In his garden, far away from the mortal realm, a god worked and toiled everyday to create beautiful flowers for his wife. But one day, when he came down to the planet in disguise, he spotted a beautiful mortal girl and immediately fell in love with her. The flowers he grew for his wife started to lose their beauty, but the ones he grew for the mortal girl were beyond beautiful.

Her favorite flower, however, was a green rose the god created. However, the god's wife found out about the mortal girl and became jealous. She killed the girl out of jealousy and burn down the god's flower garden. Fortunately, the god was able to save a handful of the green roses his mortal lover adored. He took the green roses and scattered them across the planet in remembrance of his mortal lover.

Magical Properties:

The Green Rose (or its petals rather) can cure all poisons, blindness, and can bring any mortal back from near-death. It also worth a lot of money and many would die to look at it just once for the sheer beauty of such a simple flower. Unfortunately, the Green Rose is extremely rare and very difficult to find.

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