Full Item Description
The Deathbringer is a longsword, about five feet long, the pommel, hilt, and crosspiece using up about a foot of that. The blade is full tang with a blood groove along the length of the finely sharpened blade. The crosspiece is designed with a basket hand guard, and inscribed with various heroic images. A dragon slayer, knight in shining armor, saving the damsel in distress,etc.The hilt is a piece of cherry wood, with a slot cut into it for the tang, and wrapped in worn leather.The pommel is set with a small chunk of rose quartz, roughly round, and about half an inch in diameter. Overall, the Deathbringer is a finely polished,well balanced blade of ingenuous craftsmanship.

The Deathbringer, like all great swords, was forged long ago. As the story goes, a blacksmith by the name of Charles Freet entered a contest to create a fine weapon. The contest was sponsored by a band of adventurers, in the hopes that they would be able to get something really good. The rules of the contest were simple, whoever could craft a fair weapon in the least amount of time, won. For the three days given, Charles worked furiously at his small forge. But, on the day that the contest was to take place, he was there. In his arms, Charles carried a long bundle wrapped in a purple cloth. Reverently, Charles placed the blade before the judges.
When he unwrapped the Deathbringer, everyone gasped at its splendor. Charles quickly won first prize, and the gold that went with it. the sword, as per contest guidelines, was handed over to the adventurers.
For years the Deathbringer traveled around the world, in the hands of one hero or another. As it went, its fame constantly grew, and a strong sense of power was said to emanate from the sword. Throughout several years, the rumors of the sword's power began to become convoluted, and even more widespread. It has gotten to the point that, today, anyone that has heard the tales will most likely cower at the sight of the Deathbringer.
Magic/Cursed Properties

Absolutely none. Numerous and varying powers have been attributed to the blade, but none of them are actually true. As stated above, most intelligent creatures, that have heard the story, will cower in fear before the wielder of the Deathbringer. Also, owning such a famous sword is seen to be a sign of great power and standing, giving certain benefits within most social circles. Although not magical, the Deathbringer is very well balanced, and facilitates easy use.

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