How many times did you need an authentic village or little town? They serve as a backdrop for the character's actions, and may be the setting for something more dramatic. Where you can see who knows whom, and who is close to, or distant to a certain person?

The purpose of this scroll is to create a 'normal' community, a sort of neutral background to stories of (minor) glory and woe. This is a good sized ocean fishing village, well on its way to becoming a town. It gets some general traffic from the road, but most travellers pass the "turn" on their way to "The Town Up the Road".

The boats will often sell their catch to people to people who sail up to "The Town Up the Road" or "The City". They could do it themselves, but it is a couple day journey and they seem to be getting a fair price.

Da Rules
*The setting is defined from the Summary. The village was set up was an ocean village, protected in a small cove, with the cove is fed by a number of small steams. Note that it is a day or so to the "Town Up the Road" and about six days to "The Big City".

*A scroll entry should contain one character. The only time you get to double up is when the one "named" character has other people that orbit directly around them, but are not "big enough" to get their own post, wives of named characters, their kids, the dog. the flunky, etc.

*We need Boat Crews and People who live on shore. A boat can act as a link for a villager.

*Every villager must be linked to at least one other villager. They must have a significant relationship - blood, friendship, hatred, what ever. They need to be linked back to that other person.

*We want mostly humans for this, but other "generic fantasy races" that could be found in an tucked away village without causing a ruckus are possible.

If you want to see how this is done Village People is a related thread.

White Rock's people
Bendolf Son of Gewonn
Bowen of Bait and Tackle
Brandor, Jasonus, and Tyla, The Woodfolk
Captain Waymire Cutler of the Argosy
Gewonn, the singing fisher and wife
Gruff Arturo
Padalos Old Sea Dog, Top Mate, and Storyteller
Pearch Deck Hand
Petrus and Bobrus of the WaveFinder Deck Hands
Portis Deck Hand
The Rockmens, Captain Mikeous, Mabela and the rest of the clutch. Captain and Deckhand w/ family
The Shipsmith and Ralus his apprentice
Strong Dina, the Fishwife
Tomius Saltsman The Salter, wife and son.
Tyrus of White Rock -the Captain of the WaveFinder
Vosko the Dour and Olyssra the Baker
Walleye the Lobsterman
Wedges of the Light Towers
The Widow Wendia

Placeholders open

PlaceHolder 4 Captain of a fishing boat
Old Fisher

Old Man Bid - the now ancient Wood Bringer
Plater the Blacksmith and his wife
And his two kids
Callius and The Swoop: He is the guy that buys up most of the catch and sails it into the city.

Noble Nearby

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Summary Just like the big submissions, you can put in a quick summary or a catchy description

Appearance Gender, approximate age, mannerisms and the like.

Family and Life This is the place for background and noteworthy family members.

Special Equipment Things beyond a person with the job would have.

Roleplaying Notes How can they be interacted with, and how they may be useful.

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Family and Life

Special Equipment

Roleplaying Notes

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Gewonn, the singing fisher

Forty-something, with a moustache, he is a bit of a trickster. He likes to joke, and what he likes even more, is singing. Not that he had such a great voice, he is quite below the average. That doesn't bother Gewonn. He sings the songs he knows, and may just sing about whatever he is doing at moment.

Not that it is useless: he persuaded his current wife, Fiana, by hounding her and singing of her beauty, until at last she agreed to marriage, if only to shut him up. They seem to fit well together now. But at home, he is only allowed to hum.

To fish, he employs his tiny, light boat; he carries it every day on his shoulders to the river. His partner is the dour neighbor, Vosko, spanning the net, and closing a few fish inside. Every yield is light, but it is a fast sport, he comes out well most days. Other fishermen distrust his technique, saying the boat is too fragile to endure the first real wave to come along. (See also ) Gewonn would only start to tell tales of horrible storms he endured so.

His only son has adopted a more traditional way, and just built his own hut. And no, he doesn't sing like his father.

Vosko and Olyssra

Gewonn's neighbor is the dour Vosko, who can usually be found weaving and repairing his nets, when he's not out fishing with his singing partner. Vosko collects all kinds of odd objects. Besides the fish, he is fond of saying, one never knows what a good, strong net will pull up these days! Needless to say, none of his knick-knacks are in any way valuable, but that doesnt stop Vosko from collecting them incessantly. Gewonn and Vosko have an outgoing feud regarding Gewonnn's singing. The former insists the singing is what attracts the few fish they get, while the latter, is convinced that if Gewonn would ever just shut up, their hauls would increase significantly.

Vosko lives alone, and oftens visits Gewonn and Fiana to pass the time. His sister is the local baker, Olyssra, a woman of great girth, sharp intellect, and charisma, also a loner, but much loved by the villagers for her incomparable recipes. Most mornings, Vosko picks up the "early bird's warm bread" from Olyssra, and in return gives her a fresh fish in the afternoon, along with whatever chochka he fished out of the water that day. Olyssra likes to decorate her bakery with these items, and over the years, her shop has been plastered with weird brick-a-brack, becoming almost a local attraction of sorts, over the years.

Neither Olyssra, nor Vosko, interestingly enough, are particularly desirous of finding mates or companions in the village, though both have had their chances, moreso Olyssra. They will both claim if prodded, in Olyssra's case, or if drunk, in Vosko's case, that their particular family name has been cursed long ago, and that the husbands and wives of all the Holwotts (their family name) end up dead before their time.


An immigrant of Kition, Adeo arrived years ago as a young man seeking fortune away from his small village. His dream: become a rich merchant, sailing up and down the great rivers of the land, dealing in spices and rich fabrics.

That was twenty years ago. Adeo has since resigned himself to running a small fishing business, trapped in the heritage of his fathers. His prime fishing craft, Azure Heron, is a familiar sight to most in White Rock. Adeo still dreams that it will one day be a boat of great importance; he often tells the story of the time Heron acted as a tour boat for a foreign diplomat (it's a lovely tale, even with its heavy embellishment). Aside from Azure Heron, Adeo operates a few other small fishing boats. The Kitionan likes to pride himself as having the most skilled and professional anglers on the creeks. His crew, however, is a bit of a motley one. Adeo is known to keep them close to his heart, however, and he pays and protects well his loyal mates.

Adeo himself has the demeanor of a common boat captain: slightly gruff, always moderately irritated, but generally lenient and kind. At one time he had the body of a strong longshoreman; as he reaches closer to his 50s, he has put on some weight, though there is still muscle behind it. On shore, he can usually be found going about town, lecturing his fellow anglers or bandying with friends and acquaintances. It's no secret he's after Olyssra's heart, nor is it a secret that she has repeatedly dismissed his offerings. Adeo seems to take it in stride.

Tyrus Captain of the WaveFinder

Tyrus of White Rock is the Captain of the WaveFinder. The WaveFinder is one of the biggest boats in White Rock, with a good twelve hands on the deck. They ply the ocean waters outside The Cove, pulling in the larger fish in the brisk waters along the coast and farther out. The WaveFinder is often out for two or three days at a time when the Great Fish (Tuna) or Silver Fish are out in numbers.

Tryus is a big man as fitting his boat. His hair and beard are still raven black when all of his peers are gone grey (or bald). While not loud, his voice will carry even over the wind. His eyes shine with that cunning that you old find in old sea dogs who know the sea. Many a man might be slowing down at his age. And while he does not spend as much time at the nets as he has in the past, he has not lost much of his step.

He has been a captain's captain. He is a working captain, in to the elbows with his crew. He has been loyal to his men over the years, and they would go to the Far Isles and back with him if he asked. He watches over "his crew" both in the boat and on shore. This sometimes puts him at odds with others on the dock side, but he tries to keep the peace.

He is a widow now, his wife gone three winters now. Their lone daughter has found herself a young noble and gone off to The City. That leaves him alone on nights in port. His place is the upstairs of the home next to the Baker Olyssra. Long ago, he and Olyssra were quite the couple, but that was a long time ago and both have long moved on.

There are a couple of captains in the village that see him as a rival, notably Captain Cutler and Placeholder4, but he thinks nothing of it. And neither do most of the village (and most of the captains) who see Tyrus as the fleet leader. He doesn't see himself as a leader of anything but his boat, but will speak for the sailors if needed.

He has had a good life so far. He has His Crew and His Ship and many a good season left in him.

Petrus and Bobrus

Petrus and Bobrus are the two youngest children of Plater the Blacksmith. Rather than follow their father into the trade (their two older brothers did that), they fell in with the folks at the docks and began to fish.

In appearance, the two are fairly distinctive: Tall, Blond, Sea Blue Eyes, and their family's "distinctive" nose (large and hooked). Still they are the best looking of the bunch. They are the two young gents that the girls are all trying to catch. While they are currently the "fish about town" (i.e. the ones people are trying to catch), they have a history.

The two have been troublemakers of the prankish variety since they were young. Vosko was frequently their target, as his responses were the most fun, ("Dang those kids!"). They have, for the most part, grown out of it. However there are still a few that harbor some bad feelings about some of their pranks that went too far.

They are currently crewing for Tyrus on the WaveFinder. They are top notch hands. While neither will be a captain, they could find themselves being top mates someday. Off the boat, they are not as upstanding. They are working on the wenching and drinking and the occasional pranking... and did we mention the friendly round of fisticuffs?

Both boys have a fair stash of coins hidden away. They are mum about how they got them, but it was probably picked off a drunk traveller long ago.

The boys are fun, playful, and always humorous. Frequently they are running at the mouth. They will work hard and play harder. Eventually they will settle down, but until then they are a handful.

Brandor and Jasonus and Tyla, The Woodfolk.

Brandor provides the lumber to the shipcrafters and carpenters here. There is a small drydock run by The Shipsmith. One needs to travel a good ways inland to get proper wood for boatwork. He is often gone for a day or three at a time. He sometimes will fall the wood himself, but often he will buy wood from other wood cutters. He has a deal with the mill master up the South Fork Creek, so he will often work the wood there before brining it home.

He has been the wood supplier and charcoaler for the village since he took over for Old Man Bid (who had been known as Old Man Bid for as long any anyone can remember). That was a few decades ago.

He is the primary horse owner in White Rock. He currently has four adults and a yearling, using them to bring the wood from The Woods to The Town. Others who have horses for carriages and such all have horses from his stock. His son Jasonus takes care of the beast most of the time. He is also the best rider in the village. He sometimes travels with his father on a wood run, but he mostly takes care of the beasts, his sickly mother Tyla, and the business (his father can not write, so he keeps the records). He does help with the charcoaling.

Jasonus fancies a girl, but she thinks of him as nothing more than her best friend. She keeps throwing herself Petrus. This annoys Jasonus to no end. In fact, he occasionally sounds like his father when dealing with him.

On that same note, it is rumored that Brandor is having a dalliance or two with a lady in the village and one "inland a ways". The rumors are more reliable that he and The Widow Bailey once had an affair a number of years ago.


Brandor is a large man with thick muscles. His massive black beard (with grey flecks) seems to be an attempt to make up for his baldness. He wears clothing most in keeping with people inland, than the ocean folk.

Jasonus is like his father, but has yet to grow into the thick muscles or sheer size.

Family and Life

He is a close cousin to Fiana, the wife of that silly singing fisherman. Yet nobody should make fun of her husband in range of his hearing. Only he is allowed to make fun of him.

Roleplaying Notes

He can be a friendly man, but he seems to quickly get annoyed at any distraction, any disturbance to the status quo, people having too much loud fun, thing not going the way they should. After a few choice words, he gets over it.

The Shipsmith and Ralus his apprentice.

Though he is sometimes known as Master Todds, most only know him as The Shipsmith. In fact, only some of the oldest in the village remember when he wasn't the Maker of Ships.


He is appears to be as old as the sea. He is thin and frail looking, but still moves with an easy grace. His hair is whispy cloud of white that easily escapes from his hat (which hides his mostly bald head). His eyes have that red tinge to them, as if he is always runny of nose like a small child. He dresses in heavy formal clothing, though they are quite dated.


The man's life is his work. He has had no family in the village and only a handful of friends. One of his few surviving ones is Old Man Bid. Though polite and friendly to all he knows, he always has that distance to him. When not doing anything, which is seldom, he is found reading a holy book or some other tract.

He simply arrived one day, traveling by foot with a small cart trailing behind him. He saw several workers "trying to make a boat". He simply walked up to them and began to tell them what they were doing wrong. He slow and careful directions were followed and eventually a very fine boat was created. The workers gave him a cut of their price for making the boat.

Before he could leave, a boat came to dock, and needed some repairs. A sly one of that early crew came and asked the stranger, before he left town, if he could take a look and give a few suggestions. Before long, he simply took over directing everyone who was building, fixing or changing a boat.

He was not a young man when he arrived, but has been working the boats since Granies were pretty young things. He may be one of the most important factors for White Rocks' prosperity over the last two generations. The boats he has made are smoother and tougher than any other boats made along this stretch of coast.

In fact, he has overseen the building (and possibly rebuilding) of every boat that sails out of this little village. Tyrus's WaveFinder is one of his finest. Note: He is linked to everyone attached to an ocean boat in some way.

He is constantly getting on Gewonn and Vosko for their flimsy boat. He wants them to use a real boat before they kill themselves in it. "Oh well, at least they only fish in streams." he will say.

Unknown to anyone in this part of the world, The Shipsmith used to be quite the Naval Architect. He built a number of grand ships for both the Navy and Merchant Houses. His reputation grew and so did his hubris. He built a ship, but spent more time drinking with nobles and admirals, than tending to the project. The ship was lost with all hands soon after launch. Though no one blamed him after hearing the report, he knew that the ship should of survived the event. It was his lack of attentiveness that cost all those hands their lives.

He packed up a few personal effects and simply left the Great City. He traveled along the road and stumbled into this village. He saw them building flawed boats. No one should be lost due to something that he could, so casually, correct.

For the first decade or so he was here, he avoided anyone from "outside" knowing he was here. After that, no one seemed to care whom he was and where he came from. He became a part of the village, just like the White Rocks that anchored it to the land.

Since those early days he has taught many a young man to be a top knotch crafter and even sent a few along to "old friends" to apprentice and become true Shipsmiths in their own right. He is currently training up Ralus Pierswalker. He would never use the word "apprentice", but he is being groomed to take over the dock. Ralus is the son of Marya Pierswalker, his "work master" (office manager). She has been The Shipsmith's record keeper since she was a young girl who could do numbers and run errands. (She is currently training up her own replacement in Sandia "Peaches" Rockman.) Ralus will continue The Shipsmiths traditions of quality, dilligence, and design, enough that he will be content when he dies that the ships will continue to be built properly. (Aside: If they are not, he swears he will haunt them all as a demon.)

He occasionally plays chess with The Salter, at The Salter's home or in a pub.

Roleplaying notes

Calm, Focused, Polite, Efficient, and Dignified.

Not a movement, action, or thought wasted.

He has forgiven himself for his hubris long ago and feels he has made up for it in the eyes of the divine.


When he was a boy, he really liked his father. He was fun, and smart, and liked to sing. And then Bendolf grew up, and realized how silly the man actually is. They was some arguing, not fierce at all, and now they don't speak much anymore. He is at better terms with his mother.

Now, Bendolf has a determined look of somebody, who has a lot to gain. Short black hair, no beard, a small moustache, he keeps himself well for a fisher. He can have fun and get to know people, but tires quickly if there is no purpose to the chatting.

He lives in his own hut. That is a good start, but it is not enough. There is this girl he really likes, and she seems to like him in turn. It's her parents that want him to prove something, a poor fisher isn't enough.

To achieve what he wants, he works really hard. He ships out with Tyrus like several others. He took job mainly because of Petrus, liked him from childhood on (but curiously not his brother).

But that is not his main pursuit. From an old fisher(Placeholder) he learned the art of trapping fish - the construction of traps, the right bait, and where to place them. There is decent prey to be found, but he is really after the exotic types, which sell in The City. With this income, he will be rich enough to get the girl, and maybe his own ship!

Too bad the noble of the next town has something of a monopoly on trapping, and precisely the fish he likes to catch. But Bendolf knows the right dealer... one day, he will become a wealthy merchant, or gets caught.

The Widow Wendia


Life on the sea is hard. Being married to Wendia seems to be harder, as no one seems to survive.


Wendia is still quite young for a woman who has lost three husbands. She is pleasant to look at all around: blonde as the sun, eyes like the clear sea, skin like cream, and a lovely shape.

Family and Life

She is a child of the village. Her Ma and Da have a quiet cottage at the edge of town growing potatoes and turnips, since Da is too frail with The Cough to go to sea.

She married not long after most of the girls of her generation did. Wendia married her second love, a young fisher named Darrius. He was lost at sea a few months after they were wed. That, in the end, was okay, as she soon married her first love - he whom came back to her, Artherus. It was a joyous time for both. They were truly happy. They had a full year together, but alas without children, before he was lost being crushed by a boat in the Dry Dock. She morned him for a full year and a few moons before falling in love with Charlie. Charlie lasted nearly two years before being washed overboard on Captain Waymire Cutler's ship the Argosy. She had been with child twice, but had lost both before their proper birth.

Still this has not detered her. She is a merry widow looking out the the next husband. She does have her eye on Bendolf.

She is currently working at The Net for Fisherman, the tavern (and tiny inn) for the village. She does odd job and brings out drinks and food for the men.

Mabela Rockman is good friends with Wendia. In fact, Wendia is often found having tea or playing with the kids at their house when she is not working or trying to land her next husband. Note: Mabela was always cute, rather pretty. She sometimes got Wendia's cast offs when they were younger. Mabela married Mikeous early for most girls of their generation, while Wendia married a bit late.

Roleplaying Notes

She is a friendly flirty girl. Mostly it is all talk, a wink, and a hippy walk. She can handle most of the boys without a problem, just a sharp wit and a strong personality.

The menfolk would like to get to know her better, but those were were friends of Darrius, Artherus, and Charlie, would feel odd doing such. Then there is the rumor that she is cursed, and that her husband will be lost.

Wedges of the Light Towers


"Some un gotta do it."


Wedges is a stooped man a late middle years. He has a giant hooked nose, larger than most of the village (who often have "sea eagle" like/ sharp noses). He walks with a small walking staff. Wh, not because he is lame or inferm. No he walks with it because he often has to walk out on the rocky paths and the rocks covered in spray and likes to have it with him.

The stoop is a combination of old age and an injury from when he fell on the wet rocks on his way out to the towers a decade ago.

Family and Life

Paid by the village, he is the man who lights the tower lights that mark the cove's rocky line. The tower lights are simple enclosed lamps of various colors on a 15 foot post towers. (There are bells on each post tower that will ring in the wind).

He inherited the job from his father and from his father's father. His son, a boy not too bright called Boyzen after his grandfather on his mother's side, will probably pick up the job after him.

He is the Great Uncle to Petrus and Bobrus, and has been a long time friend to "The Old Fisher".

Special Equipment

Stout Walking Staff. Firebox. Pipe. Okay, none of it is special.

Roleplaying Notes

He is kind of quiet and kind of resentful.

He feels stuck with the job.

It is an annoying job that he is paid poorly for, but he is too proud not to do a good job at it.

He does resent that his job never seems to end, even though fishermen get so much time off.

Captain Waymire Cutler

Captain Cutler is a tall and arrogant man, commanding the largest, and the oldest boat in White Rock, the Argosy.


Waymire is now in his early sixties and has a head of salt and pepper hair and a lean physique that comes from hard liquor and living on the water. He favors a stiff gray wool jacket and a tight fitting cap since the sea seems to steal the warmth from him now that he is older. He is most commonly seen limping about town on his cane which he uses as a weapon as much as he uses it for walking.

Family and Life

The Cutlers are old blood in White Rock, though nothing close to being nobility, just a weatherbeaten clan of fishermen and net makers. Cutler has a mouse-like wife, Doreen, and has two sons whom he constantly scolds for not being more motivated and successful. He also has, to his constant grief, three daughters. He is exasperated by the thought of trying to provide dowries for all three of them, and frequently expresses that he wished they would join a convent.

Special Equipment

The Argosy is the largest ship in White Rock, a two masted sloop, and a crew of nearly forty. While the Argosy is indeed a fearsome fishing vessel, able to trawl large nets for the vast shoals of cod and silverfish who swim off of the coast, she is past her prime. The Argosy frequently has leaks, torn or tattered sails and aside from her nets and ropes, is generally afflicted with rot. The Cutlers can save the ship, but it would take almost their entire life savings to do so, and would leave the Argosy in the dry dock for a very long time as she was stripped down and repaired.

Roleplaying Notes

Waymire Cutler is a tired old man, he shouts orders to anyone not moving, and insults to those he doesnt think move fast enough. Anyone markedly younger than him is wantwit or a moon-calf, and those his age are bumbling old codgers who cant do anything but remember the past. While he certainly doesnt roll up his sleeves to work with the men on deck, no one doubts that Waymire will die anywhere other than on the deck of his ship.


"If there is a man for the riggings or up in the nest, it be Perch, Captain.

You don't know him? Well he do work Cutler's crew most of the time. Perch is a shorter man, but not too short. Dark hair, normal skin, he is kind of average looking, with the SeaEagle (notable) nose like many of the village. He is a nimble hand, all will give him that credit. He is deft at climbing riggings in all conditions, rain, shine, fog, or gloom. He swing along the runner lines too, like he be some kind of Jungle Monkey. In fact he is at home in the high places of the ship."

"He is a queer sort. That be true. He enjoys being high up. Loves the Horizon he do say. When we're in port, he sometimes even climbs the houses. He's the one they use to clear the birds and bats out of the temple bell tower."

"Nah, Perch is not his real name. Perch is Peterus's nickname, but nobody calls him that anymore, 'cept his Ma. Gah, she got to be dead, I haven't seen her in quite a spell."

And yes he is a steady hand. Been working the boats for .. well quite a while now. If you let him up the riggins, he be a good hand. He is quiet, dependable, and steadfast. You stick him elsewhere for long, he can get surly. So mind you that Captain. Oh and keep Petrus and Bobrus away from him. They prank him something fierce. But he keeps it even, dropping things on them from on high. "

Walleye the Lobsterman


Walleye is White-Rocks primary source of shellfish.


This short, squinty-eyed man has only a short fringe of grey hair left. His work at sea has left him with a permanent red-skinned appearance rather than the standard deep tan of most of the ocean fishermen. Some say that this is the work of a curse placed on him by the gods for his exceptional harvests of lobsters and crabs. Even when working in his much-patched and worn clothing, he can be seen with his lips firmly clamped to a long bamboo pipe.

Family and Life

Walleye has no known family, having appeared in White Rock many years ago and remaining solitary the entire time. His only relationship is with Strong Dina, the Fishwife, involving long, loudly vocal bargaining over the price of his catch, to the enjoyment of both.

Special Equipment

Living in a small hut near where he beaches his fishing smack, The Cheerless Cuss, his only possessions seem to be the lobster pots and crab traps with which are his livelihood.

Roleplaying Notes

This lobsterman generally mutters incomprehensibly to himself. The only time he really talks is during his daily bargaining with Strong Dina. The long hours he spends gathering in his catch allows him to easily avoid having much to do with anyone else, and if that doesn't work, he'll just ignore all but the most persistant attempts at discussion.

Strong Dina, the Fishwife


Anyone coming to White Rock to purchase fish will no doubt find the best deals are done with this formidable woman.


While tall for a woman, about the same height as the average man, Dina is by far one of the strongest people in White Rock, able to lift nets full of fish that would normally take two men. With average brown hair and eyes, her looks are generally unremarkable for such strong person.

Family and Life

Strong Dina is married to Bowen, the owner of the Bait & Tackle Shack. As the main market for seafood in the town, she is also well known to the many fishermen, especially for her great strength and equally great temper in bargaining. Still, her reputation for honesty and fair dealing results in her being the prime place where fishermen can sell their catch.

Special Equipment

Aside from the large warehouse from which she operates, nothing of note.

Roleplaying Notes

While apparently easy to anger, her behavior is mostly artistic in nature, as bargaining gives her great pleasure. Combined with her unbending honesty in dealing with those she encounters, she has become one of the more celebrated merchants in the town.



Owner of Bait & Tackle Shack


This brown-haired, green-eyed man is of average height, but looks much shorter compared to his large-boned wife. His ruddy complexion goes well with his generally sunny disposition.

Family and Life

To the amazement of many of the townfolk, this cheerful individual married Strong Dina, a tempestuous fishwife. While they seem like such an odd couple, it is clearly evident that Bowen and Dina love each other very much.

However, to Bowen's dismay, he has become estranged from his brother, with whom he once had a very close relationship. Originally both brothers worked in the Bait & Tackle Shack, equally sharing and enjoying the store. Several years previously however, they began bickering and arguing over an item of contention which has never been revealed to the rest of the town. After several months of arguments, Arturo left the Bait & Tackle Shack to open his own shop on the far side of the bay. Since then the brothers have rarely spoken to each other as Arturo goes out of his way to avoid Bowen.

Special Equipment

The Bait & Tackle Shack is one of the more prosperous shops which caters to the local fishermen, providing them with a variety of fishing tackle and accessories, as well as many kinds of bait, purchased by Bowen from a variety of sources.

Roleplaying Notes

This cheerful and sunny individual is perhaps one of the most well-liked merchants among the fishermen of the town. Even his wife's infamous temper is not enough to quell his generally optimistic outlook on life. However, mention of his brother will make him somewhat melancholy and wistful.

Gruff Arturo


This netmaker is owner-operator of the Octopus Arms.


Tall and stringy, this brown-eyed, brown-haired man has little resemblance to his more cheerful brother.

Family and Life

Gruff Arturo is the estranged brother of Bowen, the owner of the Bait & Tackle Shack. While little is known as to why the two brothers aren't on speaking terms, it is well known that they have nothing to do with each other.

Special Equipment

The Octopus Arms is a major source of netting and fishing line in the town, though not perhaps the most prosperous.

Roleplaying Notes

Whatever caused the estrangement between Arturo and his brother has left Arturo a very gruff, bitter man. As an exceptional netmaker, his goods are prized for their high quality, just not enough to make bargaining with this sour man an everyday proposition. Arturo's gruff attitude has detracted somewhat from his business, but he can still make ends meet.

Mikeous and Mabela and the rest of the Rockmens

Mikeous spends most of the season as a deck hand on any of the larger boats that sail out of White Rock. The rest of the year he captains his own small boat and goes after small coastal catches.


Mikeous is average as a seaman goes. Middle size. Middle build. Middle brown hair and eyes. His skin gives away his profession, as it is bronzed by wind, sun, and surf. He looks older than he is. He almost always wears his long oiled coat, even inside.

Family and Life

Mikeous followed in his father's footsteps and became a fisherman. His much, much older step sister, Marya is the Shipsmith's work master. Mikeous started as just another hand on any boat that would take him. He married Mabela as soon as he was able, so both were young. Over the last decade and two she has given birth to a clutch of four funloving kids. To help feed his children and support Mabela he works all he can. He worked hard and managed to amass quite a tidy sum. It was Tyrus that pushed him to being his own captain. He could never afford a big boat, but the Shipsmith could build a smaller ship too. Unlike many, he is not in debt to anyone. He owns his boat, The Mabela (this way he can never be away from his wife), free and clear. So when the smaller fish are running closer to shore, and the big fishers are not going out to the deeps, he will take a small crew out and fish these other schools. There is not a big profit in these fish, but The Salter always buys them.

His wife Mabela is good friends with Wendia. In fact, Wendia is often found having tea or playing with the kids at their house when she is not working or trying to land her next husband. Note: Mabela was always cute, rather pretty. She sometimes got Wendia's cast offs when she was younger. In fact, Mikeous was the only boy she ever "caught" that was not thrown over by Wendia first. Now she is a jovial, slightly round, woman, easing in to her matronhood.

Mabela is sending her littlest girl, Peaches, to Marya at the Shipsmith's Dock. She is running the errands for Marya and learning her letters and numbers under her. Marya jokes that when she drops dead at her desk, Peaches will pick up her pen and keep writing.

Special Equipment

The Mabela is a small coastal fisher, with a crew of 4 tops. It has a good draft, which means it can hold a great deal but it is not a fast ship.

Roleplaying Notes

Almost always wears his long oiled coat that his wife made him right after his honeymoon before he sailed off.

Mikeous is a hardworking and tacturn man.

He uses few words. Mostly he talks with his hands.

During the day, when not on a boat, he is surround by four fun kids.

Tomius Saltsman The Salter


"let me think a moment..." he seemed lost in thought for a few moments, like an old man lost in the reverie of age. That illusion was soon shattered as cleared his throat and began to bark orders in a rapid fashion, like the captain of a ship. In fact he is the captain of "his ship", though that ship be land locked and the crew mostly women.


He has the classic sea eagle beak that many of the village has. He also has sunken eyes and pronounced cheekbones. He was always a thin man, but is becoming a bit rounder as he moved into his older years. His skin seems papery and pale, but his cheeks are often red because of the cold or the wind.

He dresses in two kinds of clothing:

He dresses worker's garb of seal skin apron, breaches, sweater, with thick boots and gloves. These clothes show decades of wear and are now an odd color due to the salt. He wears them anytime a ship comes in or when he is in the packing shed. If he is fresh to or fresh from the shed, he looks like an ancient workman.

Anytime else, he is dressed in some very fine clothes, finer than anyone else in the village. This is to be expected given his wealth. His garments, though well made in the city and of excellent materials, are a bit provinchal as they were puchased years ago.

Family and Life

He followed in his father's trade, tending salt ponds and scraping in. His father had begun to expand his ponds, a trend his son continued. He eventually purchased all the salt ponds and hired the previous owners as workers. When he saved enough, he purchased a dockside shed and set himself up as a Salter of Fish. (He eventually picked up smoking as well). He hired the mostly wives of the fishermen to be his shed's crew. A few men were around to make crates from Brandor's wood and carting heavy loads. The existing Salter, Bowman, eventually folded his tent and left town, mostly because Saltman stopped selling him salt.

Those fish which are not picked up by Callius and The Swoop, are cleaned and either salted, smoked, or preserved in bottles of wine. He then ships them out as appropriate either by boat going to "The City" or by cart to "The Town up the Road" and places more inland.

His wife Mellisa was the daughter of the old glassblower. They married young and she is still blessing The Sky that she landed this man who has become so rich and important. While she will put on airs, mostly because people expect it of her, she is fairly grounded.

Their son, Balthus is now becoming an man is currently in charge of the salting ponds. Balthus is looking around for a wife, but is said to be courting a girl up in The City.

He plays chess with Master Todds, the Shipsmith. He is younger than the Shipsmith, and remembers a time when he was not here. However, the two have been playing chess either at their homes or a pub for longer than most people in White Rock can remember.

Special Equipment

A carriage and two horses. Only used by his wife or on special occasions.

Roleplaying Notes

Stroke your chin and think.

He is an old man and does not like to be rushed.

Not that he won't try to rush others. If the situation warrents it, he expect... no he demands, speed. In a salting/ smoking shed, speed is a constant. And he will work/ move pretty fast if he has to.

He always gets the last word. Even if he must wait for long pause.



Portis, he is the one over to the left. Looks like he is spoiling for a fight or something. That ain't it. He just looks that way because of his nose. He is an okay hand.


He would be an average sailor with non descript features. He has the village's Sea Eagle (hooked) nose. However, his nose has been broken and badly reset, so it is flatish - like he hit a wall (well, it was a deck actually after falling from the long arms).

His nose, hooded eyes, and sullen attitude give him a look of "attitude". He seems like he would be a problem. He isn't. He just looks the part.

Family and Life

Portis had a wife and a little, but both passed with the strong flu a few years back. Now he is just another deck hand who spends too much time in the pub.

He Crews for Capt'n Mikeous when he can and Capt'n Cutter when he can't.

Roleplaying Notes

"Oy!" seems to be his favorite word. It is an "attention getter", an expression of disgust with rolled eyes, a "Hey you, watch it", a joyous cry, and any other emotion/ feeling you can express with tone of voice, inflection, and facial expression while saying "OY!"



Ay Captain. I see burl of the mast on this one. You take my word for it, I can keep me matey above board. You can trust this old sea dog.


Padalos is an older man, with thinning hair that turned grey when he was in his 20s. He is a bit pudgy now, though in his prime he will tell ye that he was "as strong as an oak mast". He is more that capable of doing a days sailing. He does dress a bit more flamboyantly (piratical) than most of the sailors in town.

Family and Life

Padalos has sailed the many seas in his youth. If you listen to the stories, he did a brief tour in the crown's navy. He spent time in the merchants. And for a while, though he is quite cagey with the details, he was a pirate mate in the Golden Triangle. He said he made a fortune, but lost most of it over the time. A man of leisure he was not, he would say. He took work on any boat that interested him and worked his way back to "The Land".

He is full of stories about exotic places, wierd circumstances, and so on. If you follow all of them carefully, there is a good chance they are true "though their might be a wee bit of exageration in them".

He settled here being dropped off by The Swoop. (He crewed on her for a trip.) He didn't want to go to "the big city", he wanted some quiet sailing, some honest sailing by all accounts. He signed on to The WaveFinder, under Captain Tyrus .

When he is not sailing, he is drinking. He is a friendly drunk who is pretty functional on the liqueor.

He occassionally flirts and courts one or two of the older ladies in town, notably Marya Pierswalker. However, everyone knows, including the ladies, know that he has only one woman in his life and that be the sea.

Despite all rational thought, he really has live such a sea dog's life. He actually was a pirate mate (2nd mate to be true). He has a warrent for his arrest still outstanding and a huge bounty on him. That is why he is here in this quiet little town. Nobody would look for a real pirate here.

Special Equipment

Navigation gear and charts.

He does have quite a stash of Polarian Gold from the Golden Triangle.

He actually has a cutlass and can use it. He owns some other exotic weapons from the Far Winds, but he has no real skill with them.

Roleplaying Notes

While everyone else speaks fairly normally (though with a nautical bent), he sounds like a character in a pirate movie. He is all Arrrgh.. Avast... Ahoy... talking like the salt of the sea he does. So if you don't sound like an over the top pirate character, you don't sound like him.



"The sailor stood up, and up, and up, and at that point, Petrus realized he was going under a giant wave of trouble this night."


He is both the biggest and tallest person in White Rock. His father was the "big man" before him, but Blayken tops him by a palm span.

He has the local "large nose". His hair is dark and shaggy, his skin burned by exposure to the surf and sun.

Family and Life

His father and mother are village folk and have been for five generations now. They have worked the boats all that time. His Ma and Da only had one child survive childhood and that is Blayken.

Blayken took the boats as soon as he was large enough. That was a good three to four years before any of his mates. He will be an eternal middle mate. He has neither the brains or the spirit to be a first mate, but he is good enough at his craft not to be a squid. He occasionally does other jobs besides fishing. He is often recruited when the Shipsmith or The Salter or The Woodfolk need help with heavy loads and work.

He is one of the men who is persuing The Widow Wendia.

Roleplaying Notes

He is not a gentle giant or monster, nor any of those stereotypes of "big men". He uses his bulk to get his way from time to time, and ignores those who bother him for a while, until he breaks a chair over their head.

He is not a bright man either. A bit slower than average, if you get the meaning. However, he is not stupid, despite having that kind of look.

Kaish and Meana


Retired fisher and net peddler


Old Kaish, as he is known as around the village, is a stick of a man. Already in his seventies, he is now a wizened old man who walks stooped over. Yet, this has not always been so- only a few years back, he could work like any other young men. It was a stroke that reduced him to his current state.

Family and Life

Like most of the young men at White Rock, Kaish was once a sailor but settled down to be a fisher when he got married. He has only one son who was never found after out fishing on a stormy night and his daughter-in-law soon followed her husband's footsteps. His own wife had also passed away quite a number of years back. He has one granddaughter, Meana, who lives with him and makes the nets that they make their livings from.

Kaish is the one who taught Bendolf the skill of trapping fish. He in fact hoped that Bendolf would get together with Meana. Unfortunately, both of them only saw each other as friends. Even worse, Meana has fallen for one of the two troublemakers, Bobrus. Kaish deeply disapproves of this but it seems there is little he can do.

Roleplaying Notes

Old Kaish still likes to talk about the old days before he settled down and according to him, he had been through lots of foreign lands and had many adventures back then. Many of his stories are as coloured as those of Padalos'.

The other thing that he does incessantly is to complain about those two troublemakers. He often glares at one of them in particular.