This heavy-hilted, segmented longsword has a slightly oversized blade and a trigger on the hilt. Each segment of the blade interlocks with the previous segment and is held tightly together by internal, telescoping, spring-retracted lengths of hollow tubing. Springs inside the hardened steel tubing hold the segments in an interlocked, tongue-in-groove position that is as durable as any sword. However, the wielder can pull a trigger that opens a container in the hilt that releases 10 pounds of mercury into the internal hollow tubing. By simply swinging the sword, the mercury travels to the top segment of the blade, and the extra weight pulls the segments apart. The whip-like blade extends to double length and can easily ensnare weapons, arms, and legs. Simply by ceasing to swing the sword, the segments retract into each other. The wielder need only point the retracted sword upwards and pull the trigger to dump the mercury back into the container within the hilt.

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