1-The Charles Bronson

This person is basicly a good man, and had no interest in turning vigilante until criminals murdered his wife and daughter and had their charges lowered because of a technicality from murder to manslaughter, meaning that they would be out of prison in a few years. He acts alone, armed with a concealed weapon, and is careful to commit his crimes without witnesses and to let none of his targets live to tell the tale. He wants if at all possible to only target criminals, so he often finds his targets when they attack him or try to mug him first.

2-The Pointy Hat

if the Charles Bronson could be in some ways called good, this vigilante is bad to the bone, for he and his equally nasty friends often,indeed mainly, target people out of racism and generally overlook crimes caused by fellow whites. If in a fantasy world with Orcs, Goblins ect, he will hate them, if in a "real world" rp he will most likely be a member of the Ku Klux Klan or an equally racist and violent group. To be fair to him, some of the people he has targeted have been serious and violent criminals in their own right, but all too many have felt his wrath merely because of the colour of their skin, rather then the content of their charecter.

3-The Reluctant

This person really did not want to be a vigilante at all, but such was the high level of crime and the ineffectiveness or downright curruption of law enforcement, that he thought he had no choice. But he has nightmares about the violence he has carried out on people and is sickened by the crack of broken bones and the muffled screams of his victims. He and his group have had some success,with a score of criminals targeted and two of them lynched, the crime rate in the area has fallen, but he wonders if it is worth it and is any better then the criminals he targets.

4-The Policeman

He joined the police force to uphold the law. but felt himself helpless against a rising tide of all manner of crime. All too often in his view violent criminals were either being wrongly aquitted due to witness intimidation and/or good lawyers, or were only being given short sentences in prison or community service. So he started leaking the names and home addresses of certain criminals whose crimes he felt were very serious or downright disgusting to a close friend who he knew was a vigilante. Said criminals have started turning up with their kneecaps broken or dead. If he is ever found out by the law, it will throw the book at him.

5-The Mobster

A gangster who runs protection rackets, the protection he offers is up to a point genuine. Money stolen by other criminals can't go into his pockets and makes him look weak, so after two or three criminals who robbed *his* shops were caught and tortured, most of the rest stay away, and some of those he is extorting from don't mind too much paying him, as it is better then the constant harrassment from disorganized crime that they were getting before.

6-The Insider

This vigilante is an out and out criminal in every sense of the word, who has joined a vigilante group and then goes after other people, often totally innocent, and targets them for the crimes that he has committed. Should the other members of his vigilante group ever find out about what he his doing, they will string him up from a tree for his getting them to attack innocent people and the perverting of their fight against crime.

7-We are Legion

Not one person, but a group numbering in the hundreds, the sheer size of this vigilante group means that even large criminal gangs have to be careful tangling with them, for if one is harmed or killed, the rest of the group will rise to avenge it's member. It also makes it hard to get enough evidence against them to make charges stick, and hard to find unbiased jury members without links to them. Also the fact there are so many people involved, gives each individual member a feeling that it is right to use violence and that he or she will not be caught, convicted and punished by the legal system.

8-The Mage

In a world in which powerful magic exists and at least a few people know about it and can use it, criminals have started vanishing and at the same time little newborn babies have started being found on doorsteps. A powerful magic user is sick of the high level of crime, and rather then kill or seriously hurt criminals, has been turning them mentally and physically into healthy babies, and leaving them with childless couples and others who he thinks will adopt them and bring them up well as honest people, so that they don't commit crime when they do grow up again, or at least not serious crime.

9-The White Knight

A member of a chapter of a now secret organisation called The White Knights, this man used to be revered by the honest in the days when his organisation operated openly and it's members showed some restraint. It was a crime wave that caused the organisation he was a member of, and when the crime wave was lowered to reasonable proportions, the vast majority of the White Knights disbanded and when back to their normal occupations, praised by most people. But this man and certain others did not know when to quit and more and more often ended up targeting the wrong people, to the point where their organisation was made illegal and they themselves were labeled as criminals.


This mage puts a spell on those who he considers criminals that prevents them from taking nurishment from their food and acts like a giant magical tapeworm. He then goes into hiding for a few weeks whilst those who he has cast the spell on slowly and painfully starve to death like famine victims.

11-The Servant of Mathom

It''s not that he does anything very much to fight crime, he dosen't, but as a servant of Mathom, the God of Delays crimes within a few miles of him seem to fail of their own accord. Deadlines are missed so the armed robbers turn up late and miss their target, weapons jam or seem to go into hiding and can't be found, and the like. Most criminals have no idea what is causing this and blame each other or bad luck, but it's said that once his existance was found out and two assassins were sent after him. One found himself hopelessly lost when he got within a mile of his target and wandered around helplessly in circles until he gave up. The other found both his daggers had gone missing, trying to buy new ones, he was recognised by a City Guard and got arrested for an earlier crime.

12-The Noble

This knight hates what he thinks of as the underclass with a passion, seeing them as thieves, squatters and worse, to the point where he has hired a group of rather expensive mercs to act as a vigilante group, preying on genuine criminals and those who he just does not want in his area with equal vigor. No doubt their activities have put some criminals off, but they seem to cause as much violence as they stopped and are not supported by the local people, who see them in the same way that they see others who prey on them.

13-The Knight of the Shroud

This embittered noble's beloved wife was convicted, he thinks wrongly, of treason and executed, and the bitter knight was found by another knight who had lost his entire family and inducted into the Knights of the Shroud. He wants vengence on the one who got his wife executed, and the target of his rage has hired the PCs to protect him. Can they face and defeat the Knights of the Shroud, or will the Knights who have nothing to lose be a match for them?

14-The Vampire

A good and a holy man in life, this man was turned into a vampire by now undead friend of his, but so holy was his soul that it was able to remain in his body and contain the demon within him most of the time. Needing to feast on blood and not wanting to starve, but not wating to spiral down into an evil life, he hasd become a vigilante, trying to target only those who he sees as criminals, with a degree of success. That way he can feed and in his own eyes still serve the forces of Good.

15-Trust In Me

This vigilante girl goes out and seduces criminals, and then after a date or two when she has gained their trust lures them out to an area with few people where a heavily armed vigilante gang is lying in wait to maim and kill. She herself does no violence but only acts as a lure, but is legally as guilty as the other vigilantes.

16-The Too Soft

"Do we have to do that? I'm sure he's learned his lesson." Fed up with being robbed and extorted from, this man joined the vigilantes only to discover that he hates seeing people beaten, set on fire and strung up from trees, even when they are criminals who possibly deserve their fate. His fellow vigilantes think of him as a likeable fellow, but are growing increasingly irritated at his lack of spirit and would throw him out except that he knows their identities and they think he might inform on them. Some now want to kill him to keep his mouth shut for ever, others are close friends of his who don't think that killing him is the right thing to do.

17-The Were

This man lives out in the forst, and poachers, bandit gangsters, woodcutters and others who would either destroy the forest or use it as a hideout and commit serious crimes are sometimes found torn apart is if by a pack of wolves. He keeps the secret well, but in fact is a werewolf, after he was nipped lightly by a wolf that he saved from a hunter's trap. At first he only changed at the full moon, but other time has learned how to control his change and can now do so almost at will, slipping out of his clothes rather then tearing them to pieces as happened in his first change.

18-Billy the 9 Year Old Kid

Fed up with being hassled by bullies who were too young for the law to deal with, Billy and his even younger group have formed a vigilante gang that tracks down bullies when they are alone, knocks them down and beats them up. They wear Halloween masks when acting as vigilantes to hide their faces, and make an effort not to go after those who have not wronged them and their friends.

19-The Straight Edger

Against drink, drugs and smoking, this man and his friends have taken it to an extreme and formed a gang that slices pot smokers with knives, jumps on the drunk mob handed and beats them up, and woe betide the addict that is too drugged up to fight back and is found by him and his gang. Recently they also tricked a dealer, jumped him and took his gun and blew his kneecaps off. Most likely, he will either die violently at the hands of drug dealers, or be caught by the police and given a lengthy prison sentence for his crimes.

20-Demon Specs

A normal person until by chance he came across a pair of badly calibrated Demon Spectacles, this manic, almost unhinged vigilante thinks of himself as a holy warrior chosen by the gods to fight and slay the demons that only he can see, and has left a trail of bodies in his wake. As the spectacles are not calibrated properly, petty crimes are enough to make somebody show up as a demon when wearing them. The PCs have been sent either to kill him or take him alive but have been ordered not to break the spectacles in the fight or the cost to repair them will come out of their pay.

21-The Specialist

Not for him dealing with petty criminals, this vigilante chooses his targets with great care and takes a lot of time and trouble in killing them and in covering his tracks afterwards. For him to target someone, he must be certain in his own mind of the person's guilt, the crime committed by the target must be serious, like murder, rape or armed robbery, and there must be a reason why the police and the legal system have not dealt with the problem themselves. So far he has dealt with two members of organised crime, a policeman who was knowingly targeting innocent people, an evil noble, two people who were praying on small children and a much feared local thug.

22-The Bouncer

His primary job is to guard a club against thugs and those who would get in without paying, but he will happily use a lot more violence then normal against those clubbers who harm women or get caught more then once taking drugs in the club. He reserves the most violence however for anyone who hits him or his fellow bouncers and so is a vigilante of sorts.

23- Rent A Clump

If you need squatters removed or that sort of thing done, then he is the one for you. Part vigilante part criminal for hire, he has a great dislike for squatters in general and likes throwing them out with as much violence as is needed and sometimes much more.

24-Robocop Gone Wrong

A murderer who was caught and executed and made into one of the Steamwalkers, something went wrong and now he goes after people on the slightest suspicion of criminal activiity, and several innocent people have died because of him. It maybe be that his ghyost has somehow possessed his body, or just a glitch in the programming code, but the PCs have been called in to deal with the rogue steamwalker before somebody really important gets killed. Fear of other steamwalkers somehow getting turned have prevented them being used against it, and humans who have tried to stop it have ended up as pieces of meaty pudding.


Feminist and her gang are female vigilantes and good fighters, and they target stalkers, sex pests and the like who prey on women and small children, prefering to injure rather then kill in most cases, wearing pink masks to avoid identification. In the eyes of the law of course, they are criminals and will be jailed or worse of course, but quite a lot of people including some males have at least passive support for them. After all, who likes a sex criminal?

26-The Vigilante's Vigilante

This very unuseal vigilante preys on other vigilantes who he feels have targeted the wrong people for beating, maiming or murder. When he finds out about vigilante attacks, if he agrees with them he does nothing, but if he thinks that the people targeted were innocent or the vigilante was motivated merely by race hate, he will track the vigilante down and kill him or her, and has done that at least twice, despite the immense difficulty in finding said vigilantes in the first place.

27-Tribal Warrior

His tribe has been beaten in battle and lost most of it's tribal lands, but even in his anger and pain he realises that not all of the new settlers are the same. Those who do not hate his people and even help them in some way are left unarmed, those who treat his people like vermin to be exterminated or like cattle are found shot with arrows or with their necks sliced upon with a maquelhutal, the wooden club with obsidain blades along one edge that is the traditional hand to hand weapon of his tribe. He knows his tribe will never get their land back but still fights a one man war against his many foes.

28-The Ent

This elderly oak is the guardian of the forests along the Silver River, strangling those who would damage or destroy the trees for houses and ships.Once he was one of a score of ents, but their numbers have fallen due to attacks from large numbers of determined woodcutters with sharp axes that can pierce the toughest bark. Now he is the last of his line and determined to make the humans pay dearly for the destruction of his forest home.

29-The Hacker

This person is one of a grouping that work online, targeting the computers of his/their enimies, stealing their passwords and money, impersonating them and getting them banned from boards, posting nasty infomation about them online, and the like. Some of their targets certainly deserve it, others may well be innocent people wrongly targeted or just targeted "for the lulz".

30-The Beserker

This man has been bothered by mostly petty crime so much that he has got hold of a gun and a knife and gone on a rampage through town maiming and killing, thinking of himself as a rightous vigilante who just could not take it anymore, whilst most people just think of him as a murderous nutcase. In fact, he is a bit of both.

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