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Urisk stands about 1 meter, or aproximately 3 feet tall. He appears much like a satyr, but without the brawny build and great sexual libido. He is thin and generally wimpy looking. He also has no horns. His head is quite bald, except for a goatee. His flesh is made of fine, bark-less wood, and his hair is made from moss and leaves. His eyes are sad liquid green pools underneath his sagging brows.


Urisk is a very cowardly fey.

He has lived for centuries in the way he lives even today, sitting by his woodland pool, staring into the waters with a heartbreaking expression on his face. He may be the loneliest being in all of Creation, but only because he is also the ultimate coward.

When travellers pass near his pond in the woods, Urisk surreptitiously follows them. He often makes his presence subtly known, scattering leaves, purposefully cracking twigs, but when the travellers turn to see who is following them, Urisk becomes afraid that they will laugh at him or attack him, and he uses his spiritual powers to disappear.
Such a sad, lonely little fey...

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