(first post be BRUTAL)

The Ring of Subtle Injury is a copper ring with a diamond embed in. This cursed ring gives off an aura of strength and when put on the wearer will be more powerful. But to the untrained and those not paying attention this ring also hides a deadly secret. The ring will hurt the wearer after a few consecutive hours, creating a small cut or bruise anywhere on the body. Every few hours after the initial injury the ring will injure the wearer again in the same fashion. Additionally, the ring will lower the dexterity of the wearer so any physical injury incurred by the ring can be mistaken as a natural wound from the increase in falls and bumping into objects. If the ring is not removed after the first week or so, any wounds incurred will begin to heal less quickly. All while the ring continues to injure the wearer. In addition, after the first week, the wearer of this ring will become less susceptible to pain and damage done by attackers. After two weeks wounds may have stopped healing all together and the wearer runs the risk of sickness and infection. If worn long enough the ring can inflict enough damage to render the wearer unconscious and, further, kill the wearer.

While not powerful at first, the Ring of Subtle Injury feeds off of the wounds inflicted to the wearer. This can lower dexterity further and can even start to lower intelligence as to trick the target into continuing to wear the ring.

The ring can be removed with remove curse or cutting off the finger. In addition, healing spells negate some of the effects from the ring. Continued care of the wearer can push back slowed healing to two weeks, can push back infection to four etc. This however can be a bad thing as the ring is still inflicting and feeding off of the injuries. This can lead the ring to remain unnoticed for a longer period of time and continue to injure and feed.


The ring of subtle injury was created by a trickster Wizard known as Colton of the Greylife. While most of Colton's other objects can be viewed as mean spirited but humorous. This ring, however, is too malicious to be a joke item. The intended target of the ring is unknown as Colton held grudges by the day and by the project. This inconsistency in character has lead the ring to be passed about, lost, found, tossed, and recovered by many people.

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