The Beginning

In the entire history of The Stolen World, never has there been a chimera like this. In a breed, of which no 2 are exactly alike, this one stands out because all three of its heads are intelligent(to one degree or another). TC (as we will call them) has the elephant sized body of a bat and functional wings of same The three heads (from left to right as you face them) are kobold,rat and ape, they are called individually 'One', Two' and 'Herbie', (ok, Three is trying to get the other two to call him that, without much success). 'One' frequently calls 'Herbie' ,Asshole, 'Herbie' sometimes calls 'One', Shithead and 'Two' gets confused all the time and forgets who is who. We are going to stick with 'One', 'Two' and 'Herbie'.

Back in the good old days TC was your typical, evil, rampaging monster. He terrorized the mountain villages for food and sport, 'One' and 'Herbie told 'Two what to do and how to do it, taking turns (you see, Two has complete control of the body but is no where as smart as the other ones). Oh, they would all argue from time to time but they got along about as well as they needed to.Then came the 'Problem'.

About 20 years ago , the villages all got together and hired a mage to get rid of TC. The mage trekked with her entourage throuth the mountains till coming face to face with the mighty beast, this is where things went bad for TC. During the fight the mage , in desperation cast a geas on TC, right before Two tore her head off. The geas had a peculiar effect on the beast, specifically to 'Herbie' 'Herbie became full of love and touchy feely goodness. Permanently.


'One' and 'Herbie are constantly arguing and tell 'Two' what to do. They now are living three lives simultaneously

When 'One' is in charge.

The countryside is terrorized, maidens ravished, knights dispatched.

When 'Herbie' is in charge.

TC goes to the mountain village of 'Fairemedow', frolic's with their sheep , takes small boys for a ride and kills anyone or anything that bothers the village, including the tax collectors. There is a silent understanding that 'One' does not bother this village when he is in charge.

When 'Two' is sick of the other's shit

He hangs upside down in a cave until they all get headaches.

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