Sodius is The White City, known for its White Gold - Salt. Its tall white walls and buildings jut up from the small rocky cliff which serves as the city's foundation and out on the small peninsula on the coast. All around the city are shallows which are blocked from the sea. There the water evaporates leaving the salts. (The city and the flats are protected from the force of the Ocean Proper by a raised rocky bar). It is the largest city on the coast without a good port.

Given its (minor) altitude above the water and the fact there is nothing else around it, Sodius stands like a glistening white beacon in the sunlight and an oddly glowing spot in the sparse seaside fog when viewed from the sea or a good distance. Sodius is enclosed in a triangle shaped wall, point of the longer end of the triangle faces the sea. The buildings are plaster and adobe so common to the region. Many reach three stories. Given the odd shape of the city proper, many are triangular or trapezoidal in shape. The original walls enclosed an area vastly larger than needed, and the city has slowly grown to mostly fill it. Despite the trade and the wealth, there is only so much population this city can support with its lack of immediate farming/ fishing. So while the city is filled with white gold, it is not filled with people.

The White City grew up from a small camp where locals would come, scrape salt, and go home. With the influx of people along the coast, a few wise men (now rich men) built a fort that would become a city here. Knowing their wealth was based on salt, they made the walls and buildings here reflect that. All the plaster on the outside of the buildings is white, usually with small bits of salt added to make everything sparkle. The fairly flat roof lines of the adobe buildings are tiled in brown clay indigenous to the region. The only things breaking up the square and flat skyline of the city is the windmills.

There are several salt mills in the town proper, as salt scraping are brought up to the town from the fields by workers with carts. The Mills are powered by the winds, which thanks to the sea is ever present.

There is always a number of caravans and the occasional small merchant ship in town. The inns and taverns are very full and very lively. The flow of salt out of the city and wealth/ goods into the city is constant. Everyone needs salt, so even the lowly salt bearers are well paid in comparison to other bearers. The salt trade flows along the coastal roads to both the people and the better harbours there. It also flows to the large coastal valley to the north, where the Beef produced there is dried with it.

I always think of this as a coastal city against the mountains that border The Marches.

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