1-Magical Mace

This rather elegant silver plated mace doubles for those who have learned the magical skills as a wizard's staff, and is able to cast any spell that it's owner has the knowledge of. For those who don't know magic, it still hits foes very hard and the silver plating makes it effective against wights, were-creatures and others who are very vulnerable to silver.

2-Holy Censor

This is a holy object that is meant for swinging in possessions of the Church, not as a weapon, but if it hits someone, it will most certainly hurt them if they are wearing anything less then a full suit of plate armor.

3-Can of Mace

This spray-can of mace will certainly hurt if it hits in the eyes, but does little to no damage otherwise. In some countries it may be fully legal to carry one of these for self defense whilst other countries strictly ban it.

4-'Plastic' Mace

This looks like a child's toy but is in fact a deadly weapon instead, and is carried in a box that again makes it appear to be a toy so as to avoid the attention of the police or your world's law enforcement equivalent.


5-Mace of Mercy

This mace will hit hard enough to hurt somebody or indeed to knock them out, but was enchanted so it will not hit hard enough to case death, permanent brain damage, or wounds that will never fully heal. It was designed as a weapon for police officers who needed to overpower suspects in a way that left them alive and intelligent afterwards. Press gangs are often sometimes equipped with these weapons.

6-Mace of Knowledge

This magical mace will inform you who or what you are fighting, their known strengths and any known weaknesses, and your overall chance of coming out victorious in a fight.

7-Lopper Mace

This mace has four battle axe blades set in it and on a critical hit will lop of the limb of the one you are facing in a fight. It is advised that this is made hard to do by the GM to avoid a really overpowered weapon. It is not magical, the axe blades do the damage all by themselves. It has it's own special scabbard.

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