The 1000 year cycles of destruction's that send the Stolen World into barbarism have greatly reduced the number of 'monsters' and even natural creatures present on the planet. The devastations have selectively breed only creatures that can truly survive repeated apocalypses. The chimera, with it's draconic origins and highly unique reproductive ability fits that bill.

Chimera are only male but can breed successfully with any animal with a skeleton and occasionally one that doesn't. The smarter the chimera the more picky it will be about it's partner. Sometimes they will breed followers. This behavior is only found in the smartest dragon and kobold headed ones but even among that small group, this is very rare. The juvenile chimera will take on all the characteristics of the female creature. Causing the female to raise it as one of its own. Only one chimera will be born(or hatched). When the creature reaches sexual maturity it goes into stasis for about a month,emerging as a hybrid of the mother and father. They range in size from about a lion to a huge dragon, depending on the mix of genetics.

Decended from true dragons, the chimera of even animal intelligence continue to exhibit the hoarding behavior of their ancestors. Dumb chimera will hoard anything that catches their eye, wagon wheels, pottery, anvils and especially anything shiny. The smarter the creature, the more valuable the hoard.

Pick 3 heads and one body and make your own chimera

1 DRAGON FLY (body and wings,rare) super agility

2 HUMMING BIRD (body and wings,uncommon) Hover

3 SABERTOOTH CAT (head,common) ultimate melee attack

4 RABBIT (body,exotc) fantastic leaping ability

5 GILA MONSTER (head,rare) moderate bite and hold ability/damage

6 LEACH (head,common) blood sucking ability

7 MONGOOSE (head ,rare) moderate melee damage,high bonus to hit

(body,common) major agility bonus bonus

8 COBRA (head,common) poison spit

9 JELLYFISH (body and arms,exotic) paralyzing, painful sting, highly resistance to damage

10 HIPPO (head uncommon) major bite attack

(body, common)swimming ability,thick hide

11 PEGASUS (body and wings, rare) fantastic flying speed

12 KOBALD (head,uncommon) minor intelligence and trap making

13 GOAT (head ,common) moderate charge/melee

(body,uncommon) surefootedness

14 SHREW (TINY HEAD,exotic) fantastic ferociousness

15 BLACK WIDOW SPIDER (head and body,uncommon) poison ,wall crawling and armor

16 APE (head , common) minor bite and intelligence)

(body,common)humanoid body,manual manipulation

17 BULL(head, common) charge ability, moderate melee

(body,common) extra stamina

18 WOLVERINE (head) major melee, huge to hit bonus

19 Tiger(body) jungle stealth and tracking

20 LION (head) major melee,moderate mane protection to front of creature

21 LYNX (head and body) mountain movement ,minor melee

22 WOLF(head) fantastic smell ability, minor melee

23 AMOEBA (body) cannot be critically hit, engulfing attack

24 ANT(head and body) fantastic strength

25 TERMITE (head) acid spitting

26 DRAGON (head and wings) breath weapon, high intelligence, clumsy flyer

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