The Sharp Dressed Men aren't a gang, they aren't so pedestrian and low-brow as gangbangers and thugs. They are more like a murder based fraternity, well dressed frat boys who do everything to look the part and act the part of old school cool gentlemen. The SDM are well dressed, well groomed, come from wealth and influence, and have never suffered from the burdens of conscience.


A leader among the Sharp Dressed Men, the Bartleby is well bred among the well bred, connected, charming, patient, ruthless, and dangerously intelligent.

Favored weapon: bare hands, cutting wit

Bartleby is wracked by inferiority complexes, and is full to the brim with a laundry list of phobias. In spite of his wealth, power, good looks, and perfect suit, he is completely forgettable. The people who do remember him, they remember him more for his lack of personality, sociopathic behavior.


The Jameson is not, and never will be leader. In a group of plebs and normies, Jameson is tall, charming, and good looking. Among the Sharp Dressed Men, he is a doughy faced mush mouthed follower.

Favored weapon: improvised melee weapons

Jameson is a follower in a group that cultivates leaders, he is the weak link, the ugly one, the odd one out, the loser. He knows it. He compensates for this with a mixture of insecurity and psychotic breaks.


The Freddy favors the trilby, a small hat once favored by the wealthy and horse racing enthusiasts. The Freddy enjoys anachronisms, and will be noticed for having a pocket watch on a chain, or a newspaper where everyone else has a tablet.

Preferred weapon: archaic melee weapon like a cane sword

Freddy is an emotionally needy hipster douchebag without even getting into the murder frat activities. Like the Jameson, he is no leader, but rather than the weak link he has found a place playing the Fool for laughs.


The Abraham is a large man, obviously athletic, and equally violent. Deeply involved in sports, Abraham couldn't pass a drug test, or a high school exam. He is follows the Bartleby around like a vicious attack dog on a chain, but wearing a custom tailored suit to fit his enormous size.

Preferred weapon: weaponized athletics, throwing heavy things, bully submission techniques

Abraham is a berzerker, and only the Bartleby can hold him in check. Away from the group, Abraham is not very bright, and his violence makes him predicatable and provocable


Cliff wears a stark white suit, a stand out in a sea of black. He is smirking, and presents himself as a debonair and dapper gentleman spy, much more sophisticated than the rest of the Sharp Dressed Men. Like the trilby wearing Freddy, he is a hipster douchebag, but favors dramatic counterpoint rather than anachronism.

Preferred weapon: pistol

Cliff is an elitist and egomaniac among elitists and egomaniacs. He is the same empty shell of a man that Bartleby is, just with a higher IQ. He likes to play games because it isn't enough that the people they are torturing and killing are going to be maimed and murdered, they have to know just how completely inferior they are to Cliff, beneath his perfect genes and flawless intellect.


Todd is just another face in the gang, but there is a flash of bright red. When hunting, he wears a swastika armband. He likes his victims to know the Nazis are still around, and still murdering inferior humans.

Preferred weapon: Nazi knife

Todd is a white supremacist who comes from generations of racists, and contrary to popular opinion, he is neither ignorant nor mentally deficient. Instead is just a truly evil person, a fascist reflection of Bartleby, who happens to have a hard on for Nazi regalia.


Dennis is 300 lbs of red faced, buzzcut, white meat wedged into a suit that is straining at the seams. Always near the back, he is strong and intimidating, but also frequently sweaty and out of breath.

Preferred weapon: fists

Dennis is a compulsive eater, and morbidly obese. While he will certainly die of a heart attack or stroke soon enough, he will still get to kill a few people before moving into a suitable sharp dressed man career, like becoming a sheriff or politician. He hates himself, and this is why he is fat, and enjoys killing other people.

Token Sharp Dressed Men

The above listed Sharp Dressed Men, with different names and slightly different fixations, make up the vast majority of the groups involved in this high level boys will be boys murder and rape play. There are a number of token members who can be found in groups, and a group will seldom have one of these, and almost none will have more than one.


A rarity in the murder game, Dante is a tall, handsome black man. He smiles disarmingly, charming, a counterpoint to the blandly handsome and generic white boys of the group.

Preferred weapon: hangman's noose, bare hands

The Dante is a self styled African King counterpart to Bartleby, and frequently will be the leader of the group. He is a sadist who enjoys tormenting the socially aware, and enjoys the irony of lynching his victims. He hates the rest of the Sharp Dressed Men and if given the opportunity to kill one of them and make it look like a victim got lucky, well, those are the breaks.


A sharp dressed woman, Clair is a blandly pretty brunette who is the epitome of being a basic white bitch.

Preferred weapon; the Sharp Dressed Men

Clair is a petty petty woman, and is most commonly a lure for the group, scouting out potential victims. After having been a victim herself, she has decided to hunt down every vestige of personal weakness in herself, and now seeks it in others, because people who are already emotional and social victims make the best prey.


Ruby is the image of Boys Don't Cry. She wears a sharp cut suit and glossy black shoes, just like the rest of the boys. Just like one of the boys, she is going to be doing some killing.

Preferred weapon: Taser,

Ruby is a rare misogynist woman who truly hates women. She is full of self loathing for her gender, for the cultural foibles they have, and all the things that make up the jokes. She covers this in an expensive suit, and torturing others.


Thin and nervous, Trent is very much like Jameson. But rather than being the weakest link, Trent is in wildly over his head. He has no desire to murder, and he thinks that this is a hazing game or something and the Sharp Dressed Men are just another secret society like The Skulls.

Preferred Weapon: stammering and being scared

Trent is probably going to be killed by his Murder Bros. What a bitch.

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