Full Item Description
The Sword of All Swords has appeared many times, in many different forms, and been wielded by many different people.
Sometimes it is the silver-laced dagger of a master magician. Another time, it might be the large blood-darkened blade of a dreaded tyrant. Or even a thin, well balanced, rapier made for a young nobleman's duelist. The Sword of All Swords holds no form sacred, even going as far as to emulate symbols of faith and legacy.

Long ago, a wizard known as Eyes-of-Green sired a son with a nameless witch. Their son was expected to be a fine spell-slinger. Instead, he was muscular and more physically, than mentally, gifted. Some would call him dumb even, at their own risk. His father forged for him this blade, The All-Sword. It was made to perfect his son, to complete him and provide him with something magical and memorable.
Eyes-of-Green wanted the world to be jealous of his son's skill of arms, like they never were of his spell-casting. Wielding this magical blade soon gained the wizard's son many enemies. They all desired his talent; his blade.
When the son of Eyes-of-Green was murdered, and his weapon stolen, the wizard's fail-safe was triggered. The blade was cursed, it would draw jealousy and envy from those who watched it swing and twirl in combat.
Throughout history this blade has known many names. The All-Sword, Doppelganger's Blade, Endless Shift the Wanderer, Envy Striker, and Huroulaman's Bane are all appropriate names, but The Sword of All Swords cares for none of them. All it desires is to pass hands until it finds itself in the grip of the wizard's dead son, Huroulaman, once more.

Magic Properties
The Sword of All Swords will always appear to be the perfect weapon for whoever lays eyes upon it when it is dormant.
When being wielded it appears as the perfect weapon for whoever holds it, it seems to perform flawlessly in their hands. From this ability comes it's true goal: To inflict jealousy wherever it goes. It strikes you to the core, you want to be as good as the man with the blade. If only you had such a perfect blade.
When you pick it up it will physically transform into your ideal weapon, complete with holy symbols and marks of personal heraldry and notoriety.
The Curse
The Green-Eyes Curse is not overly powerful, but it can gain potency over time. It is doubtful you will attempt murder after seeing the blade in action only once. However, even a wizard who travels with the blade may be tempted to pick it up on occasion and see what he can do with it. If he was to do such a thing, he would be pleasantly surprised.
Optional Suggestions:
The curse may or may not make the wielder paranoid of theft or murder in the night. Also, the skill you seem to possess with the blade may only be perceived and not be an actual bonus. On the other hand, it could actually greatly increase your ability to hit or deal damage (as appropriate).

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