Silver Snakes

The Silver Snake is a deadly threat to miners of silver who delve too deep and awaken a nest. All encountered Silver Snakes are exactly 3-feet long and less than an inch thick. They have shining silver scales that scrape off as they move over stone.

There are two very unusual things about these snakes that suggest a supernatural origin. The first is their uncanny ability to swim through veins of silver as easily as a fish through water. Often, a miner will just uncover a deep vein of silver only to be attacked with the Silver Snake's second unusual property. The second lies in their eyes, they can emit a blinding flash, seemingly at will, that causes temporary blindness and allows the Silver Snake to inject its venom with relative ease.


Silver Snakes sleep in veins of silver deep underground, which are often disrupted by eager miners and can result in many deaths. They seem to be uniform in appearance. When seen they are alwasy reported to be 3-feet long and completely silver with blinding orbs for eyes. Any exposed vein of silver should be considered a pontential Silver Snake attack, according some extremely paranoid miners. Others think that they only live in sufficeintly deep veins. The truth has yet to be discovered.

A few Dwarf clans have adopted the use of heavily-tinted goggle lenses to deal with the blinding flash. So far it has only delayed the inveitable, as the Silver Snakes are very quick and seem to be fast enough to deliver lethal venom to a Dwarf even without blinding them.

Myths and Legends

Some sages think that the Silver Snakes must be some sort of magical guardian designed to protect something deep underground. If you can capture a Silver Snake it would fetch a high price on the magical market. Many scholarly men would lead foolish adventurers to their doom for a chance to study one (wink wink). Many other tales exist about the Silver Snakes, from tie-ins to The Great Creation Myth, to local Elixer of Youth tales. All that is known for sure is that you don't want to dig too deep for something you don't need.

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