After having read through some of the many, many submissions on the main site, I have come to this conclusion: The mysterious, wiry and highly skilled assassin with daggers in his boots, a difficult childhood and black clothes... Well, he needs a makeover! It seems everyone else has concluded the same.

But instead of just complaining about it, lets try to improve upon this profession, because they are very handy in any political plot.

Here is an example from history:

Led by Hasan Al Sabah, the 'Old Man of the Mountain', the Hashishin were a cult based at the mountain fortress of Alamut, located in what is modern-day Iran. By all accounts (including that of Marco Polo), these people - from whose name the modern term assassin is derived - were a pretty scary bunch. Hasan's followers were a band of fearless political killers, and his method of indoctrination was pretty unique. He constructed a secret garden furnished with all the paradisical delights of paradise - women, great food and, of course, hashish. After the would-be assassins had experienced a few days of this mediaeval rock star lifestyle they were cast out with a mission, and the promise that if they completed it successfully and then committed suicide, they would return to the paradise.

So, lets break the cliche and create some great alternatives! I hereby challenge everyone to create their own unique strain.

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