In an attempt to echo Murometz and his MY FIRST CHARACTER submission, I felt it was only right to continue in that vein and the next step would be to tell us about your favorite characters.

We have some that last the test of time and we always go back to them when dreaming of gaming of old, or recent if it is a current character.

I for one, when I roll up a new character, always try o do something I have never done before with each one. I have never rolled up the same type of character and I always try to give each and everyone of them a tick to make them unique so not to seem like a carbon copy of one another.

Well, what is the one that you worked o ohard on, or had the most fun with? Tell us about it. The more you put up the better. If you have more than one, put them all up. I want to see everyone’s passion for their characters. What made them favorite to you.

This could actually be made into a how to develop a character scroll if everyone puts in an idea of why that character was one of their favorites.

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Majmun: Magic User

One of my all time favorite characters I ever played was a human mage who had a problem. He was an alcoholic. One of his spells that he was known for was to create a bitter and watered down alcohol which he happily drank for any meal of the day.

His name was Majmun, which is a loose translation of idiot in croation. This was back in the real early days of AD&D before wild magic began to have a following and everytime he casted a spell he was forced to check on a house rule chart of ours to determine the actual spell and effect that was cast.

He didn't last very long, maybe six months, but he was real fun to play as it was a real challenge and a lot of fun to play him.

He was interesting to play as he was a serious alcoholic yet the younger characters, 15-16, was looked at as his children so he was overly protective of them. It was a very give and take type of group and was played more for fun than anything else but that was probably my first indepth experience with true role-playing.

Calis: Mind Mage

One of my more recent ones I have really enjoyed, but he has fallen into an unfortunate accident, perminent death by having your soul removed via a proxy of DEATH usually does that.

Playing Palladium Fantasy, I chose a Mind Mage, which is a master psionic character. Psionics in games are either really spectacular or stupid. I created him to define what I could do to a psionic character.

A simple teleport object power, was able to teleport sections of armor an enemy was wearing off their body, reducing their armor class. Mentally Possess Others power, I used to overpower an enemies mind and take over their body using them to attack their comrades instead of putting myself into harms way. The funny part about this was it looked like I had narcolepsy as he would touch an enemy and just fall over. It took a few weeks for the other players to realize what went on. I was only able to attack a party member withut getting caught twice. After that they were on to me.

His basic ticks were different. He was a changeling who posed himself as being human, which is bad in Palladium Fantasy. They are claimed ot be the cause of every misgiving in the world, children of the Old Ones, etc... His father is actually a very well known villan in our game group who has transended time and shown up in every single campaign for the last two decades. He hates elves with a passion that only those who have something they will die for could appreciate. If he had to choose to die or save the life of an elf, he would choose to die, thats how bad his hatred runs. Which stems from his father portraying as an elf and trying to teach him what the real world is like, he alienated him.

A recent brush with the Deck of Many Things from old D&D caused Calis to die by a proxy of death, twice. A wish and a divine intervention only prosponed it by about five minutes. However, his fathers most hated rival, who is of course another well known badguy has had talks with his soul and is about to make a deal to bring him back if he chooses to work against his father, which he has no issues with at all.

All in all, a lot of intrigue to be had with plenty of ticks and tricks up his sleave.

We dance all the way back to 1999, Millenium fever was in the air and I was playing my first Mage: the Ascencion character, an Order of Hermes/Cult of Ecstacy dual tradion mage. He originally went by the name Ender, but he was the only mage in an all vampire troupe, and ended up simply being called Merlin for simplicity's sake. He was pasty and gothy, and kept the vampires nervous with a Prime 2/Forces 2/Spirit 2 spell he called Sun in my Pocket which would in theory harm a vampire like sunlight. The spell was never tested.

Merlin played until January of 2004, having destroyed and remade the world, changed the entire set up of the Vampiric clans, lost his sanity on multiple occassions, married a vampire, tried to restore her to life, failed and built an entire realm for her in a pocket dimension.

BTW, large fragments of that Realm survive, some of them have even migrated here. Merlin was about as close to a munchkin as I could get, as he became an Arch Mage of the Prime sphere and a veritable god in his pockjet realm which quickly grew in size and population, acting as a wildlife sanctuary for mythical creatures.

Both Appaloose and ScorpionJinx know a good deal about Merlin, my favorite and longest lasting charater of all time. BTW, he likes the attention as he is still basically kicking around in the back of my head. I blame my twisted ideas on him.

Amanda Morgan

Clan Brujah, sired by an egotistical bad-ass who left her for dead. Mandy found a new life after being killed as prior to her prenatural death, she discovered that her last few years of massive drug use had given her the little joy of AIDS and she was in the process of freaking out when she was eaten. She has since found a new place in Los Angeles under the wing of Lucas, a Ventrue financier in the emply of my wife's Chatacter Kit McGregor, a legendary street racer who has won Race Wars three times! (Fast and the Furious based Vampire Game, heavily influenced by Need For Speed Underground 2)

In a realm of import tuners, Mandy commits the cardinal sin of driving American cars, the prime offender being a twin-turbcharged Corvette Z.06 which put out more than 1000 horse power. Mandy is hated because of her preference for American cars, and her absolute lack of inhibitions. She also has a feeding preference for drug dealers, a group of people she blames for having ruined her mortal life.

I have played very few games and most of them with the same carecter so I'll mention a story caracter instead.

Chamy Chamios

He had a double life.On the surface he was a prison officer who rose to become Deputy Governor of the Paul and Peter Fortress. Secretly, he was smuggling drugs and weapons to the imnates and planning a mass escape for them.

When he found some magical seals of great power were to be hidden within the Fortress, he tried to get his hands on them and had his head bitten off by the magical Scarab that one of the wizards who made the seals had.

Grothar: Dwarf

Probably because I played him the longest. A miserly, gold loving mercenary dwarf that worshipped the god of chance. He was so infatuated with money that of course he kept track of party treasure...which was never as much as the others thought it was when they gave it to him in the first place.

Once, they had a good run with an earth elemental that just dumped a load of gold on them for helping it with a crisis. Danger was still in the area and everybody was in a hurry to leave but Grothar would not leave till he saw how much they pulled in. A day later Grothar had the tally and his companions had fought off dozens of the enemies they had hoped to evade.

This miserly bit was constantly contradicted by his interpretation of his god of chance. In drunken stupers it was typical for him to wander drunk out of the bar, continue to wander out into the surrounding woods and bury the parties treasure in a random area and then leave in homage to his god. In the morning he would wake up, vaguely remember what he did and ina flurry of yelling and crying storm out to try and find it again. It would be a day of struggle for everybody trying to track and find where the treasure was buried.Chance was NEVER on their side when they tried to find it and I forgot how I convinced them to continue to allow Grothar to carry most of the money. Just had a lot of fun with him.

It was a Saturday afternoon and we were generating characters for a game run by one of my friends. His style of dungeon mastering could have used a bit of polish, but so could our play, as we were all 14 years old at the time. I grabbed the six-siders and let fly, coming up with: Str 9, Dex 11, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 8.

Not too impressive. Sighing with disappointment, I named my new hero: GEK, the Wizard

The party then went off to explore some ancient ruins. Our first encounter was a giant spider, which leapt down upon us as we entered the underground labrynth. Our fighters, the front rank, were first to die. They were soon followed by the cleric and the thief. Gek, hiding at the back in his 4 hp, AC 10 glory, smote mightily with his staff (I rolled a 20) over and over again (...then an 18, then a 19) as the monster failed to connect with its deadly bite (It rolled a 3, then a 5). Finally, the vile arachnid fell before the mighty quarterstaff of the fortunate mage and he staggered home, the sole survivor of the expedition.

Gek went on for several levels, eventually acquiring the sobriquet 'GEK, the Incompetent', as he never actually had an opponent fail a saving throw for any of his spells.

During my old group's World of Darkness phase, we started with a simple Vampire: The Masquerade chronicle. It was our first foray into a non-high fantasy world, and our vampire group was composed of a retired Vietnam War Gangrel veteran, a mysanthrope Gangrel drifter, a young-appearing Toreador martial artist, a Malkavian musician, and my character. I actually started the chronicle with a Caitiff, who was, however, quickly diablerized by the Tremere vampire he had fallen in love with. Subsequently I asked the Storyteller whether I could play a Salubri, since I liked the concept, and he accepted. I dug out my Salubri sourcebook for Vampire: The Dark Ages and came up with the character of Christopher Barnett.

Before I continue, I should mention that Vampire: Redemption (the video game) had not yet been released, and I didn't even know what it was about, only that it was a WoD game.

Well, Christopher Barnett bore an eerie resemblance to Christof Romuald from that game. Christopher was a knight from York, the younger son of a baron who had been poisoned by his own elder son. Christopher had learned of his brother's involvement in their father's death and had challenged the brother to a duel; he had won, and he had exiled his brother, unable to kill him. Afterwards, finding Baronhood a terrible burden, he decided to fight in the Crusade and went East, where he fought valiantly and slew many heathens blithely, believing he was doing the will of God. One day, a battle between his company and a group of Turks spilled into a village, where the knights proceeded to pillage, rape and slaughter elders, women and children. Christopher saw a young girl-child about to be slain, and in an epiphany he realized the horror of what he had wrought. ventually he felt very guilty about what he had done, and he prayed to God for guidance, receiving the visit of his Salubri sire, an Arab woman who invited him to become a Salubri and make amends for his crimes. He accepted and wandered with her for a while, receiving from her a mystical blade she had been given by her sire, and learning the Salubri warrior traditions with another Salubri. The three then fled when the pogrom against their clan began, and eventually his sire was slain and Chris, left alone, decided to hide and enter torpor. He awakened ten years before the beginning of the chronicle, learned about the world, established a mortal identity and continued his quest to make amends while hiding from the Tremere.

He was most famous for carrying his mystical sword in a long and slender suitcase, and for challenging an ex-Archon to a duel after 'disagreements' on how to handle a certain situation. He was equally famous for being VERY long-winded when it came to discussing the uses of power. However, he was also very honorable and this was more of a flaw than a merit, since he was regularly tricked by the Storyteller's underhanded NPCs.

The chronicle ended with a whimper, as the Storyteller simply quit it because he didn't think it was the way the game was meant to be played; Christopher is still 'alive' and kicking as far as I'm concerned, and he also became the protagonist of a long story based on his bsckground which I wrote years ago...

Thomas Mountian

A policeman from a hi-tech world, he was thrown into another world when the teleport device he was using went wrong.He joined with a ranger and her pet snake to fight off a band of pink shirted thugs. He and the ranger then fell into another world which they freed twice from an evil Troll king and his minions and a human army. He was kiddnapped and replaced by a double but the ranger found out and rescued him.

He fell overboard but was saved by Merpeople and them rescued again by the Ranger.

Nadina Dara ker Siyassi

Every girl wants to be a princess, perhaps except for Nadine: she was one, and was not too delighted by the fact. A naive 'save all, make the world a better place' type, she was a decent mage. Having never actually encountered real life, she ran off slumming, which would have led to adventure for sure, though her world was struck by a mysterious plague, and Nadine died soon thereafter... only to awaken drifting from world to world, from adventure to adventure.

Most girls wish to be slender - Nadine, at a glorious 600 pounds, was indeed: a twenty yards long Lamia, a constictor of shifting colors, she was a sight rather unusual.

Not that she thoguht there was anything wrong with it.

I remember how some other PC tied a clothes hanger to her... neck, using it to hold clothes, so that Nadine could speak to some human around the corner, most of hr body hidden (as always, I played the one and only character with social skills).

Given her noble birth and lack of experience outside a palace, she spoke with a patronizing kindness, educated her lessers, and was very surprised when the world did not work out how she expected.

But still, the world was fun.

One cannot forget the look on the faces of the other players, when, faced with a truly unpleasant NPC, Nadine simply announced "I eat him" - as it would have been done 'at home'. When the third NPC suffered such a fate, the GM even yelled at me "stop gobbling up my NPCs!"

Ah, those were the times.

Nadina still lives, teaching children in a steel city floating above the clouds, finally not cursed to drop from world to world.

Fenrir- And his End

My favourite character was named Fenrir. I had played a year with him and was very pleased. He and another PC was on a treasure hunt in the desert(uhm, looting). They were followed by Orcs and was lacking water. Then they found an ancient well buried in the sand, Fenrir removed the stone lid. Night was falling, but they would not have been able to see far into the pit even in full daylight. The other PC(Throk) picked up

a pebble no bigger than a knucklebone and dropped it into the darkness. The splash was somewhat delayed, but clearly audible and satisfyingly sonorous; it promised reasonable depth. Fenrir handed Throk his belt and backpack and startet to descend on a rope since they had no buckets. As he reached the ropes limit, bracing

himself as best he could against the walls of the well, a worn section of the rope snapped where it was looped around his chest, and he fell out of the noose. He could not find a handhold or a foothold in the wall, and scrabbling after them only served to bloody his hands.

He was astonished to find that the water was cold and more surprising, had he only had time to consider the matter it was far from still. Before Fenrir hit the water, the circle of light at the well mouth had shrunk alarmingly. Then he was immersed in total darkness, and by the time he had struggled back to the surface

the current had carried him away.

So ended the life of Fenrir- Barbarian of the Frozen waste.

My favorite character was... Is Alduous Chalbringer. Alduous was a witchhunter in a homebrew game that I played once and then never again. He's your stereotipical gun-slinging guy in a duster and with a dark look in his eyes. Yes, quite a bit cliched, but I like it. Although I have actually played very little with him, I have transfered Alduous into a couple different game systems (including Call of Cthulhu) in the hopes that I will someday be able to adventure further as Alduous Chalbringer.

Thomas Silverlight: Knight of the White God

Back in ye olde dayes, I would roleplay at a site on MSN Groups called Final Fantasy Breakdown. Very loose system, almost entirely freeform roleplay. After a while, we stiffened it up a little, and I think we ended up strangling it with too much complexity. Regardless, Thomas Silverlight was born in these strange times of upheaval, when the system was changing around willy-nilly. He was what we called a World Walker, someone who through some means ended up shifting from the realm of his birth to that of FFB.

He was something of a classic holy crusader. He'd stand up to evil creatures and amoral PCs alike, usually getting his rear handed to him from the second grouping, simply because he was a late-comer. That never stopped him from doing it though. He was always searching for the divine weapon that he had lost when he was thrown between worlds, and had the shade of a particularly powerful demon constantly hunting him. He never got to do much that was noteworthy, but he still remains my favorite character, simply on his concept.

He was brought back last year under the guise of another character, who had been hit in the head during a nasty storm and went amnesiac, but has lain unworked with for a while.

Father Maxwell Tesla:

The first time I got to play Shadowrun, rather than GMing it, I had Father Max. Father Max was a Catholic priest of a Parish in the Redmond Barrens, one of the worst run-down dumps in Seattle, and a hermetic mage to boot, with most of his spells centered around illusion and emotional control. In order to set up shop at all, he had to fend off the local gang - They got the idea real quick when he started chanting in Latin... and they started getting hit by lightning out of the blue sky. Eventually, he even managed to get their allegiance. The episode, however, cost him his arm, which he had replaced with a cybernetic piece... one that included a shotgun. And that was before even getting out of Chargen. He started doing Shadowruns on a Robin Hood basis: Steal from the rich, pay for the parish.

That shotgun came into play later - There were a number of times where I would start chanting in Latin, and pull the trigger instead of casting anything. Sadly, I never got to use his spells to whip a mob into a frenzy, but I did get to stand up in a speed boat tearing across Puget Sound at >100 MPH and call the lightning down from a stormy sky, while two trolls did their best to hold on to me.

Klauston Mondragon, Archmage (Retired): His career was long and adventurous. Married to a high priestess, two children (a ranger son and a mage daughter), founder of a town that eventually grew into the capital of a realm and founder of a mage school are just a few of his accomplishments. His best friend was an ale guzzling, mule hating dwarf. The two traveled together and got into many tough scraps until Klauston met his future wife, a priestess of high moral standards. She influenced him to change his carousing and mead swilling ways until he eventually married her. Now retired, he spends his days wandering the gardens of the mage school he founded when not in study in his private library and lab in the school's towers.

Redgre - the goblin with the diamond belt

When I first started roleplaying, most of our adventures crashed due to GM mistakes and sometimes loss of interest. The characters I played almost never survived past 1st level and never 2nd. My older brother was usually GM and he usually didn't want me playing with them and so I always had to roll up my characters in front of him and he was always unmerciful to me in dealing with pathetic stats. I've had a number of characters suicide when they could make little contribution to the game.

Redgre was my first character to have decent stats and to survive the usual crash. I played him until he was 7th level. Redgre, a goblin thief, was officially the side kick of a human barbarian named Thandar. Thandar was physically superior to Redgre except in endurance and in the beginning Redgre always had more hit points than Thandar. Redgre served the American Native god, Coyote and Thandar served Thor. House rules allowed praying to ones' deity and sometimes having something happen if you could roll your level or below on percentile dice. Thor gave Thandar a magic sword and raised his maximum hit points several times. Coyote removed fear from Redgre once, when he faced down an illusionary giant snake. Needless to say there were many times I thought about changing his deity or maybe GMs.

Other interesting features of the game included my character painting an arrow red and calling it his lucky arrow. Strangely, the dice seemed to agree and I rolled a natural 20 with it the two times I used it. Lastly, when we managed to plunder the bad guy's treasure vault, Redgre took belt covered in diamonds. Instead of selling it like I should have, my character wore it and got the reputation of being the goblin in the diamond belt. I would never do that now as I realize it makes him look like a pimp or gay.


Way back in mid 80's I started my first (and still longest lasting) campaign. I was a freshman in high school, had no ability to mine a "website" for ideas, and many times took whatever was written in the Dragon as gospel. No one else wanted to DM, so it fell to me to create a world and its characters. Very early on I created Deej, the result of wanting to use the random mutation table from Gamma-World.

Deej turned out an odd color, one ear bigger than the other, extra fingers, and all sorts of minor calamities. I believe he was a 1st level Magic User, but his spell use was always secondary. I gave him a bizarre Igor-like accent, and he was always eager to please the party. Unfortunately, the feelings were not mutual.

Deej was a foil, and seemed to greatly annoy some of the players. Yet on occasion he would have a spark of brilliance (a method for me as DM to help steer the plot or at least overcome an obstacle) and seemed to have extraordinary luck. So the players grew to accept the strange sidekick and he became an on again off again NPC for years. Without question, the DM's pet...

Jessey Hurlong, a human from Star Frontiers. She has the distinction of being the first and only character I've had in a campaign that ran from start to finish.

I was always the GM for my gaming group and kind of resented it. I finally came up with a compromise. We would all make characters but round-robin as Referees (GM). It was a fun experiment that worked well. Each of us added our own bit of flair to the story.

My character was an ex space marine who specialized in planetary assaults. Due to some misunderstandings with her superiors, she decided to desert. She spent some time as the enforcer for a crime syndicate before deciding to run from them as well. On the lam from the military and the mob, she settled on the farthest end of the frontier that she could find. Which happened to be the first world to fall under the Sathar invasion. The campaign revolved around the party acting as freedom fighters and eventually winning (Yay!) and included such notable twists as psychic mushrooms, sonic dragons, time travel, and the Sathar actually being an insect race in disguise (hey, we needed our enemies to become tougher as we progressed.)

Jessey was rather butch (it always bothers me when TV shows and movies portray wispy women as being able to slam around men twice their size without breaking a sweat) and wore lots of black leather. With a rocket pistol at her side and a shotgun always handy, she was pure gunslinging badass. At one point, she was killed while distracting the enemy so her cohorts could escape. However, an ally was able to save enough of her that he was able to turn her into a cyborg. So, technically, she mostly survived the campaign.

I gave this some thought and would have to say my favorite character of all time was Kisanth, (Written up as a NPC sub here: ) a loner mage that got involved in a conspiracy to over throw the kingdom and replace a dopple king with an outcast prince.

Unfortunately after restoring the prince to the throne is became all too apparent he was worse then the king impersonator, and attempted to disband several lesser guilds, leading to a costly war between guilds and the smaller kingdoms who supported them against the empire and their "state approved" guilds.

Along the way she managed to get revenge upon her father, recovering lost scrolls of wisdom, and offend the entire magi guild of Antioch when refusing to accept their advice over that of her familiars regarding the path her future should take. (They wanted her to join their guild as an instructor after the end of the magi war, her familiar wanted her to return to her home in the forest with him and raise a family.)