The Moira Chalice of Kormak is a dark object of a most blackened magic. A fire blacked skull rests on a short pedestal of similarly blacked bone. The bone is from a piece of Shivenhusk that he gave his most trusted disciple for the sole creation of the putrid item of necromantic magic. A small hole has been carved form the top of the skull and the insides have been removed allowing it to be used as a vessel for liquid used in dark rituals. The flesh has been chemically burned so it is pulled taunt onto the skull, the mouth permanently forced open with its tongue protruding acts as a spout for the liquid contained within to be poured through. 

While the vessel itself is a functioning goblet the liquid does not pour out unwillingly, only doing so when commanded in times of ritual use. If viewed while stationary from the top, there seems to be only enough ichorous fluid to fill a small wine glass. However the vile concoction never seems to run barren as it is used over and over in its loathsome rituals.

There was no natural light at all deep in the caverns below the temple. The air was dank and stale, musty with an earthy smell of worms and decay. The natural smell was only slight, as if on the tip of the tongue, compared to the smell of flesh and blood from the dead that Dec?nus Kormak had killed for this small ritual artifact. Seeing the dead lay before like leaves on the ground in fall made me realize that I was just as a viable sacrifice as any of them, and that made me fearful for the first time. I wasn't lied to into joining the Cult of Harvest, thinking it more a joke. But now I see the truth behind their preaching and my soul wishes to skulk and hide. I know I will die soon, and it will be at the hand of Decnus Kormas the Harvester and his infernal chalice.

Steawen Traill, Cult Follower

The Moira Chalice of Kormak rests deep in the dark temple to Shivenhusk under the Grand Temple of Earina, unknown to the dark Goddess. Its sole purpose, the final intrinsic part in the creation of three of the more powerful undead minions under Shivenhusk's command. The Animashtal, Wraiz-gul, and the Sorcerghul are all a products of this accursed relic. Each one, while having different components to their rituals of creation, all require the use of the Moira Chalice when Kormak creates one of these powerful abominations. Shivenhusk can create them at Will when he so desires but has allowed Kormak the knowledge of creating these as he is his most trusted proselyte.  While Kormak can create these using the dark knowledge that Shivenhusk has granted him, they are not always as powerful or infallible as if Shivenhusk Himself created them. So he asked the All Powerful for a tool to assist him in making them as fearsome and as powerful as if He made them, and he was granted with the knowledge of the Moira Chalice relic. 

I witnessed the relic be born of infernal powers, the thought of its creation has put fear into my bowels forever causing me to loose them when I think of it. The chalice was created using the skull of King Vyrkril,  Dec?nus Kormak former king. While still alive, a Taenia worm was placed at the top of his skull and we watched as it slowly ate its way through his skull and into his brain. While it was gorging itself on its morsel of brain flesh, the kings head was removed with a fast and effective chop from a butchers hatchet. Somehow still aware of his predicament, the now body-less head silently screamed in horror. Possibly at not feeling any pain or at the realization he was still alive and being eaten from the inside. I venture to never guess at its thoughts.

Steawen Traill, Cult Follower 

Shivenhusk used a solid piece of his own chest that he ripped apart to grant its use in completing the dark ritual. Using a combined mixture of the congealed blood from Shivenhusk and that of a plethora of sacrificed virgins, the chemical used to prepare the skull is used to mummify the remains is created. After the chemical desiccation of the head, it is placed onto the smooth blackened bone and thrust into a cold burning furnace of blue flame where the two pieces fused together completing the physical properties of the relic.  Once completed the skull was filled with a combination what Shivenhusk proclaimed is a portion of divine essence, virgin blood as well as a wistful soul of the tortured where it stays until Kormak uses it to create one of the undead abominations. 

Kormak has used it on occasion on simpler forms of undead and was surprised at the strength and power they were created with, but does so sparingly. He has used them however, to create dutiful undead gholem sentries that are similar in creation to a ghoule yet far more powerful and intelligent. Almost keeping their human intelligence after death, they serve him willingly and without question. Although it is apparent they are in fact intelligent.

I have seen it used to bring the dead back to the living world. No they are not living but the macabre in walking form. I know they will find my soul cries to be free of this hell I am now in, but I am trapped until my usefulness is at an end and I fill the ranks of the undead minions used to guard the temples and priests. I know my time is come soon. I've seen Kormak look at me contemplating my use. It is only a matter of time I am held down and forced to drink the foul liquid that pours from the mouth of the dead king. I will take my life soon, but far from here so as not to return as the walking dead. If only repenting could save my soul now, but I have seen to much for the gods to allow me to live on. I am cursed, forever. 

Steawen Traill, Cult Follower

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