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A traveler spirit has no real defined shape and thus makes them near impossible to notice. Some priests have an uncanny ability to detect one of these when they are entering into a lifeless body to take over as their new home. It is unusual to encounter one traveling from their realm to that of the living without some form of intervention. The resurrection of the dead is the most common intervention possible to bring and meet one of these foul beings.

Their realm is a tumult of chaos and anarchy with no real physical nature it is a swirling mass of floating spirits trapped between the lands of the living and on passing to their next realm. No sage knows where they originated, but there are things that live in this realm in between and feed off of those traveling to their next life. The sorrow filled spirits who torment themselves into getting lost in this voided realm are easy prey for these hungry beings. They fall upon them with malicious intent and will often fight a horde of their own for a simple morsel of the sweet spirited flesh.

While these are entities all to themself they can not exist in the physical and real world without the aid or help from an outside source. The most common vehicle for their transportation between the void of their home and the mortal realm is through Resurrection

Different Types of Travelers

The Trucco are tricksters and enjoy traveling to the realm of the flesh to wreak their jokes and mishaps on everyone they can. They are the most harmless of the three types of traveler spirits as they do not wish to harm anyone, even though they often do it isn’t with malicious intent. When in the void they are seen as small spindly creatures that are vivacious in their feastings, yet prefer to play with their prey before feeding. Once they traverse to the land of the living a common trait that is noticeable is the habit of constantly wringing their hands as if in anticipation.

The Sesso are an oddity, wanting both to bring pleasure and pain into their existence. They enjoy traveling to the realm of flesh more so than the other traveler spirits. They covet that which they do not have in their void. While at first they can be seen as harmless, and even desired, their true intent brings about the downfall and even death of those they choose as their playmates. When in the void they try to being comfort to their victims, setting them at ease before they strike for the final blow and feed. They are seen as sinuous forms of silky smoke that is pleasant to the eyes and mind. Once they traverse to the land of the flesh, they seek out others whom they can seduce and give pleasure. Once in the throes of their passion is when they strike with their true intent and feed on the body and soul of their victim, turning them into a husk and nothing. They have a noticeable habit of being very affectionate and seductive toward both sexes.

The Omicidio are the killers and murders of the travelers. They enjoy the realm of the flesh for its ability to bring them fresh blood and flesh. They will often kill for the sheer pleasure of watching the light disappear into the victim’s eyes. They are often mean spirited and quick to anger, not caring for their words or their actions. When in the void they are seen as a large muscled mass of anger and hate, often changing colors while feeding to show their pleasure or rage. Once they traverse to the land of the living a common trait that is noticeable is the habit of self mutilation. When not actively hunting down more victims, they can be found cutting themselves and enjoying with huge pleasure on their face. Many of the worlds most acknowledged serial killers and mass murderers have been found out to have been of the omicidio spirits.

Additional Information

Death is different among nearly all game settings. Please read this with the understanding that it may not fit your particular game setting and style, but is an alternative. When someone dies in the game of Hewdamia their spirit is sent to a void of space, the realm of the spirits for lack of a better term. This is where they await their return to the living via intervention, or where they travel to their next life if they are spiritually content.

Their soul drifts among the nothingness and awaits their destination. Now there are ‘things’ in this void. Spirit like beings who feed on these waiting souls. What happens next is purely another form of the circle of life.

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Make no mistake, Gullia are the gluttonous form of evil spirits. They are the depraved and irredeemably evil with no positive characteristics, if any could be found among any of their kind. Someone found to have a spirit of Gullia will not only have unnatural eating habits, but compulsions and cravings of immeasurable kinds. Not only being denied food, but being denied the type and the amount of food that the spirit is motivating to crave will cause such a person severe emotional, mental, or even physical distress.

Out of the other types of traveler spirits, Gullia are far trickier to notice as they leave their host with far more control than others. An outsider would take any actions caused by this person to be normal at first not noticing the change that has come over them.

The Gullia themselves are overcome by their own need to continuously gorge them self, possibly being gluttonous in life those that do not pass on yet remain in the dark void become these disgusting spirits. Unable to control themselves in life and forced to suffer their lot in death as well. Their torment they gladly bring onto others as they slowly implant the willingness to feed onto their host victim.

The person afflicted with this will not only think but fantasize about food all the time. They will use food as a motivation and reward and will use eating as a way to mask problems and as an escape. They believe that eating and eating certain things will bring happiness and comfort, sometimes going so far as being a sexual release.

At first, eating will make them happy for a time, but the happiness will go away. Then, they will continue to eat anyway chasing the happiness that it USED to bring, plus they know nothing else to do and cannot control them self. Whenever such a person is sad, lonely, nervous, stressed out, fearful, is having financial/health/relationship problems, food will be the refuge.


Invidia are perverted and twisted in their goal to bring suffering to the worth of the living. Once in the world they will choose a random object that they can not live without. This could be the jacket of a passing merchant, the kiss shared between two lovers, or the bread snatched from a bakers cart from a street urchin. Once this item is chosen they can not rest or be comforted without it. They will follow and stalk the object of their desire and become envious of the person who has it, becoming hateful and murderous if they can not acquire it soon enough.

Even if they are able to get the object of their envy that will grow cold quickly and they will be in physical pain as the desire eats away at their insides until they can acquire another one. This envy soon becomes anger and murderous rage which escalates after each item refuses to bring the warm joy that they hoped it would bring.

They can be often found weeping quietly in dark corners when not skulking behind one of their chosen objects.


They are despondent in their spiritual, ghostly forms. Traveling the void in a listless haze of having no purpose. They can be seen as mere flat expanses of spirit or mist usually sitting stationary for extended period of times. Their traveling to the realm of flesh is usually more an accident than wanting a real purpose.

Once in their host in the living world, they being slowly transforming life into nothing. The host, unable to control their emotional and physical self begins to lack a desire to do anything. Simple things at first, laughing and talking tend to be the first to go. Then slowly working its way to having no desire to eat and then wasting away to nothing and eventually killing itself by its lack of a desire to do anything.

The acedia usually have a short span on the mortal world, not because they are found out quickly, but because they kill their host by failing to do anything thereby dying by starvation. This is one of the harder traveler spirits to track as its usually a trait common for someone coming back from the dead to become introverted. It isn't until the end it is noticeable and when they are most dangerous.


Also known as the spirit of Hubris, it's glorious rendering in the realm of the void is always a spectacular site. Bright and flamboyant in everything it does. It's movements are wondrous to behold. If that was as far as its nature went it would be harmless.

Once traveled to the mortal realm, superbia spirits tend to infect those they grab as hosts with an uncontrollable pride and greater form of superiority to others. They are boastful and vivacious in their knowledge that they are in fact better, more attractive, smarter, faster. Anything that they see, they boast as being far superior than anyone attempting it.

This, in and of itself, is not deadly or dangerous. But the longer the spirit is within its host the more they demand to be seen as better, the more chance of angering the wrong individual heightens. Many who have been a victim of one of these traveler spirits have died at the hands of not the spirit or their own hands, but by those they have angered with their prideful boasts of betterment.