Shinto is a religion of Japan involving both animistic and ancestorism worship of kami (loosely translated as "spirits"). Worship is generally conducted at Jinja (shrines) and conducted by a staff of ritual and maintenance workers under a system known as Shinshoku. This system ranks the various jobs, ranks, and status levels of those who work at the shrine.

Male Shinto Titles

Kanbe/Kantomo/Kantomono'o - Low level appointees who participated in ritual and miscellaneous tasks.

Kokuso hafuri - Provincial hafuri.

Ni hafuri - Second hafuri.

Ichi hafuri - First hafuri.

Gonhafuri - Povisional hafuri.

Hafuri - Ritualist; primarily those who aid the more senior negi with various rituals.

Daihafuri - Senior ritualist.

Sendatsu - Pilgrimage leader.

Jinin - Assistant lower-ranking priest.

Shisho - Lower-ranking priest.

Shinkan - Priest.

Kujo - Sub-assistant junior priest.

Zatsunegi - General supplicant priest.

Gonnegi - Assistant supplicant priest.

Negi - Supplicant priest.

Shoguji - Junior chief priest.

Gonguji - Assistant chief priest.

Guji - Chief priest.

Daiguji - Senior chief priest.

Gonkannushi - Assistant head priest of a shrine.

Kannushi - Head priest of a shrine.

Daikannushi - Head priest of a major shrine.

Jingushi - Head priest of a major shrine which receives imperial support.

Saishu - The Supreme Priest of the Ise Shrine; also called jingu kancho or shokan.

Female Shinto Titles

Itako - Shrine maiden.

Miko - Priestess.

Naishoten - High priestess.

Mitsue-shiro - Supreme priestess.

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