1-Spiked Boots

These have a concealed spike, often tipped with poison, that is triggered by clicking the heels together. To get the spike back in and concealed again requires cobbling skills or a compliant cobbler. In most countries the law takes a dim view of these boots for obvious reasons.

2-Spring Heeled Boots

These are meant to let the owner spring around but need the right terrain, otherwise the owner falls over. If you jump from a spot that is too high wearing these, the springs will go through your feet.

3-Seven League Boots

Meant to let the person walk seven leagues with one step, a wrongly done step with these highly magical boots will tear the wearer into two pieces. To use them safely, one must jump with the legs together and know exactly where you are jumping to. Otherwise you might jump into a swamp and get stuck fast or end up in a tree or crashing through the roof of a house.

4-Noble Boots

In certain countries with laws about who can wear what clothing, these boots are of a kind so fine that they can only legally be worn by members of royalty and the nobility.

5-Strength Boots

These toughen the feet, preventing blisters, corns and aching, even after walking many miles in a day, but they have no other magical powers.

6-Cursed Boots

The original owner of these, a baron, cursed these boots centuries ago when his castle was broken into, shortly before he was killed. The curse has greatly weakened over the centuries, but the owner of the boots is likely to fall over, twist an ankle or have some such mishap happen at the worst possible time.

7-Haunted Boots

Haunted by their owner these kick out in fustration at people, as the ghost is otherwise immaterial and cannot be otherwise seen or heard. Perhaps this is the result of a curse. If someone was to put these on there is a chance of being possessed by the ghost.

8-Cork Boots

These can be used in calm weather to walk on water without sinking or falling over, but waves, even small ones, make the wearer very unsteady on his or her feet, with a good chance of falling into the water and getting utterly soaked. Heavy plate armour is too much weight for the boots to carry.

9-Wrong Way Round Boots

Commonly used by poachers to fool gamekeepers and rangers, someone following a trail left by someone wearing these will go in the opposite direction to the direction the wearer of the boots is in fact going in. If the wearer of the boots does get into trouble, it will be harder for anyone to find him or her and rescue the person in time.

10-Boots of Silence

Used in the distant past by the Ninjas of Ka-Phum, one can even stamp hard on the ground with these and it will make no noise unless the wearer is unlucky enough to step upon something like Korinthan Cracker Powder. Very useful for sneaking around with.

11-Evil Boots

These are worn by your world's 'evil' carecters, be it the world's equvilent of the SS, by Orc Hordes, or by the world's equvilent of biker gangs. Some cities or even entire countries may ban this style of boots entirely, because the wearers in the past committed horrific war crimes that are still remembered even three quarters of a century later. The real life equvilent would be wearing boots with swastikas openly displayed on them. Even if not banned, people look at you differently if you go around wearing these boots.

12-Boots of the Moon

Used by the most skilled bards, these calfskin boots give bonuses to all manner of fancy dances. When worn along with a Glove of Undead Entrancing, the most skilled bards can even control large numbers of zombies and force them to dance instead of attacking.

13-Bell Boots

These are ringed with bells and ring with every step, making sneaking around impossible, and certain Prisons, Jails, and Places of Holding lock these onto the prisoner's feet to make escaping harder. They are also worn voluntarily by Moriss Dancers at certain merry festivals.

14-Weighted Boots

These give more power to the kick but make the boots hard to walk in for long periods of time, and if someone enters deep water wearing these, the boots will pull the person to the bottom.

15-Steel Toed Boots

Worn by construction workers and often by brawlers, these non-magical boots are openly steel toed and can deliver painful kicks in a fight.

16-Boots of Speed

These speed up someone's running but as they take their energy from the user, they cause he or she to tire out at twice the normal rate. If however a short term boost of speed is required to escape from whoever or whatever is chasing you is needed, they do very well.

17-Inconspicuous Boots

As long as someone wearing these boots stays quiet and makes no attempt to draw attention to himself or herself in any way, these make it harder for anybody who is looking for the person to find them. Thieves and assassins are fond of them.

18-Smuggler's Boots

These have a short sharp dagger carefully concealed in each boot which can be easily drawn for use in combat or other reasons, and only a through examination of the boots will reveal the hidden daggers.

19-Beggar's Boots

These give a modest boost to Luck when worn by a beggar, but if stolen, the thief will never know good luck until repentence is made. Few would want to steal them, as they are very plain.

20-Bouncing Boots

These lower the force of gravity allowing the user to bounce around, but to bounce too high and come down on a hard surface can lead to ankle injury if the wearer is not careful. They do not work in liquids or swamps, and whilst technically they might be able to bounce across the harder red hot lavas, they would quickly and painfully ignite if this was done.

21-Lesser Magic Boots

These fancy moon and star decorated boots give a +1 bonus to all kinds of magic as well as looking impressive, and give magic users a minor boost of power.

22-Greater Magic Boots

Often used by conjurers these can be used to summon things that will fit through a boot, but doing this tires a magic user and doing it too often will drain the user of his or her magic temporarily until the user has slept for a few hours to recover strength.

23-Footprintless Boots

These magical boots leave no footprints even when walking through snow, sand, mud or puddles, although broken vegetation will not heal itself. In many environments wearing these boots means that the person cannot be tracked, and they are a favourite of wizards who are also poachers.

24-Crampon Boots

These are fitted with spikes for purchase on slippery ice when climbing, and are both uncomfortable and frowned upon to wear in other situations as they tear up grass.

25-Mathom Boots

These were worn by a well known priest of Mathom, the God of Delays who was sentenced to die for his faith. The first time they took him out to the block, the axe which was embedded in it would not come out. So they got a spare axe-and the axe head flew right off and comically landed in a nearby river. So they sent for no less then three new axes-and a bandit stole one, the horse with the second in the baggage threw it's horse and fled, and the third was mistaken for a debtor's goods and taken by a bailiff. They gave up and let the priest go free. If you wear these no seriously bad things can happen to you-but you can't get anything important done either.

26-Boots of Location Finding

Put these on, tell them where to go and they will tighten firmly on your feet and take you at a jog to the location in the quickest possible way-even if said way causes trespassing on private land, trampling on crops, crossing roads without stopping, or stepping into water, quicksand or even hot springs and geysers. Banned from the Sorcery Springs Geyser Basin as a menace to life and thermal features alike, these always reach their destination, but have caused owners to be arrested, get injured, or even get killed in the process.

27-Coward's Boots

Often worn by Redgar the Valiant these boots give a great bonus in speed, but only when running away from the duel, battle or other source of combat. They have saved Redgar's life at least once and are much prized by him because of this.

28-Winged Boots

Meant to fly with, the user is likely to fall and end up hanging by his or her heels, so few ever use them.

29-Warm Boots

In cold or freezing weather these fur lined boots keep your feet perfectly warm, even if they get wet in water or deep snow. However, the small pieces of Helspar within make the boots hot, sweaty and almost unbearable to wear in warm weather.

30-Rapier Boots

Used in the gladitorial arena a few times, these boots have rapier blades on them and can deliever very nasty kicks against unarmoured foes. It never really caught on in the arena, and pretty much anywhere with proper law enforcement ban these boots in town for safety. Also, there is a danger of the blades getting wedged in certain kinds of terrain making the wearer trip or sprain an ankle. Not surprisingly, these are very rarely seen outside very large arenas like The Courthouse.

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Boots Of Ennui

These magical boots empower the wearer with several abilities at once. Wondrous leaping, water-walking, and even flying! Yet the boots possess an insidious curse upon them as well. A deep and almost unfathomable (by others) feeling of listlessness, boredom, and even apathy affects the boots' wearer at all times whenever they are donned. Magic will not dispel the effects.

And so while the wearer of the boots can perform great feats of action during combat or at other opportune times and key moments, they'll never really want to do so, complaining 'Meh, what's the point of it all anyway?' or 'I would fly up and save us all guys, but sigh, maybe uhm, soonish, mkay? Bit bored by this whole burning tower at the moment.'

Naturally the boots wearer's fellow PCs will grow quickly frustrated with this arrangement. There have been numerous occasions when one angry PC literally tears off the boots from his companion's feet in anger, and dons them in turn, only to immediately suffer from the same effects.

The solution lies in constantly 'motivating' the boots' wearer with successful rolls, involving threats, flattery, fiery speeches, or even bribery.