1-Road House

'Be Nice. Until it's time to not be nice, and then you know what to do.' The Road House is a true fighter, who can really do damage, but he is a talker as well, and can often defuse trouble with his tongue alone. After all, every paying customer who is thrown out and barred is money lost to the establishment that he works at. He is very strict when it comes to underage drinkers, as if these are found then the place that he works at could quite easily lose it's alcohol license.

2-Tough Guy

Tough Guy respects few and fears none, and is not afraid to deny anyone entry, regardless of who they are, or what connections they might have. So far nothing bad has happened, but he is always careful not to switch off, as there is a small chance that one night someone will both act on the threats he has made and be physically able to put up a real flight.


He is vicious towards any trouble makers and is happy to crack ribs or worse, but there is a high price for his protection, as he is semi-openly extorting from the establishment that he works at. The owner wants to get rid of him, and is looking for a band of strong men who would do so for enough money as he dares not do it himself. Enter the PCs...Gangster has a concealed switchblade and will prove quite a dangerous opponent even if several PCs take him on at once. He also has some dangerous mates.

4-First Day

On the surface, First Day seems strong-willed and uncompromising, But this is his first day and inside he is worried. What if one of the punters has a concealed weapon, or is just a better fighter then he is? What if he hits someone too hard and brain damages or kills him? What if he ends up fighting someone with links to the criminal underworld? If a woman attacks him, should he treat her like he would a male attacker?


He may look tough but inside he is both weak-willed and worried about getting into fights, and someone or a group of people who are tough enough will be able to verbally pressure him into letting them in when he should not to so because they are louts, have drunk too much, or are badly dressed. Sooner or later the other door staff will find out what a weak link he is and throw him off the staff-or beat him up and throw him off if one of them gets hurt because of his uselessness.

6-Undercover Cop

Unknown to the manager and everyone else this seemingly capable bouncer has a secret. He is in fact an undercover member of the police (or whatever organization serves as law enforcement in your world) and is investigating to find out if the tales of drug dealing and rampant violence amongst the door staff are true and if arrests need to be made.


He rarely works at the same establishment for all that long as he is the kind of person who bites off ears and noses and puts out eyes and the police (or whatever organization serves as law enforcement in your world) would sooner or later catch and convict him if he stays too long in any one place. Establishments tend to only call him in as a very last resort if they have a really serious problem that their own security staff are unable to deal with.

8-Big John

Six feet six in height and weighing 245 pounds, when not working as a bouncer he has a second job chipping out coal at the local mine, and doesn't say much either on the doors or at his mine job, being rather quiet and shy. Those who would mistake this shyness for weakness are in for a nasty shock, as he can knock even strong men out with ease. There are rum ours that may or not be true that he once worked at a bar way down south. According to the rumors he got in a fight over a local girl, and a crushing blow from his huge right hand sent his love rival to the mortuary slab. Even if the rumors are false, Big John is not a man that you want to get on the wrong side of.

9-Drug Dealer

He makes a lot of money selling drugs at the establishment that he works at, and as he is the bouncer he can also use his position to keep out any other drug dealers and have a monopoly. The drugs he sells are not of the type that makes people violent, which would be rather counter-productive, but a young woman has died from their effects and her parents are willing to pay people to find out who is responsible and take an illegal revenge for the death of their daughter. Enter the PCs...

10-The Good

The Good does not take or deal in any illegal drugs, does not extort from anybody,only hits people in self defense or if they really deserve it, and is genuinely popular with most of the customers of the establishment, who would miss him if he left.

11-The Bad

Illegal drug dealing, extortion, beating up innocent customers who have done little or nothing wrong and can't fight back, you name it and he has probably done it. Many people are too scared to patronize the establishments that he works at.

12-The Ugly

One night he threw out the wrong person, a man who was part of a highly dangerous and feared gang, and ten of them came back the next night, grabbed him and cut a 'smile' on his face causing a huge and horrid scar


Most bouncers are muscular as they need to be for their job, but Muscles has bulging muscles that he is very proud of, and is a dangerous foe. Partly he gained his muscles through lots of hard exercise and working out in the local gym. Partly however he got them through taking illegal anabolic steroids to get stronger faster, and they have given him a bad temper and made him quick to get angry.

14-Black Belt

Black Belt's special talent is that he is a black belt in karate and can fight as well unarmed as many people can fight with weapons. He only uses his martial arts when he needs too, however. There are rumors that he was once a member of the army special forces, but he refuses to either conform or deny these tales. Many think that the fact he keeps quiet about the rumors means that they are true, and they are probably right.


He has an illegally owned jitte, a short and easily concealable iron truncheon capable in the right hands of catching a sword blade and even snapping it in two. And he is not averse to using it to knock out troublesome customers who get into fights or otherwise cause trouble at the bar that he works out. Once they come to in the gutter, very few patrons will try and fight him again.


His combat skill is judo and he can take down anyone who makes the mistake of running at him, but he is not that good at the other martial arts so he works with another bouncer who has different combat skills, in case he has trouble with a large group of people. He is reasonably easy going in general.


He is strong and sturdy, but wired on methamphetamine, and it has given him a very short fuse and made him a jumpy and dangerous guy to be around.

18-Country Joe

When not serving as a bouncer, he works inside the club as a country singer and guitar player, and once broke his guitar over a troublesome customer's head. He has a good singing voice and would much rather sing and play then fight, and dreams of the big time as a famous and successful singer.


He deserted from one of the royal regiments, but not before serving in battle and gaining considerable skills in both armed and unarmed combat. The military police have not stopped searching for him yet, and he secretly fears that despite his attempts to disguise himself and hide his past, he will be caught and sent to a penal unit.


Secretly, he has a second job as an executioner in which a black mask hides his identity. He has hanged a score of murderers and a traitor or two and as a result makes sure that he never hits a bar patron hard enough to cause death. He does not want to end up hanging on the gallows himself. He would never commit treason either for the same reason. His bouncing skills are useful for getting reluctant executees onto the gallows trapdoor.


When he knocks a customer out either with his fists or by spiking his or her drink with a sedative, he sells him or her to a sea captain who wants new crew for his ship-or new sex slaves for horny seamen. He makes quite a lot of money this way, and it also stops anybody from coming back to take revenge.

22-Big Mouth

He likes boasting of all the fights that he has won and it is difficult to tell what is true and what is just empty boasting. He likes it this way, as by seeming a better fighter then he really is, it puts people off from wanting to fight him.

23-Ex Biker

An ex member of a 1% biker gang who is now out in bad standing, he is a good fighter with his fists and his knuckleduster. But his old gang have not forgotten him, and they hope to find him, overpower him, tie him down and burn off his gang tattoos with a blowtorch. Enter the PCs, who can either be helping his old gang track him down or come to his aid against them.

24-Family Connections

His father, grand-father and great-grandfather were all bouncers and he is proud to follow in the family tradition, and is good at it too, be it talking troublemakers down or throwing them out of the establishment that he works at.

25-PC Friend

PC Friend knows the PCs personally and was once a good friend of theirs before he became a bouncer, and has gone on adventures with them in the past. He will be happy to help them within reason.


Many male bouncers are reluctant to hit women, partly because men who hit women are looked down on at best and quickly arrested at worst, often even if the women started the trouble, But being a burly bouncer herself, Princess does not have these problems and is perfectly willing to get stuck in if necessary when female troublemakers need to be dealt with. When not at work she is good fun to be with.


Mage has a small selection of potent magic spells that he can call on if need be, from Sleep and Charm Person to Lightning Bolt and a spell that causes great stomach pains. Whilst physically quite weak, his magic does the fighting for him so that he does not have to.

28-Straight Edge

Straight Edge hates drugs and drug users with a passion and uses excessive violence on anyone who tries to deal drugs in the establishment where he works. His sister died after several years of addiction to hard drugs and failed attempts to get clean, which explains his hatred for drugs an d those who use them and deal in them.

29-White Knight

A member of the secret vigilante group The White Knights this ex City Guard now works as a bouncer, which puts him in a good position to encounter troublemakers and lawbreakers. He then tells his fellow Knights in the Grand City chapter about them so that they can go after them and beat or lynch them


Although none of his friends know it, Clink's day job when not being a bouncer is as a warder in the city prison, and he likes to practise his combat skills on the inmates, not always with proper legal justification. Unknown to him, his actions are one of the reasons why the prison is dangerously close to a major riot.

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