Originally I was going to make a half dozen NPC posts for various mayors you can grab for your city. Then I was going to do a codex. Then I was... well you get the idea. This is, what I think, the best way to go.

These scroll entries (eventually to be stub entries) are Modern/ Post Modern mayors. I have an emphasis going for "bigger city" mayors, but that is because this scroll is aimed towards Supers campaigns. Yet, other campaigns need mayors too. They should require no work to just use them for other campaigns.

Optional Post Framework

The Mayor - And their subtype This is the quick handle for the mayor, their tag line to to speak. Mayor - Fat Cat, Mayor - Corrupt, Mayor - Bumbler, Mayor - Crusader, etc, etc. Then you can give their name.

The Summary Just some little snippet to describe or define the character in some way.

Appearance Gender, approximate age, mannerisms and the like.

Family and Life This is the place for background and noteworthy family members.

Special Equipment Things beyond a person with the job would have.

Roleplaying Notes How can they be interacted with, and how they may be useful.

Quick Scoop

The Mayor - subtype

The Summary


Family and Life

Special Equipment

Roleplaying Notes

Feel Free to add some more.

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The Mayor - The Nice Guy

The Summary

Why gentlemen I am sure we can finish this up before my Tee Time.


The mayor is a man who seems older than middle age and does not mind. He is heavy set, balding, and physically not that fit. His clothing is a bit dated, but it seems to work for him. He still has that charming smile and twinkle in the eye that makes everyone just like the man.

Family and Life

The Mayor has worked his way up from a city alderman (when he was a young lawyer) to The Mayor. He has been The Mayor for quite sometimes now. In fact many of his younger voters can not remember a time when he wasn't the mayor. His wife of just about as long has given him three debutante daughters who are mostly all grown up now.

He seems affiable enough, like the doddering old uncle that families keep hidden in those family tree branches. He seems more bumbler than shrewd political operator. Underneith this unassuming manner is a keen mind... that just happens to like playing golf, drinking at parties, and winking at the pretty girls (but never touching... no. no. That would be bad). In fact he affects this good old boy/ old uncle/ slightly bumbling persona to keep people off guard. If he trusts you, you may see the smart him. For most people, he is just the doddering old mayor.

The Mayor keeps the city running like a swiss watch. His deputy mayor, an overly lovely, very type A person, is who really keeps the day to day operations running. (In fact, he has had three deputy mayors over his tenure. One is now a CEO of a multibillion dollar company). The Mayor does not like little details and day to day operations. He is a "man of vision". In fact, he has campaign buttons and posters to prove it. He deals with all the various parts of the city's community. He makes sure their needs are attended too, and that they owe him for getting those needs met. He arranges meetings for various people for mutual benefit. He is quite the broker. While he seems never to be paying attention during these negociations (even when he seems to be napping while the Deputy Mayor haggles over some point of negociation), he never misses a thing. He always seems to know the "right thing" to say or do to make the deal go through.

For all his various dealings, the man's reputation and actual deeds are above board. He has never had an affair (though he flirts with every girl in a skirt (and one boy in a skirt, "That is an embarassing story. I will have to tell you some time, after we have had enough brandy.") While he has bent the law a little, he has never broken it. Everything he does, he does for the city.

Special Equipment

A file of who did what and when.. and usually where the evidence is.

A rolodex of numbers and connections in both high or low places. Everyone owes the mayor some favor.

A special list of campaign workers, who are actually people who gather intelligence for him on the various communities, leaders, and businesses in the city.

The Key to the City, a big gold pair of scissors, and a shovel, a box full of ribbons and public awards, plus a press pool that might as well be part of his personal PR machine. The man will have a little public event for anyone at any time.

Roleplaying Notes

He seems quite the simpleton, but is really a sharp minded political operator. He has "the scoop" and "the poop" on everyone who is important and might be important in his city and the region around him. You know you have made it (or are going to make it) if The Mayor invites you around for golf or a cocktail to get to know you better.


Tell interesting stories about little things that have happened (this gives him time to think and sometimes illuminates an issue).

Think fun old uncle.

He knows the last few govenors and his federal representatives on a first name basis (they owe him favors for getting elected) and has them on speed dial. He knows the name, face, and phone number of everyone who could be useful to the City. So after some hemming, hawing, and bumbling, he will produce the perfect person to contact and their number (and maybe their email address).

The Mayor - Da Mayor

The Summary

Have no fear, Da Mayor is here!


A dashing older african american man in good physical health and fitness. He is always wearing his trademark hat in public, when appropriate. (He is slightly balding).

Family and Life

Da Mayor has had a long and distinguished career in public service. He served in the State Senate for nearly 28 years, serving most of that time as the Speaker of the Senate and Party Whip. He is an eloquent speaker and a savy political operator. He knew people, knew what was needed to get things done, and handled The Senate like it was his toy. He was one of the most powerful men in the state.

That illustrious career was ended abruptly when "the people spoke" and enforced term limits. Unable to run for re-election and knowing that the enemies he made as the Speaker and Whip would make any terms as govenor near impossible, he settled down and ran for (and won) the mayorship of a major city in the state (and country).

He is still a powerful man, able to get things done that no mere mayor can do. He can get federal (and state) assistance with but a phone call. He knows CEOs and CFOs across the state, and knows what they want to do business in his town. He has media stars who owe him favors "on tap" to liven up any event. He is a very effective mayor.

He is now the media darling of the city. He loved the limelight before and now finds himself no longer sharing the political media spotlight with anyone else. He is often found in social and societal events around the city, hobnobbing with the rich, famous, and powerful. He also shows up to less glamerous events (school bakesales, opening of overpasses, new stores opening), he just like to be seen and have "his people" know that he is there for them and cares.

He really does care about his city. Under his "currently brief" leadership, the city has prospered. It looks like he will be Da Mayor until he tires of it.

Special Equipment

The Hat: It is a daper hat. He actually has several of them, but they all look mostly the same.

Roleplaying Notes

He ia larger than life, both in his own mind and in the minds of the people around him.

He plays to the media and is a master of public relations.

When he is "in public" he is large and in charge. In private, away from public eyes, he is more sedate, businesslike, but still just as in charge.

Note: This Mayor is loosely based upon a real mayor, because you can't make stuff like this up.

The Mayor - Fat Cat

The Summary:

"I believe that can be... arranged." He templed his fingers together as he sat back in his overstuffed chair. "The question is, what will you do for me?"


The mayor is a big man of advancing years. In his youth he was just broad in the shoulders. Now he is broad in the girth as well. He dresses well, but not too far beyond his paycheck. He has been the mayor for 18 years now. While the years have worn on him, he is still fairly alive. He plans on living well after he is out of the public eye.

Family and Life

He advanced his way from the streets to the mayors office through his understanding of business. He started as a humble cart vendor, moved into owning a bar, then a night club, then some car dealerships, the construction company, then.. well things have continued on. Rumors have surfaced from time to time, that "The Mayor" has had "shady dealings". That his cart used to vend drugs as well as hotdogs. That his nightclub had a string of prostitutes in it. The cars, some where hot. That shady deals were his stock and trade. However nothing could stick. Everyone who has ever investigated too deep has either stopped investigating or stopped breathing. The man is teflon and always has some leverage when needed.

He has spent lavishly on his campaigns. He says that most of the money came from "contributions". All of it has, but it is his money flowing back to him. Between some contacts, a little negotiation, and this flow of money, he is an unstoppable mayoral machine.

He is mover and shaker in the criminal underworld and the business world, but others are in charge. He gets his pay off and he makes things happen for them. He uses his power like a weapon. He gets exactly what he wants.

And it is good to know The Mayor and be on his side. He takes care of his people, as long as his people take care of him. You get what I am saying?

His wife of 25 years has stood by him through the various affairs and other rumors. She is a woman who understands the value of keeping quiet. AFter he retires from public life, all that wealth - some of it illegally gained - will be hers to play with.

Special Equipment

Accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland.

A law firm, Wirely and Mason, that launders his money out of the city and country, and puts it safely away from him.

Roleplaying Notes

This is a man in control. He is not intimidated by the killers and criminals under his thumb. Nothing you can do can shake him.

This is a man who plans. While not a 20 a move ahead chess player, he likes to iron out details and have things work the way he wants.

This is a man who knows the weakness of others. In fact, he has "some friends" who do nothing but dig up dirt (or manufacture it) on people who could need controlling.

The Mayor - The Golden Child

The Summary

I believe we can do this. With the people behind us, there is nothing we can not do. *round of applause*


He is young, handsome, with that looks of intelligence and wisdom about him, a natural charisma that can not be denied, and boundless energy. He is everything you would want in an elected official. Heck, he could be president (prime minister, first minister, governor, etc) if he wasn't too young and wasn't the mayor here.

In details, I always make him. Tall. Well Built. Athletic. Tan skin. Blond Hair. Blue Eyes. High Cheekbones. Strong Chin. Well dressed. Your needs will vary

Family and Life

Son of a wealthy businessman and philanthropist, he graduated from college and law school nearly two years before most of his peers. He has passed his bar, but went straight into political service. He was an Aide to the previous mayor in his last term. He ran and won against strong competition. He won again, in a landslide, against similarly strong competition, when re-election came up. It seems like this young mayor will be a political juggernaut for quite some time.

Over his two terms in office, he has done a great deal for the city. He has revamped the transit system. He has staved off the usual city worker strike and negotiated a 10 year contract. He has brought a number of new big businesses to his city. He has fought for tougher environmental rules in the city. Thanks to him, the City is thriving again.

It should be noted that the mayor married a beautiful young woman, who was a junior vice president of a multinational before becoming an entrepreneur. She is everything you would want in a Lady Honor, intelligent, beautiful, and confident. (If you need details, assume she is just under a super model in looks and hotness, while being an Ivy League graduate).

Special Equipment

Roleplaying Notes

He loves this city. He has loved it since he was a boy. He will love it forever. He wants this city to be the best place on Earth to live.

He is enthusiastic. Do keep in mind he is a canny political operator, so he knows when to keep this in check. However, when he believes in something, he really believes in it.

This young man is supremely confident, without being overconfident or arrogant. He is terribly likable. Even if you don't want to like him, you find yourself doing it.

He believes in social programs and that charitable organizations are the best way to supplement The City programs... especially in areas The City can legally touch. He is always trying to organize people to donate money for The Museum, the Zoo, the Local Hospital, Runaway Hostels, and so on.

This man can move among high circles, blue collar workers, and homeless people with equal social skill.

If you play in a super heroic game, he will almost make some characters look bad. He should be a superhero. He has everything except the powers. (And he does not have powers, people have checked... not even mind control).

The Mayor - Her Honor

The Summary

Smart as whip and almost as fast. She runs the city as her personal fief and demands nothing less than perfect loyalty, perfect execution, and everyone pulling their weight in her government. And the city itself.


She is a handsome woman in her late 40s. She was pretty when she was younger. She could have been gorgeous, but never spent the time to do it. She is always wearing things in perfect taste that are perfectly tailored.

Her default uniform is a business blazer over blouse and skirt with stylish, but sensible heels. However, she does not feel constrained to uniform all the tiem.

Family and Life

The Mayor has been fairly serious and dedicated since she was young. She was in the top 10 of her class in college and lawschool. She set up practice here in The City working for corporations and estates on cases that were going infront of a judge or a jury. After 10 years, she had built up quite a large client base. Her practice was a model of efficiency (full of stressed out junior lawyers and staff).

She treats her people very well. However, she expects them to give 100% at all times. Anyone who isn't, is not worth her time. If you are giving 100%, she will have your back in any situation.

Note She does believe in down time, and gives it to her people from time to time. She however seldom takes any. She loves to be busy.

After interacting with the city government in case after case, she realized that the city needed to be better organized so it would not find itself in the legal binds it often did.

After the previous administration of good old boys and messy politics, she was swept into office.

She took a tough on everyone policy, promoting efficiency over seniority. This did not make her popular in the government initially. However, those that survived her purges and adapted to the new situation, have become happier with their jobs... as things are now getting done.

She wields the media as a weapon. They are not her puppets, but she knows how to make media people happy with constant stories to file and great sound bites. Those filter out to the population.

The City Council seems to either hate her rabidly or loves her to death, depending on the political winds. She has made them the scapegoats in the media from time to time as the cause of many "inefficiencies" in the government.

She has had no time for a family. Given her drive for perfection, her career and practice have always come first. She knows given the number of hours she works, it would be unfair to have a family or even a relationship.

She does have a younger sister. She is a soccer mom with three wonderful kids and a loving husband. When she needs a family fix she comes to dinner with Becky and Todd.

Special Equipment

A full staff of people, all of whom run about like a well oil machine.

A PI from her court days that keeps tabs on the people in her organization.

A huge wardrobe of smart professional clothes, as well as things appropriate for special events. And a personal shopper.

She does not like to micromanage, but she will be in semi-constant contact with her subordinates making sure that they are following up with her wishes.

Roleplaying Notes

She is straight to the point, very professional, and very focused. She is solution oriented. If you present a problem, you best have a possible solution for it or you will never hear the end of it.

Remember she was a trial lawyer, so she can work a room or a person.

She seem unflappable in most situation. Even if she has a moment of panic, she will bite it down and move on.

She seems to have note cards or a prepared binder for every meeting or every situation.

Boom, What was that? *staffer looks out window* Giant Monster mamm. Reptile, Robot, or Alien. You have to be very specific, as she reaches for a binder, or otherwise the plans are less efficient.

Often whispering things to a staffer to her left, who then either takes notes, makes calls, or leaves the room. That staffer is usually replaced by someone else almost immediately.

The Mayor - The Puppet

The Summary:

He looks like a Mayor. He acts like a Mayor. He is not much of a Mayor. He is a figurehead. He seems to be in charge, but for those in the know, you can see that he is just a mouthpiece for someone pulling the strings. He has been the mayor for quite a while now. He has been scratching the back of his patron for quite a while, and his patron has been very good to him. When he leaves office he will be pretty well off. (He also has just enough dirt to avoid being eliminated as an liability).

In fact, his patron is grooming his replacement. He will lose out to this snot nosed kid in the next election, as the Kid will make all the promises he did years ago. The Kid will get elected and be the next puppet.


He is quite the nice looking man for his expanding years. You have to look good for the camera. It is a requirement for the job.

Family and Life:

His wife died (under slightly mysterious circumstances) in his first term when she discovered a bit more than she should know. He has had any number of society ladies on his arm over the year. While there has been wiffs of scandle, nothing really front page worthy has ever happened.

Special Equipment:

He may not wield power and may be a puppet to The Big Man, but he has a few favors he can call in if he can.

Roleplaying Notes

Sound big in public and infront of cameras. Be quiet in private, especially when the Big Man or his messenger is there.