Some large game companies, usually the publishers of popular game franchises have a reputation of buying out smaller game studios for their IPs and then running them into the ground with unending greed. Due to several popular IPs being abandoned due to this practice, the Ministry of Fandom has decided to step in and assist in preventing this from happening again.

To forward that purpose, the ministry created the publishing company MOG Incorporated. "MOG" stands for "Ministry Of Gaming". Using their nearly limitless funding, this company acquires studios at risk of being snatched up by more dangerous companies and gains control of the IPs before a more greedy company has the chance to do so.

MOG Inc makes no attempt to hide the fact that the Ministry of Fandom owns them. They will openly admit to this if asked about it. Most of the time it will offer more money then the other companies to aquire these studios but sometimes more questionable methods are required to prevent them from falling into hands of greed. This means covert actions might be used.

Once aquired by MOG Inc, these studios are left to continue making games on their own. MOG does not exert any influence over creative decisions or design choices and their own company policy prohibits such practices. They are merely a holding company.

The studios make the games and MOG Inc merely finances them and handles the publishing and distribution of them. They will provide both physical media and digital game distribution. MOG even has their own digital platform called the "MOGS". All games published on this digital storefront are required to be DRM Free. This is stated in their Terms of Service. Studios are also vetted for quality control and must be approved before being permitted to sell on the platform.

Studios approved to sell on MOGS are also required to abide by a strict code of ethics that prohibits practices such as harassing customers, making fake reviews, using fake names to hide unethical activites, gaming the system, and using a script kiddie style development practice known as "Asset Flipping".

Sometimes MOG Inc will buy unused and abandoned IPs from other publishers and license them out to studios willing to use them. Should a studio require assistence in developing new content for the IP MOG Inc will provide it from the Ministry of Fandom Bureau of IP Enrichment.

MOG Inc has saved over 269 IPs from being abandoned or ruined.

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