An interesting way for your players to start a new campaign is using an Elder Scrolls opening. This is an opening scenario not unlike the beginning of an Elder Scrolls video game. These openings often follow this formula:

The PCs start off in some kind of captivity situation. Such as enslavement, inprisonment, heading to execution, being escorted in bondage to somewhere.

Next, something happens that allows the PCs to escape this captivity be it an attack on their captors by an outside force, being in the right place at the right time, or even being released.

After the opening scenario concludes, the PCs have been given the first objective of the Main Quest.

The PCs start off with nothing but the clothes on their backs but during the opening scenario, some basic equipment might be obtained.

A few examples of an Elder Scrolls opening are:

1. The PCs are being released from a prison ship docked at a new land. After they are let off and processed, they are sent on their way. Someone approaches them with the first objective shortly afterwards. Like Morrowind.

2. The PCs are locked up in a prison and suddenly it gets attacked by an unknown enemy force. After getting some gear from dead guards, the PCs use the chaos to escape the prison. Afterwards, one of the guards who manages to survive the attack gives them their first objective. Like Oblivion.

3. The PCs are on their way to their execution. Before the execution can be carried out, everyone is attacked by a gigantic monster and the PCs use this as a diversion to get some gear and escape. Obviously getting some more information on what attacked is the first objective. Like Skyrim.

There are so many thing you can do with this but just make sure you follow the formula:

Captivity -> Escape/Release -> Obtain basic supplies -> Get first objective -> Freedom.

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