The Desk of Shadoweagle:
Log date: 8th December, 2004

Seated in this small wooden chair, in the basement of the Tavern, I think. The smell of commotion and taste of grog in the air cling to me as i sit in this darkness, pondering how I might give something back to this Citadel. After all, in eight days, I will have been a resident in this place for a year - though it feels a lifetime - and it is time to stop taking and start giving to those who have housed me and fed my twisted thoughts.

Of course, this time is the time of festivities, friendship and giving - though all three of those curl my tongue in distate, a debt must be repaid.
'Drinks all 'round!' shouts a garbled, penguinesque voice from above the thick floorboards in the tavern.
Hmmm, yes. Giving, is how I shall repay them.
Laughter? Oh, its my own laughter. 'How I shall repay them', how amusing - sounds more like a threat than a gesture of kindness.

Log Date: 10th December 2004

Well, the pendants are crafted: Three hundred amulets of metallic christmas trees - a burned look to them and twisted slightly - was probably too many, but any that I do not give away, I will throw into the portal out of here - people in other worlds might benefit from them.

Tonight, I shall enchant these amulets with a charm of generosity - those who wear these items will feel the need to give to others. Yes, such a thing will bring that so-called 'christmas cheer' into the citadel! AH! But we cannot have people taking these pendants off to remove the effect before christmas! I should implement something to prevent that...

I shall dispense these amulets throughout the citadel tomorrow.

This ought to give people a smile after that recent unfortunate attack...

Magical Properties:

Oops, it seems Shadoweagle 'accidentally' slipped in casting the enchantments in these pendants. Indeed, they DO give the wearer an intense sensation of generosity and compassion - to the extent that they will not even be able to take the life of someone attacking them - and once someone places one of these pendants upon himself, it is bonded to the person, until 11:59pm of Christmas day when the bond is released. The bond is released until the new year, where it will take effect once more, if it's still worn.

The 'oops' factor of these items, is that from 12:01am on Christmas day, the properties of the pendant is reversed, and an intense sensation of greed overwhelms whoever wears them. :) Merry Christmas everyone.

Ps. Several hundred of these items will be thrown through the portal leaving the Citadel nexus, into random worlds (even non-magic worlds). The effect is the same, except if that world doesnt have a 'christmas', any day of holiday can be substituted. The bond is always released the day after the holiday and day of greed.

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