Special Equipment:

Ring of Spellcrafting - a mundane looking ring created as a tool to help magi with the somantic aspect of spells (hand waving and such)

Diadem of Sorcery - a silver and moonstone tiara that was an unwitting gift from Redgar. The tiara, made specifically for a woman grants the wearer access to the magical realms of enchanting, summoning, and evocation. Redgar did not know the item was magical and gave Mialee the one item that took her from being another stage illusionist to the realm of respected magi.


Tall for an elf, Mialee is five foot, eight inches tall, every inch statuesque beauty. The ladies of the land will carefully consider rumor of what dress she wore to the lastest Lords Gala, or what sort of coif her hair was done in, or what jewel is the in stone of the month.

During the Springtime the Maiden of Mystery appeares in gauzy gowns of pastel colors bedecked in sprays of topaz, peridot, and soft amythyst. Summer reveals near scandalous amounts of bare skin, and vivid rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Fall brings in muted golds and the vibrant colors of fall foliage. Citrines, garnet, and emeralds make their debut. Winter arrives in a flurry of petticoats and veils, strings of pearl, sappire, and blue topaz.


Mialee was born of mongrel elven birth, the child of a wood elf and a high elf. She fit into neither aspect and took to adventuring. It was early during this time that she encountered the boisterous and energetic Redgar the Valiant. She caught a ride on his coattails and became well known for claims of her daring with spells and cunning female intellect. Ladies of means desire to be as well thought of and admired as the Maiden of Mystery.

In truth, she is quite distant from the iconic image she portrays. She is self absorbed and driven by petty desires and whims. She possesses a large entourage of servants, a baggage train to make an army proud, and a Princess attitude that would try the patience of a saint. She does have two skills. First and foremost is her sense of fashion. She is a mediocre seamstress but is very good at design and color. The second is an innate talent to ingratiate herself with the nobility, and become a focal point of gossip.

A great deal of her gossiping is done to the advantage of Redgar, to whom she owes her success. Plus, as long as he is in the limelight, she will not be far away, and vice versa. A good deal of courtly gossip is generated by who among the rich and available she allows to court her, and who she rebukes.

As a mage, her skills are respectabe, but her true gift is the realm of illusion. With this power she seems all the more impressive, enchanting herself a fantastic menagerie of small dragons and griffons, really mundane animals, but no one gets too close. Her clothing can change at a whim, and she has cowed more than one arrogant court wizard with the sheer force of her presence.

If the PCs attempt to attack her reputation, they will likely find themselves accosted by women angered by what they see as a male attack on a strong female whom they envy/fear/hate.

Roleplaying Notes:

Mialee is the epitome of the supermodel, seen as a role-model and ideal for women and girls, but possessing little to no substance. Dealing with Mialee should be a test of patience and diplomatic skills as she is distainful of men, insulted by even some of the most generous gifts and acts, and is very much a spoiled brat princess.

Plot hooks
Bodyguards - The Maiden of Mystery has the PCs hired as muscle for one of her outtings. The PCs have to deal with her Primadonna attitude (You call this a guard detail, what are you going to do, stop them with harsh language? Where do I have to go to find a REAL man?) to stopping stalkers, and would be kidnappers. Besides, she is such a pain in the rear, the kidnappers will bring her back in a day or so.

Courtly Love - The triumphs and skills of a PC have come to Mialees attention, and she makes herself available to the PC. Unless he lavishes her with gifts and deeds of valour he will find himself snubbed and berated in polite society, his virility and sexuality questioned.

The Petting Zoo - The PCs are given the mundane task of wrangling the animals of her menagerie, and have to play the part, or loose their pay and the good fortune that could come from working with Mialee. Chances for good RPing when the PCs have to treat a toothless old lion as a fierce manticore, or a nag of a horse as a wild hippogriff.

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