All lawyers tend to be a bit wordy as playing with the individual words of laws, but Wordy is much more so then most. Unfortunately he is not a great orator and his three hour long closing speeches have been known to mildly irritate judges and make whole juries start falling asleep. Despite this he has reasonable success at his job.


She came top of her class at one of the country's most prestigious law schools and her wealthy family had great plans for her legal career. But they were to be bitterly disappointed as the Idealistic preferred to take a relatively low-paid job defending the poor, and helping the disabled get the benefits that they are legally entitled to. She has to pay rent instead of owning her own house.


As in Capital Case, he is the lawyer that the District Attorney relies on not just to get a murderer convicted but sentenced to death and then executed. He thinks all murderers should die, because when he was young his sister was murdered and the killer got a twenty-five year prison term instead of the gallows. He wishes that every state had the death penalty and used it often.


Contrary to popular belief most lawyers are not in fact evil, but this one certainly is. Be it defending clients that he knows are guilty as hell, throwing the poor out of their homes, or even bribing witnesses and jurors, this one has no heart and has done plenty of bad things, some of which are in themselves outright illegal.

5-Pure of Heart

The Pure of Heart is as far apart from the Evil as one can get. He never bribes people or defends those who he clearly believes to be guilty of what they are charged with. He greatly admires the Idealistic and wishes that he could do the same, but sadly he cannot as he has a large mortgage to pay.

6-Liar Liar

The Liar Liar lies a lot, both off the stand and on it. But after he was unable to attend his five year old's birthday party, the boy made a wish on a star that his father would have to tell the truth for the next twenty-four hours. Now he has a divorce case that he can seemingly only win by lying, and he is frantically trying to find a way to win it whilst still being honest.

7-Wannabe Judge

The Wannabe Judge is a skilled lawyer, but he wants to be more then that and wear the black robes of a judge, handing down sentences to the guilty. But first he must win enough cases, then convince a panel of esteemed judges that he could join their ranks, and then run for and win an election. Only then will his happiness be complete.

8-First Case

He only earned his law license a few days ago and has started his very first case, and he is nervous that he will fail and let his client, that he firmly beleaves is innocent, be found guilty and sent to prison for several years for a crime that he did not commit.


A paralegal who is still studying for a full law degree, he is on work experience at a legal firm and is a little resentful at the way he has to find legal files, make the tea, and do all kinds of irksome tasks without pay, but thinks it will be worth it in the long term when he is a lawyer earning lots of money.


Celeb is the lawyer that the celebrities tend to go to for their restraining orders, injunctions, divorce settlements and most criminal cases that they get into. He is paid a huge sum of money, even by the standards of the legal profession, and has won nine out of ten of the cases that he has been involved in.


Orator is a very good speech maker, and plays outrageously to the jury and the gallery outright, once getting jailed for two days for contempt of court. Despite that one blot on his record, he is amazingly good at getting his clients acquitted. He hopes to become a politician one day and run for office as a senator.


It is not that Failure breaks the law, he doesn't, and he is in no danger of losing his law license. He just is not very good at either prosecuting or defending people. His speeches to the jury are dull, he is not very good at presenting evidence, and he has lost nearly every case he took on, so he works in the Public Defender's office as no one else will employ him.

10-Struck Off

Struck Off committed a huge faux pas and refused to apologize for it afterwards. It was thought so serious that he was brought before a panel of five judges of long standing who formally took his law license away. It will be possible for him to get it back if he tries, but the way will be long and hard.

11-Sovereign Citizen

In his mind he is one of the best lawyers in the land, but the only *court* that he appears in as a lawyer meets in a Denny's (or place of your choice) and is composed of his fellow sovereign citizen friends. They have fun pretending to be a Grand Jury and 'inditing' and 'sentencing' those who they don't like. But he went too far when he put a $250,000 lien on a judge's house, and now the police are after him because of his act of paper terrorism.

12-Super Rich

Super Rich is one of the richest lawyers in the entire country, and won't take any case for less then a hundred thousand dollars. Even the Celeb's bills are not as expensive as his. But he is thought to be worth the expense as he hardly ever loses a case. If a celebrity is facing life imprisonment or the death penalty if convicted then he or she normally pays for Super Rich to represent him or her.


Most lawyers who are worth their salt are good at finding loopholes in the law, but the Loophole makes this his favorite tactic. It is said that he can win otherwise unwinnable cases, and he is able to charge a lot of money for his services because his clients think he is worth it to avoid a large fine or a prison sentence. He loves doing his job.


He may be dying of terminal cancer but instead of staying at home in bed he drags himself to court to defend a client accused of double murder. Some people think that he is too ill to practice law properly, but he insists that he can still carry out his job well and says that the life of his client means more to him then the little that remains of his own life.


He is rather burned out. He secretly hates his clients, hates the legal loopholes that he uses to get them off, and wishes that he could take a long holiday, but he has not earned enough money yet to do that and maybe never will.

16-Mafia Linked

This lawyer has often taken cases involving Mafia hoodlums, and sometimes manages to get them acquitted. There are rumors that he is a lot closer to his clients then he should be. In fact the truth is that he was born into a Mafia family but rather then become another gunman, he was trained as a defense lawyer to help Mafia members legally escape justice by using the law itself.

17-Law Student

She finds the study of the law to be rather dry and boring but carries on with it because she wants the kudos and riches that a successful legal career will bring. She is average in her class.


For some reason known only to him he likes to secretly and randomly vandalize cars in the middle of the night. And this despite the fact that even a single criminal conviction will lead to his law license being taken away and perhaps forfeited forever. So far he has not been caught, perhaps because the police think that there is no way he would commit crimes with so much at stake if he is convicted.

19-Government Lawyer

He works for the government and only for the government, and is the lawyer that the government go to when they really want to win a case in the courts including the Supreme Court of the country. In public at least he thinks and says that the government is always right.


Famous is the most famous lawyer in the whole country, so famous that he is often recognized in the street and even asked for autographs as if he was a pop star. Large groups of the public come to court to see him prosecute or defend people and would cheer in court if the judges did not ban that.

21-Near Useless

He come bottom of his law class and has never so far won a single case. As such he works in the Public Defender's office for those who have no money to hire a proper lawyer and no choice but to use him. No sane defendant would choose him to represent them, and they groan when they are told that he will be defending them and often try to make a plea bargain rather then go to trial with him defending them.

22-No License

He has won a few surprising victories in court, but his law license is in fact a fake and the FBI (or insert name of organization here) have started investigating him for illegally practicing law in several different states without a valid law license. A lengthy prison term is likely in his future despite the fact that he has won his cases, as lawyers hate fake lawyers on principle and will want an example made of him to deter others.

23-Plea Bargainer

He thinks that his clients are all guilty or they would not be on trial in the first place, and keeps on trying to get them to take plea bargains instead of insisting on their innocence. Some of his clients are indeed guilty of what they are charged with, but by no means all of them are, and his actions have most likely railroaded innocent men and women into prison, a few of them for life (rather then the death penalty if convicted in their cases.)


He is a secret cocaine addict and spends quite a bit of money on his illegal addiction, and he thinks that it in fact makes him a better lawyer. If caught, he will most certainly go to prison and will never be allowed to practice law again.


He can win any case for you, even if there are twenty witnesses against you and they are all hiding under fake names in a formal witness protection scheme, and a camera that filmed you committing the crime. Hire him, and witnesses will die of heart attacks or car crashes, or suddenly have a loss of memory on the stand. Video tapes will break or be videoed over, fingerprints in the crime lab will smear, and DNA will mutate into that of someone else. Murder weapons will go missing. However, as well as the money he asks for, he also insists that you sign your soul over to him. Once you die, this means you will be hell bound unless you can somehow get out of it, perhaps with a Ring of Heaven quickly placed on your finger as soon as you die.


The Finance mostly appears in divorce cases when someone is trying to hide assets from their ex husband or ex wife, and he is very good at uncovering them. Perhaps after a failed kidnap or murder attempt he needs bodyguards and has hired the PCs to protect him.


In some countries the practice of law may be very different then you think and involve a trial by combat. The Champion works in The Courthouse in Ceriloth, where litigants fight to the death with weapons instead of words. He is expensive to hire but that is because he is literally risking his life to defend his clients, and he has never yet lost a case. When he does lose a case, it will be the end not only of his legal career but also of his life. He has a collection of no less then 30 Magic Swords to help him win his legal cases.


Did the police catch you with a large amount of cash, assume that it was the 'proceeds of crime' and confiscate it? Then you need the help of the Forfeiture to win it back for you in court. He has a good success record but is quite expensive to hire, so if only a relatively small amount of money has been confiscated it might not be worth the expense to hire his services.


The Desperate really wants to win a case but her only chance is to find a key witness and she can't find him or her. She will pay the PCs well to find the witness, get the witness to the courtroom, and protect the witness from anyone who wants to kill him or her. Be it out of fear, a dislike of the defendant, or just not wanting to be bothered to go to court, the witness will not want to come to court, and the PCs will either have to persuade or force him or her to do so.


The Anti-DP has a deep dislike and hatred of the death penalty and is trying to get it abolished. He and the Capital have often met in bitter courtroom arguments and the two cannot stand each other. He thinks that even the worst murderers and traitors do not deserve to be executed, and that innocent people have been sentenced to death and wrongly executed.

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