St. Nathanial Harbinger of Death

A sickness is destroying the crops. A town, wishing to avoid past horrors, seeks out daring folk to try and stop this trouble at its source. Can they find whos to blame?

The prosperous town before you has not always been so. A generation or two ago, it was troubled place. Under frequent attack from the nearby long-tooth tribe, a tribe of savage monsters, resting in the nearby hills, looking to carve a better life.
Just when things seemed they couldn’t get any worse, a plague flourished through town due to an inability to properly tend and clean the crops from the frequent interruptions and fear from the raids. Fields grew fallow. Entire sections of the population became afflicted and ill.
Then came Nathanial of the god of light. He had come to see if he could help end the suffering in the town. After a short while he climbed to the top of a nearby small rocky ridge, and knelt in prayer. He prayed for a week straight. Without food or water he knelt. The town worsened. Dozens died. He knelt, unmoving until the dawn of the eighth day. As if possessed of some grim purpose, he strode into town. He proclaimed before all.
'I am Nathanial, tool of the God of light. I have been chosen in his wisdom, to cleanse you. Praise His name a when I pass, and you will be cleansed'
He began to walk his way through town speaking his gods name. With each breath he took in their illness unto himself.
At First light, He stood up on the ridge looking into town. Nathanial bade unto all, 'Those who are able, come with me and cleanse the plague of the monsters!' He cries as he holds his weapon aloft, bringing cheers from the towns folk. Within an hour they have driven the monsters into the hills who retreat to more defensible ground. Nathanial spurs the townsfolk on, only to be beset by and ambush. The townsfolk flee as Nathanial buys them the freedom and time to do so. His battle cries were heard as they fled. He never returned, but neither have the monsters.
A church has been founded on the ridgeline where he prayed.
Over time the location where Nathanial fell had fallen to a corruption and plague. A few brave souls managed to retrieve some of Nathanials body, it has been entombed in a statue dedicated to him, the gilded statue is of him eternally praying for the town, always the first to catch the light. To remind the flourishing town of the great deed and goodness for which he is an example.
Lately, the plague has returned, and animals are missing.

Room One: Entrance and Guardian

The Long-toothed monsters have used the spreading of decay and plague to ward off most enemies, the party must try and locate the tribe. A skilled tracker can follow the signs of the disease through the valley, and up to the mountain bog. Another method is to ask around, if there is an area of rot and decay. Most townsfolk just look horrified and turn away. If the ask around in the bar, They find Jurex of the northern wood. He is a recluse that lives on the outskirts of town. His Leathery skin, and tobacco stained stained teeth. His clothes are well worn, thin and dirty. He speaks with a rattling and hoarse breath. If asked, it’s explained that he comes in for a drink from time to time… When he gets really drunk, He tells the tale of his childhood kidnapping. If asked he laughs crazily, and tells of how the monster came to his parents home and took him into the hill. He describes them as putrid malformed and misshapen humanoids. The took Jurex in to a rotten dark swampy nook partway in the mountains. He describe the vile things of terror hidden in their decaying lair. He managed to wriggle free and escape, but not without catching something. If they ask the priests of the sun god about the abductors, they relay the tale of St. Nathaniel curing the plague and beating off the hostile tribes.

Room Two: Puzzle or Roleplaying Challenge

The PCs run into a slight and whiley monster his face is covered with puss covered boils. His skin looks partially melted. His breathing is ragged. He speaks to the PCs from Drumgridder the sly. I have been charged with telling you to leave now, before you are destroyed by our affliction. He tries to figure out where and why the PCs are there. He tells them that he is showing them a shortcut either in or away. Whichever he thinks they PCs wish to hear. If asked about the disease, he spits out of how Nathanial, Harbinger of Doom brought decimation to his people. There are only a few left. He conveys they only wish to live a life untouched by rot and disease. He tries to get the PCs to see and agree with his perspective. And have pity on him. If they attack he leads them in a chase through the ambush.

Room Three: Trick or Setback

If allowed, he leads them into an ambush of diseased plants. The grass and roots slow the Party, tripping them up, while nearby flowers burst with their sleep spores. (effecting ALL characters alike) while White Rose bushes wrap around the PCs. Thorns cutting their skin, turning pink then blood read as they feed, each threatening to affect the PCs with their deadly plague.

Drumgridder bolts in the direction of the village. After getting the party tied up. He is warning the others.

Room Four: Climax, Big Battle or Conflict

The environment is rotting all around them, and smells of advanced decay. There are spore and juices oozing from nearly everything. Even the rock is damp and spongy.
The entire clan attacks the party. They notice the symbol of the God of Light on the weapon wielded by the sad leader Harngrum of the surviving clan members. The PCs shall note that not every clan member was riddled with disease, nearly 60% of the population is not afflicted.
Every attack has a chance of imparting the rot and disease to the PCs. This is the Clans home turf, and use it to their advantage. They will fight to the death for their home.

Room Five: Reward, Revelation, Plot Twist

Once dispatched, The PCs will find that the weapon Harngrum was wielding is the original weapon wielded by Nathanial during the battle. It is melted slightly and has a little give when held tight. The weapon is the cause of the corruption and plague that is killing the region. It is a concentrated amount of the original poison/disease afflicting the town. You find a journal of the head chief which describes in detail how the savage attack forced them to this inhospitable land, and then when the warrior fell most became sick, and the land and his people changed for the worse. It describes the hardship of his friend and tribe fall and become misshapen and how some would mercifully die, and the less fortunate wouldn’t. They revile Nathanial and all he brought, but now they dont have the strength or health to fight back. As everything they love is dead/dying/or corrupting. His only hope is that the one immune survive to rebuild and exact revenge.

The weapon will cause disease in all who it strike.

(Admittedly a little rushed. I was expecting to personally have more time to polish this. I know it is light on description for interest of time)

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