'That was the second lynching this month. And last week they haven beaten some old sod that could barely crawl home.'
'Well, he was a drinker and bad to his wife, sir. It is really hard work they do, and not for much pay. But sir, we are doing wonderfully, all is going as planned and better!'
'Yes, the cathedral could be built months before expected, if we can keep up this speed. You are all doing great work, I'll be sure to inform the Patriarch. Just take care no accidents happen anymore.'



If seen at all, it is a non-descript human, see the Background part.


Virzimir is a spirit of anthills and beehives, of insects that live, create and prosper in large groups. It is one of the few spirits that have found home in the labyrinths of human dwellings, while still present in its original domain.

The humans, while surely individuals, do cooperate in small and large groups. Where there are large works, and many people working in unison, this spirit will feel attracted. There is a source of enjoyment and work to be helped along. Organization improves, and materials stream where they are needed. Efficiency rises, arguments lessen, as the common goal gains importance in the workers' minds. And they find easier the place, where their skills are best used, contributing to the effort.

Sometimes, it chooses a fitting person, that becomes even better at coordinating others to reach the task, truly a master of command, that can run even gigantic projects with great efficiency. Such people are highly sought and well-paid. Their private life though, suffers, as they become too focused on their work. Personally, they start loosing something of their human nature, their... distinctiveness. Even the workers at their command start slightly resembling robots in their behavior - there is less laughter, jokes or fits of anger than one would expect. The presence of the spirit can make a construction site akin to a clockwork, almost... like a beehive or anthill, an entity composed many separate parts, but acting in concert to reach its goal.

There it could even manifest, as a human without any distinct features; most that would manage to spot it, would assume it is just some onlooker or overseer, and quickly forget it. The spirit on its part, has great difficulty to discern people anyway, and does not speak human at all.


Note: take a look at Voonsai, also a spirit in the human world.

Roleplaying Notes:

The spirit is especially attracted to large construction sites, and other coordinated activities with many participants. Its presence is certainly a builder's blessing, everything runs smoothly on the workplace. Rarely, particularly when its presence is felt for longer, groupthink becomes stronger in humans, mobs can arise spontaneously and do a lot of harm.

The spirit is not attracted to warfare, which is too chaotic for its taste.

(Possible history bit:) The spirit would thrive in cultures that are big into building (think Egyptians, etc.) It could be even seen as a god.

- unusual events, such as those described in the introduction - lynching mobs or masses panicking are happening close to a building site. Find out the reason.

- the presence of an unknown spirit was detected by some means, find out what it is up to. What an irony if a spirit is found to help building the temple of a religion that denies that spirits exits, or claims they are only evil.

- if the spirit is recognized, it could be used to great effect. Time to research how to attract it. Alternatively, a culture could use the full support of this spirit to build great forts or what in no time... making the neighbors quite unhappy. But how do you sabotage a spirit?

- the help could also go too far, creating a cult of builders that go more into the insect direction than expected...


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This is an intersting associated idea, that may or may not be applicable for you and your use of this character. A set of humans, with insect associations.

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I like where this is going.

Zou could add a few of the spirit's quirks though - such as that the workers and Virzimir especially are attracted to sweets, or...

you get my point.

A solid post 4/5

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Yes, sweets! Why didn't I think of that?

So on the one side the inspired workers become a bit insect-like, working like drones; on the other side they will delight in sweets like children... '...there is definitely something wrong about these people!' (And don't forget the tendency to form mobs.)

Of course, this also inspires another avenue of use: harvesting large fields, gardens and vineyards - 'cause collecting food is very important, too.


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I can imagine temples built for this spirit, to attract it.And warfare would be avoided if possible to avoid scaring it away.

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An entire civilzation could probably exist around this entity..

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A facinating spirit, containing the Communist ideal.

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I didn't even think of the Communist connection! But indeed, it comes close to the ideal. Early communist regimes could unknowingly (...or not?) attract the spirit, probably while preaching against such irrational throwbacks of the past.