Due to the systemic issues threatening the video game industry, and the governments unwillingness to regulate them, economic analysts at the Ministry of Fandom discovered an alarming trend. Due to the unending greed of large publishers who's shareholders demand indefinate growth each fiscal year, the entire industry is developing a monetization bubble. Projections from the Ministry have discovered that this bubble could burst an cause total market collapse.

Becuase of this, the Ministry of Fandom has decided to intervene and founded a new branch known as Directorate S. Like Directorate C, this secret branch engages in clandestine operations using ethically questionable methods. However unlike Directorate C which encompasses every form of entertainment, Directorate S focuses entirely on maintaining the integrity of the video game industry.

The exact same methods used by Directorate C are used by this branch as well plus a few new methods. These new methods include: Economic Subversion, Market Maniplulation, Insider Trading, Corporate Espionage, and Aiding Cheating, Hacking, and Piracy.

Directorate S aided in the following operations run by Directorate C: DAMSEL, DEMONATIZATION, GASLIGHT, CRASH & BURN, and provided some aid in PINK SLIP.

Some of the notable operations done by Directorate S include:

OPERATION: DELUSIONAL MERGE. This is an ongoing operation which is dedicated to sabotaging corporate mergers to prevent large publishers from buying out smaller game development studios and subverting them for the purposes of running video game IPs into the ground to make excessive money at the expense of gamers. This is done via blackmail and disinformation campaigns.

OPERATION: BAILOUT. This is an ongoing operation to save small studios from going defunct be it by bankruptcy or sabotage by bigger companies. This is done by aquiring the studios via traditional business practices or subversive depending on the situation. These studios and relevent IPs are maintained and supported by a parent company called "MOF Gameworks Inc." Which is a Ministry of Fandom front company. 

OPERATION: ROMULUS. This is an ongoing operation to subvert legal actions targeting the emulation scene. This includes destruction of evidence via cyber operations, blackmailing of lawyers and executives, followed by bribing and blackmailing of judges to get cases dismissed with prejudice. If it is a jury trial, Directorate S will actively subvert members of the jury with similar methods.

OPERATION: DEADMANS CHEST. This is an ongoing operation to modify games that have egregious microtransactions and loot boxes. With the help of the Department of Circumvention, software is developed that allows players to bypass the monetization and obtain resources for free. Specific techniques include setting up third party servers that emulate the microtransactions functions but replace the monetary charges to gaming accounts with amounts of zero. Subverting anti-hacking software to prevent bans from being issued over microtransactions bypassing. Pushing hacked patches to disable the in-game purchases and make them free. Among other things.

OPERATION: ALEXANDRIAN ROMS. This is an ongoing operation to archive video game Roms on offshore data havens maintained by the Ministry of Fandom. The locations of these data havens are classified and are considered secure facilities in which orders to shoot intruders on sight are in effect. The data havens are disguised as various online services as a cover. To access them requires a dark net connection.

OPERATION: VETOED GAMING. This is an ongoing operation that involves the use of troll farms and online propaganda centers to flood social media and other forums with black propaganda and character assassination to subvert attempts to force developers to make changes due to political complaints. The organizers of such activism are discredited and smeared to maintain integrity of the developers intentions. This does not apply to design decisions made by the developers themselves. Only ones influenced by outside parties.

OPERATION: INTERNATIONALE. The Ministry of Fandom is strictly anti-censorship and will not allow government intervention to intrude on the creative and artistic freedom of video games. This ongoing operation targets government regulations to get them subverted if they impose censorship on any video game content. Politicians and other government officials are blackmailed, and as a very last resort, assassinated to prevent censorship regulations from being put in place. The Ministry of Fandom doesn't consider the regulation of monetization to be censorship since it is a business model and not a creative decision.

These are only some of the operations Directorate S has conducted. There are many more that are less notable in the secret archives.

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