A small, exquisitely detailed model of a ship cast in platinum, with seven waves emanating from the prow. Each wave is embedded with numerous small pearls of a different color, which begin to gleam with an inner brightness as the other Kings' Items are found and pledged to the cause.


This item has the ability to assume seven different forms to aid the user in travel. By itself, it can only become a simple walking stick. It gains the ability to assume one new form for each of the other wondrous items that are dedicated to the same purpose. In order of appearance, its other forms are: raft, long boat, carriage (with tireless horses made of metal), merchant ship, battleship, and air ship. To activate the Ship's power, the bearer must simply run his fingers over the desired wave then place it on the ground or water.


Like the other Kings' Items, the Ship of Seven Shores will lose most of its power if its bearer ever betrays the purpose to which he was pledged. Additionally, he will begin to suffer all kinds of misfortune during his travels. His horse will stumble into a hidden hole and break its leg; carriers will lose his luggage, and any ship he boards is likely to become lost at sea.


Chosen by Tristan The Explorer. During his lifetime Tristan roamed far and wide, sending back charts and maps to expand his kingdom's knowledge of the world. Pharius The Diplomat often accompanied him on these missions, and the two successfully negotiated many new trade contracts which filled the coffers of the Kingdom of Adelheid. Tristan was the first of the brothers to perish, far away from home on a reconnaissance mission. What happened to the ship after that is unknown.


The forms of the Ship grow ever more elegant and beautiful, corresponding to the number of Kings' Items found in friendly hands. The raft may still be a raft, but its appearance goes from being a lowly fisherman’s vessel to a piece of pure artistry, with beautiful carving and many different types of wood.

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In association with Johnn Four, and all the fine folks subscribed to his Roleplaying Tips Weekly mailing list, we bring you our second collaborative Quest!

Here's the required stat block template to use for your entries:

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* Appearance
* Benefit
* Drawback
* Lore
* Twist

For an awesome description and guide to these stat blocks, check out Johnn's post describing it.

There will be three sets of *random* prize draws: Nov 7, Nov 21 and Dec 5 -- XP awards per normal as well!)

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