy, the armor is incredibly tough and very difficult to damage. The King carried a magic sword, and several magic items, none of these are included with the armor. It is equipped with a decorative sword and scabbard that are replicas of the King's magic sword and scabbard. The Sword in functionally a basic Longsword +3.

When animated, the Armor of the King moves with a lordly grace, light but sure, and it is not adverse to using its shield. The armor is hard to beat because it doesn't tire, and it radiates authority, if a foe is wounded by the armor they must make a morale check or fall back.

2. The Armor of the Knight of the Lake

The Knight of the Lake was raised and ordained by the watery spirit of a magic lake, hence him becoming the Knight of the Lake. The armor is grand and impressive, the full plate armor of a large man who strode into battle without fear or guile, and crushed his foes with insurmountable force of arms. The armor is masterwork, and is enchanted by water spirits, though it is only a replica of the original armor, which was enchanted by the Water Spirit of the Magic Lake. The armor has a high evasion rating, and it allows the wearer to add their dexterity trait to their combative skill checks. Despite the size of the armor, the wearer can flow like water over rocks. It is armed with a Longsword +2 and a Hand axe +2.

When animated, the Armor of the Knight of the Lake has multiple attacks per round, and favors using it's hand axe to hook shields, pull foes off balance, or strike helms, while it follows with the point of the sword with punishing stabbing attacks.

3. The Armor of the Celestial Knight

Also known as the Knight of the Star, the Armor of the Celestial Knight is embossed with a raised star on the breastplate. The Celestial Armor was made to accentuate the virtues of the Knight of the Star. The wearer will find their courage unbreakable, their vision infallible, their will inflexible, their honor unquestionable, and their aim always true. The wearer of the Armor of the Celestial Knight can focus their will to Strike True once per scene, allowing them to penetrate the toughest armors, find the most elusive weak points, and otherwise decapitate, disembowel or otherwise destroy those they fight. For this power to work, their foe MUST be of an evil or non-good chaotic alignment.

The Armor of the Celestial Knight is armed with a bastard axe that once belonged to a wicked forestal. The Knight of the Star fought and slew the Green Lord of the Trees and struck his head from his shoulders. In combat, the Armor of the Celestial Knight cannot be knocked back or prone, it cannot be hidden from, and it can use it's Strike True power once per day, still limited to slaying evil or non-good chaotic aligned characters.

4. The Armor of the Requiem Knight

The Requiem Knight was a puissant and deeply honorable knight. Upon the death of the True King, the Requiem Knight took his body to the Great Halls beyond, and returned to assure those who remained that the True King was dead, and that his unconquerable magic sword had been returned to its rightful home. Following this, the Requiem Knight ruled in the King's stead until he too went to the Great Halls to rejoin his king. The armor is blackened from having been burned on a funeral pyre. It is armed with a great scythe, as the Requiem Knight carried his ethereal blade to the next realm.

The Requiem Knight is a terrifying Foe as it can strike a foe with it's scythe and flay them to their soul. Such wounds can only be healed by a rightful King. Those who are slain by the Requiem Knight are bound to serve the wearer of the armor as undead. These are the blessed undead, as they are given a chance to atone for their evil deeds in life with valorous service in death. The Requiem Armor can raise one undead at a time, provided there are freshly slain bodies. These undead last until they perform a valorous task, or a year and a day passes.

5. The Armor of the Red Knight

The Red Knight was known for his absolute power on the field of battle and on the listing field. The Red Knight was unbeatable in single combat, and could not be bested with a lance, by friend or foe. The Armor of the Red Knight is red, and full plate in the baroque tournament pattern. It has bonuses to protection and defense, but the Red Knight's fearsome power came not from his armor, but from his own furious soul. The armor retains a memory of his furious soul, allowing the wearer of the armor to make whirlwind attacks, and unleash powerful knock back attacks regardless of what weapon they wield. The Red Knight carried a dragon steel flamberge, a two handed sword with a wavy bladee. This sword, which wept blood, was buried with the Red Knight.

The Armor of the Red Knight still can unleash a whirlwind attack, a flurry of blows attack, and a powerful knock back punching attack that knocks almost any foe prone.

6. The Armor of the Wild Hunt

Worn by a knight obsessed with hunting, and then crossing paths with the Questing Beast. After this, the Knight of the Wild Hunt would spend all of his time pursuing the beast, when he was not at his King's side. The Knight of the Wild Hunt took great pleasure turning his tracking and stalking skills to work hunting foes, and the wicked. His armor was unique in that it was specifically made for the use of his preferred weapon, the bow. The armor increased his strength so that he could use a much stronger bow, and it was said that only the Knight of the Wild Hunt and a giant could draw back the string of his bow.

The Armor of the Wild Hunt is no longer equipped with a bow, such weapons require regular maintenance and do not survive long periods of display. It is instead armed with a great spear, the knight's secondary weapon. The spear has a long reach, and makes use of the strength boost of the armor. The armor can move silently, track, and pass without trace.

7. The Armor of the Knight of Shadows

The Knight of Shadows was an evil man who swore fealty to the True King, and served him. His armor was the color of shadow, his cape was made of night, and he bore a terrible saw toothed sword. While evil, he swore to serve the King lawfully and truthfully. To this he was true, though he was vicious and cruel, and many times was chastised by the King for his excesses of violence. Upon the death of the True King, the Knight of Shadows took a period of mourning where he wore nothing but a white caftan and spent his time in contemplation. After this time, the Knight of Shadows returned to his homeland and was spoken of no longer.

The Armor of the Knight of Shadows is a suit of evil plate mail adorned with a skull and spines motif. The cloak and the saw toothed sword the Knight of Shadows took with him, but the armor is equipped with a replica. The sword enchanted to leave horrifically bleeding wounds (the Knight of Shadows was adept at killing things that regenerated) and a torch. The armor will alternate strikes with the torch, fire can cause a foe to flinch and lose their action, or be set on fire, or be distracted enough that the armor can forcibly remove their internal organs with it's blade. Like the Knight who wore it, the Armor is cruel and blood thirsty.

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