This multi-colored, stained glass flask weighs about 5 pounds despite being small enough to fit into your hand. The shape is irregular, something like an peanut-shaped eggplant. Tiny copper wires run in a web across the entire flask to hold the many tiny pieces of stained glass in place. A small button on the side of the flask slides downward to pull the stopper out and to the side to allow drinking. When the button is slid upwards, it pushed the stopper back into the mouthpiece. The smell it emits while open changes every time it is opened to a random scent that could smell like anything from sulfuric to pine or from a campfire to a fresh ocean mist.


During the reign of the ancient king Thaddial, the powerful seer and prognosticator, Bavmor, was appointed to be the king's advisor. With his uncanny ability to know the future of everyone he met, Bavmor led the king to victory time and time again. Bavmor grew weary of always knowing the his own future, and so he decided to find a way to change and obscure it. King Thaddial was equally intrigued by this venture and offered his support to Bavmor.

Being the diviner that he was, Bavmor knew where he would have to go and what he would have to do to acquire such an ability. He gathered pollen from the mystic Heartache flowers in the Durran Forests, he collected scales from the deadly dragonfang viper, he painstakingly gathered the first drops of Spring's dew from Mount Jorgordia and filtered them through the plucked eyes of a demonic Reaver Crocodile, he traded with the wood nymphs for their secret nectar and mixed it with the poison of a mutated Gorathian elephant spider, he captured the sound of a kitten's steps within a crystal, and he harnessed the power of a lightning bolt that struck in sunlight without a cloud to cast a shadow. He mixed all of these into a flask made of exactly fifty thousand grains of sand melted and dyed into 100 different colors.

Once completed, Bavmor tried to predict what would happen if he drank the flask. He could not. Elated by this incredible concept, Bavmor opened the stopper to the sweet smell of herbs and butter melting over a hot dinner. The king eagerly watched as Bavmor slowly put the flask to his lips and took a drink. A moment later, he lowered the flask as a frown crawled across his face. "Nothing hap..." he began to say, but he instead turned into a solid stone statue with the flask in his unyielding stone grip. Needless to say, the king eventually broke the statue's hand off to acquire the flask.

About a year later, the flask was taken when the king died in a siege on his castle. The flask was identified as evil when a priest saw a soldier drink it and grow wings. The soldier was executed, and the flask was buried in the catacombs under the cathedral in Redagara.

Side Quest

Bavmor's Folly. This quest will allow the players to remove unwanted negative effects from this list while loosing a few positive effects.

Magic Properties

The flask may only be used three times a day. Each day at dawn, the flask renews its powers and may again bestow its magic to a drinker. Every time the flask is drank, it has a random effect on the drinker. There is no possible way to divine or predict what effect the flask will produce next. Here is a list of 60 cataloged effects, though many more could exist.

  1. The drinker turns into a zombie.
  2. The drinker grows two additional arms.
  3. A plant immediately sprouts from the drinker’s mouth. The drinker cannot speak or drink anything until the plant retreats into the drinker’s stomach in several minutes. The strange plant blooms several flowers and vines that the drinker can control like tentacles.
  4. The drinker becomes incorporeal for several minutes. Anything that the drinker was wearing or carrying falls to the ground as it has nothing to hold it up.
  5. The drinker begins emits a stench that lasts for several hours that causes everyone nearby to become nauseated and sickened. Excessive vomiting could result in dehydration or even rupture of internal organs.
  6. The drinker has a stroke.
  7. The drinker’s eyes glow red for for several minutes. If the drinker stares intently at anything, it bursts into flames.
  8. The drinker is immediately aware that he is drinking acid. The drinker may drink fill his mouth with acid and spit it as far as 100 feet. This usually completely burns out the drinkers mouth though.
  9. The drinker sprouts wings. It is randomly white feathered wings, brown feathered wings, bat wings, or insectoid wings. With practice, the drinker can use these to fly.
  10. The drinker gains an irrational fear of something. This could be anything from spiders to lightning to girls.
  11. The drinker gains complete access to his own memory for several hours. He can also recall any details from his life with perfect clarity and can remember even complicated details.
  12. The drinker begins floating. He has no control over where the wind pushes him. Most often, the drinker will drift slowly upwards like a balloon. After several minutes, the drinker abruptly stops floating.
  13. The drinker's mind is flooded with memories that are not his. He remembers experiences and skills that belong to someone else nearby.
  14. Once the drink is taken, the drinker's shadow steps away of his body and acts on its own. It can speak but cannot touch or move anything. The shadow may follow its creator and taunt him endlessly, or the shadow might decide to be helpful and be a scout for him. The shadow dies if it is in direct sunlight for an extend period of time.
  15. The drinker sees everything for several hours. He can see ghosts, ley lines, illusions, and magical auras.
  16. The drinker's body turns into the body of a fire elemental for several hours.
  17. Once the fluid reaches the drinker’s stomach, it multiplies in weight until weighs more than the drinker can bear. The drinker is unable to move due to the weight and pain until the fluids pass naturally. This is noted as a very uncomfortable experience.
  18. The drinker’s mouth foams violently and the foam expands and thickens until the drinker is completely surrounded in a giant glob of thick, yellow, mucous-like foam. No one can see through the foam, but the drinker can move fairly easily since the foam is nearly weightless. If the drinker should happen to fall of a cliff, the foam acts as sort of a parachute as well as a landing pad making any falling distance near harmless. It takes a great deal of solvent and cleaner to get the mucous foam cleaned off.
  19. The drinker’s skin turn metallic and reflective. The actually hardens to a near iron toughness without loosing any flexibility. This effect lessens each time the drinker is submerged in water until, eventually, he is back to normal.
  20. The drinker’s muscles and instincts tone and sharpen. He gains a keen scent and wolf-like instincts and reflexes. After several hours, he returns to normal with very sore muscles.
  21. The drinker turns into a gaseous form for several days. With extreme effort, he can focus the gases comprising his body enough to interact with the world. A strong wind can shred him to pieces.
  22. The drinker melts into a nasty ooze for several hours. He is basically instantly turned into an amorphous blob. He can still move by sliding across the floor, and he can fit through any size opening. After several hours, his body begins slowly reforming.
  23. The drinker begins freezing as the icy fluid moves through him. His mouth, throat, and chest begin sprouting ice crystals that move to cover his whole body. For several hours, the drinker's body is covered in ice so cold that everyone nearby is bitten by the bittern cold flowing off of him. The drinker is unharmed by the coating of ice.
  24. The drinker's wounds are all instantly healed. Any disease, ailment, or defect is instantly cured.
  25. The drinker gains an overwhelming sense of self-respect and is immune to intimidation. After several days, these effects wear off leaving the drinker to think that he was acting a little crazy.
  26. The drinker immediately grows a third eye in his forehead that shoots bolts of fire at any living thing it sees. The drinker cannot control what the eye shoots at, but he can turn his head to make sure the crazed eye only attacks in a certain direction. If no living thing is in sight, the eye begins shooting at random objects. After exactly 1 full day, the eye recedes back into the drinker’s head and leaves no sign that it was ever there.
  27. The drinker vomits a swarm of wasps that are under the drinker’s complete control for about an hour. Afterwards, the swarm becomes hostile and begins attacking anyone it can find.
  28. The drinker’s skin turns green and his muscles bulge out of control shredding any clothing that cannot expand to contain it. The drinker gains incredible strength, grows several feet taller, and looses his ability to think rationally. While affected, the drinker knows no fear and cannot feel any pain inflicted on him. All effects wear off together after several hours.
  29. The drinker’s body becomes rigid and is turned to stone.
  30. The drinker becomes obsessed with drinking and must constantly drink something magical or alchemical. Water, alcohol, and other drinks will only suffice if the drinker can’t drink something magical or alchemical. The drinker is afflicted by rage and intense pain if he can't find anything to drink.
  31. The drinker gains a magical boon that will negate the next thing that attempts to harm him.
  32. The drinker grows an extra finger or toe.
  33. The drinker’s stomach swells and glows a fiery red for several hours. The drinker may breathe fire like a dragon.
  34. The drinker’s index finger glows gold. The next things that he touches with that finger turns to solid gold. Living things touched have a small chance to partially resist this, but even if they succeed, a large chunk of themselves will still be turned to solid gold which may result in their death anyway. The gold finger ends once something has been touched.
  35. The drinker withers and clutches at his head in agony. The drinker's mind and body are permanently crippled unless they can be magically restored.
  36. The drinker suffers a random curse. One such curse is that the victim
  37. The drinker gains the ability to fluently speak a random language.
  38. The drinker feels fantastic and is immune to anything that would harm his mind or body (except for other effects caused by this flask). He could harmlessly wash his hair with molten lava. After several hours, he begins doubting himself and his indestructibility fades away. He then becomes very depressed for several days.
  39. The drinker gains a hatred for all creatures that are unlike himself for several hours.
  40. The drinker is confused and unable to remember who he is or what he should be doing. He can only follow simple commands, and he will forget what he is doing after a few seconds. If he every touches another living person, the confusion instantly moves to whoever was touched and stops affecting the drinker. That person can pass the confusion to the next person and so on, and this effect continues forever until the person currently bearing the confusion dies.
  41. The drinker becomes invisible for several days. Each day that passes, he becomes a little more visible.
  42. The drinker’s aging process is permanently reversed, and the drinker begins growing younger instead of older. If the drinker was already growing younger, he instead begins growing older again. After he returns to 0 days old, his body and organs begin undeveloping until his is nothing but a single cell.
  43. The drinker’s breath becomes flammable for several hours. With a fire source to ignite his breath, the drinker can breath fire and spit flaming spittle.
  44. The drinker is contentedly satiated for the next week and does not require any food or water.
  45. The drinker begins to flicker in and out of reality. One second, he will be there, and the next second, he will be lost in a different reality. After several hours of this terrifying ordeal, the flickering becomes less frequent and eventually stops. Nightmare of otherworldly beings will always haunt him.
  46. The drinker’s body is violently catapulted in some random direction. The drinker is surprisingly unharmed by the abrupt launchings and landings. With some effort, he can control the direction that he is catapulted, and he can even use his own body as a battering ram. He is usually flung only seconds after he stands up from the last violent flight, and even though he can feel it coming, he cannot control when the next thrust will occur. If he does not learn to control the direction he is hurled, the magic begins trying to hurl the drinker through the nearest window or off the nearest cliff or at anything that would prove comical.
  47. The drinker must eat a full meal every hour or begin starving.
  48. The drinker’s body begins consuming itself. This horrid wilting disease slowly and painfully eats at the body until death in about 3 to 5 days.
  49. The drinker’s skin permanently changes color. It could be green, red, blue, purple, orange, white, brown, or even translucent.
  50. The drinker emits an aura that makes everyone nearby happier. Anyone made happier in this way cannot bring themselves act offensively. The drinker, however, is not made happier and made harm any of the overjoyed people nearby only to be forgiven and probably wished a pleasant day. This effect lasts for several hours.
  51. The drinker is unnaturally quickened and moves with blurring speed for several hours. It was said that he could even outrun an arrow.
  52. The drinker feels blessed by a spiritual being. Evil creatures and people avoid him at all costs, and he is unnaturally lucky. This blessing lasts for several hours.
  53. The drinker’s legs fuse together into a single fish tail. The drinker, now a merfolk, can swim and breath water as well as breathe air. After several minutes of no contact with water, the tail splits into legs again, but any contact with water caused the tail to reform.
  54. The drinker’s blood turns a gold color. Whenever the drinker is cut, stabbed, or otherwise is caused to bleed, the blood solidifies into gold after leaving the drinkers body. After several hours, this effect ceases, but all gold outside of the drinker’s body remains as gold.
  55. The drinker becomes horribly sick from a bloating in his abdomen. He can hold it for as long as he wants, but it won't go away until he lets it out. When he is ready, he may fart so hellishly that it creates a windstorm that blasts everyone and everything with wind so strong that it sends them flying through the air. Anyone nearby is in danger of being deafened by the blast. The stench created is even worse, and anyone that does not get away from the horrible smell will die from it. As with most farting, he who dealt it is somehow immune to its effects.
  56. The drinker exhales a random toxic gas for several hours. Anyone nearby must hold their breathe to resist the terrifying fumes. The drinker becomes permanently immune to that specific toxic gas.
  57. A burst of energy surrounds the drinker and heals wounds of anyone nearby. The burst repeats every few minutes for several hours.
  58. The rancid drink burns out the drinker’s taste buds permanently with no other effect except leaving that horrible taste in his mouth forever.
  59. The drinker’s body envelopes in electricity for several hours. Anyone who approaches too closely is electrocuted. The drinker can focus the electricity to hurl lightning bolts.
  60. The drinker becomes unrestrained by mortal physics for several hours. He can fly without any noticeable propulsion, and he can teleport himself with a thought.

Please feel free to add any additional effects that you can think of.

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61-The drinker turns into a small unicorn pony with the power of speech, and if she or he had it allready, the power of magic.

62-The drinker cannot tell lies without giving it away by blushing scarlet.

63-The drinker does what he or she wants for 24 hours unless restrained, no matter how illegal, stupid or dangerous it is.

64-The drinker becomes hyperactive for days.

65-The drinker becomes a transexual and thinks he or she is the opposie sex

66-The drinker can read the thoughts of others for an hour.

67-The drinker can easily seduce the opposite gender

68-The drinker becomes immune to all but the strongest poisons.

69-The drinker becomes very good at singing.

70-The drinker now cannot sleep without sleeping pills.

71-The drinker thinks he or she is a Messiah

72-All the drinker's skills greatly improve

73-The drinker's sword skills improve

74-The drinker gets eczema

75-The drinker can make others see hallcinations

76-.backwards talks drinker The.

77-The drinker now loves going to parties

78-The drinker becomes senile

79-The drinker stops looking for jobs and waits for them to show up.Is likely to fall for scams.

80-The drinker bcomes serville.