1-Congratulations, you are now immune to pain for a month! It BIsounds /I/Bgood, but in practise you are likely to rack up a lot of accidental injuries in that time. What you just drunk is a de facto Potion of Temporary Leprosy. Good luck in keeping your looks intact.

2-You now have a very strong urge to cross dress and behave like the opposite gender for three days and your voice sounds like that of the opposite sex for that amount of time. It was made to help a defeated Prince escape from his foes whilst dressed as a girl.

3-You can fly! but it cuts out from time to time, sending you plummeting for dozens of feet. Best to fly either very high or very low with this one. The wings it creates fall off when you fall asleep.

4-You are unable to tell a lie for an entire day. This potion of Truth is traditionally used in courtrooms to stop people lying under oath.

5-Your farts ignite for an hour sending a jet of flame three feet but the potion only partly protects your bottom from burning.

6-For the next two days you fall asleep automatically at sunset and rise automatically at sunrise. It was made by a noble who hated night owls.

7-When you speak you automatically SHOUT!!! Lasts 1 d6 days.

8-Spells preformed by the caster are twice as likely to fail as normal. It was meant to be an BIEnhance Magic/I/B potion but something went wrong in making it.9-You turn into an Orc for a day with the Orcish strengths and weaknesses-and are likely to face a lot of unpleasantness or even outright hostility from other races until the potion wears off. It was made by a scholar who wanted to find out about the Orcish tribes by infiltrating them.

10-You drank a potion of Mute and have no voice for a day.

11-You sink into a trance for half an hour and have a vision. This was made by shamans of certain tribes

12-You feel worthless and depressed for a day. -2 to skill or combat rolls during that time in game stats terms. It was made by a wizard who gave it to his ex without her knowing it as revenge for breaking up with him.

13-You have no fear for a day-and very little common sense until the Potion of Bravery that you took wears off.

14-You have an urge to do Good for a day, even when it results in unwanted fights.

15-You are unable to break the law for 1 D6 hours.

16-For 1 D6 hours animal pests of all kinds start following you as if you were the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

17-You grow to twice your size but your clothes and any armour and weapons and backpacks that you have stay the same size, resulting in useless ripped clothes and non fitting armour, serious injury, or both, and far worse if you are in a small space at the time.

18-You spend the next hour seeing terrifying hallucinations.

19-You are temporary blinded for 1 D6 hours.

20-Dementia starts affecting you and it will take a minor quest for your friends to heal you. The potion was used to poison a monarch with so he could no longer rule.

21-You can now launch lightning bolts from your fingers-but it burns your fingers and unless you have ear protection the thunder will damage your eardrums. Use it too much and you won't have fingers left. Best used in true emergencies only.

22-When you run you find yourself bouncing around several feet in the air. Lasts 1 D6 hours.

23-You got lucky. If you were cursed earlier the potion cures the curse, otherwise it has no effect on you.

24-You can see well in the dark-but badly in the light. It lasts for 2 D6 hours.

25-You just took an emetic and throw up until your stomach is empty.

26-The potion turns out to be ordinary water with no good or ill effects.

27-You drank holy water. If you are alive you have a small luck bonus, but if you are Undead your whole throat burns and it might well be fatal.

28-For 1 D6 hours your mind is reduced to that of a five year old child.

29-You turn into a Giant Spider for one D6 hours. Your clothes are ruined and those who see you and don't know it's really you will either panic and run away or attack you, and you cannot speak in spider form.

30-Other potions have the opposite effect on you for the next 24 hours.

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