Full Item Description
A monk's spear is a more martial version of this basic farm tool. The monks, always wary of attacks from the local governments, barbarians, or even bandits, might of even used these spades (or ones like them) as actual farm tools. However, most of these spades are really weapons. The head is still cast iron, with a decorated brass fitting added onto extension to facilitate more secure fastening. The curved edge is extremely sharp. What would of been the straight side of the half circle is curved to allow for hooking and cuffing with the weapon. The shaft is a good six and a half feet long. The back end of the weapon has a crescent blade with brass decorative mounting. The entire weapon weighs about 35 lbs (15 Kgs). It requires a good deal of strength, stamina, and speed to wield this weapon properly. However its reach and its mass can make it quite effective.

The Monks are not supposed to be armed. The Government has always seen the Monk's views of equality of all souls as a threat to the tiered system. That plus their use of martial arts and yoga always made the military nervous. The spade, being both a weapon and a tool, allow the Monks to protect themselves and dig.

Magic/Cursed Properties
None. This is a perfectly normal weapon.

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