Philosopher sages and summoners have categorized the anima and totems of the insect kingdom under the name Invae. These spirits are alien to mankind, and have their own agendas. To pursue their path is to seek madness and their devil's deal ends in assimilation into their hive, and the expansion of that hive.

The Zosim

The Zosim are a large and well recognized family of invae. They represent the spirits of wasps, hornets, and bees. These flying, stinging, communal insects are strong hive builders, have an equally strong hierarchy, and are fairly dangerous, even in small numbers. The typical zosim appears as an amalgam of various wasp and bee body parts, typically more garish and noisome than mundane insects, and many times larger. The average zosim is 2-3 feet long, and approximately ten to twenty pounds in weight when manifested. They will have exaggerated stingers, and will have equally exaggerated mandibles.

Unmanifested, the zosim are spiritual flotsam, unable to influence the material plane, completely ignorant of it's very existence. If something entices them to manifest, such as being called by a shaman, druid, or summoner, they will readily appear, taking on their insectile form. They serve well, and are readily available. A summoner who starts using such summons will find that they attain the maximum number of zosim, very quickly allowing them to summon swarms, and eventually larger and more aggressive zosim.

Zosim Drone - The drone is relatively weak, with a poison stinger that deals dagger type damage and a inflammatory but generally not lethal poison. (reduce initiative, constitution, etc). They are large, loud, and it is worth keeping in mind that an inch long wasp can scatter a group of people, a two foot long wasp monster is going to send them running for the hills. Drones work well together, and can track, gather things, and are not adverse to having their manifested form 'killed' and eaten.

Zosim Soldier - Twice the size of the drone, soldier zosim are more aggressive, and can deliver a painful bite, and a more dangerous sting, dealing typical sword damage, with an acidic poison that deals several rounds of further damage. A swarm of these invae can quickly decimate a village, humans and livestock alike. They will feed on the dead or wounded if there are no other tasks.

Zosim Queen - The size of a human, the queen is sentient, and can herself summon more zosim to protect her. Once summoned, the queen can bargain with the summoner, and offer them more power if they are willing to invest themselves as an Invae Priest, worshiping their insect goddess. The queen is not more dangerous in combat, but once manifested will start laying eggs. These eggs will hatch into corporeal zosim drones, and will start building a massive castle sized nest. Eventually the nest will be complete, and the queen will have a permanent portal to summon more queens and other zosim through.

The Devil's Deal - the zosim queen's deal is a one sided deal. The summoner exchanges their soul for the ability to summon even more zosim into the material plane. The summoner will eventually become 'Infested' and will be subservient to the Zosim queen. Infested are magic users who slowly gain insect traits and use their powers for the queen and the hive.

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