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A large brick oven sits in the middle of some ruins, somewhere in the plains of your campaign world. Although you don’t know it yet, it will serve its purpose. Is it magical? Oh yes, it is magical. Where did this magic come from and what is it for? Read on, dear reader, read on.

This Oven, blackened by fire and time, sits in the open air giving off pleasant aromas of biscuits and other baked goods. They smell wonderful and attract the savage people from all over the plains and nearby forest. Who has been cooking with this ancient oven? What did they make, and can I have some?

History & Magical Properties
These ruins have sat for ages in the Far-Away Plains of the North. In the middle of the ruins, tucked under an alcove of stone, sits a blackened stone oven. Recently someone has used the oven to bake something and the smell is driving the wild ones… well, wild. And their hunger cannot be satiated until they taste of the food from this magical oven… Or so they seem to presume.

In truth, this oven does function. However, the food it makes is quite unedible despite its delicious smell. The food is actually rock hard and almost unbreakable, in fact anything cooked or heated in the oven for at least one hour has these properties. The longer something stays in the oven, the more unbreakable it is. And the longer it takes to cool down. This does not mean the heat and flame will not take its toll on the item, so you couldn’t put something like a wooden bow in there, it would burst into flames.

Additional Ideas
- The Oven Ruins are a Holy Site of your possibly forgotten God of the Forge.

- A Sword is heated with a batch of Blueberry Muffins. It is the most sold blade around and smells delightful (Possibly wielded by some sort of masked crusader who become known by this trademark scent of fresh BlueBerry Muffins).

- A King has smelled the Oven’s delights and wants the food for himself, he will be greatly disappointed…

- Savages are having a war over the Oven, many lives have been lost. Will anything short of annihilation end the bloodshed?

- If you need a weakness for this Oven’s unbrekable items try this: Saliva softens up the materials and makes them 'melt in the mouth.' Only covering the item about halfway in saliva will melt it, you can’t simply destroy someone’s shield by spitting on it. But watch out for those large creatures that like to put people in their mouths.

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