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Frost Giant of the Ithyqonian Bloodline stand roughly 30 feet tall and weight over 6 tons. With tight light blue skin, you can see the darker blue veins near their eyes and on their powerful arms. They have long silver hair and beards which are often braided and decorated with stone chunks mined from their snow-capped mountains.

These Frost Giants live in the frozen mountains known as Ithyqonos' Last Grasp. They typically carve large chunks of ice and stone out of the mountain-side, with their ancestral tools made of bone and stone, to create practically designed frosty caverns that have been the death of many explorers.

The Giants are generally friendly to strangers. The exception to this rule is those bearing fire, or wearing brightly-colored clothing. They prefer sober colors of dark blue, grey, black, and white. While dark green and mustard yellow are acceptable, red, yellow, pink, or neon green would invoke a violent reaction. The Frost Giants can not stand bright colors or bright light of any color other than blue, which is the color of their rime-fire. If they see the Colors of Gyransithor, as they call them, the colors of the ancient Fire Giant who felled Ithyqonos, they will attack the source of the insult with brutal force until is has been squished into an unrecognizable pulp.

The Rime-Fire is the only magic used by the Ithyqonian Frost Giants, and it is, quite literally, in their blood. When a wound it made, it oozes a chilling fire of blue luminescence, that burns up like standard lamp oil when exposed to cold air. The Giants actually inflict minor wounds upon themselves to create fires by which to see, as real flame is anathema to them. When exposed to the flesh of non-Ithyqonians the fire causes severe pain and frost-bite-like injuries that can literally wither and destory parts of a normal man's body.

The Ithyqonians have a long history of oral epic involving the rule of the massive and legendary Ithyqonos over the world during the last ice age. When asked what happened to end such a mighty reign, they respond negatively as any would who supported an usurped king. They tell of The Melter, Gyransithor, who put frost to flame and began to purge the world of ice. They also tell of a incredible battle between two impossibly gigantic men, one of fire, one of frost, that ended with the defeat of both. There is a volcano located in the southern isles called Gyransithor's Encumbrance. This is said to be the grave of the fire giant, and there may be a similar species of flaming giant men living there as well.

However, the Ithyqonians have long lived in the secluded Ithyqonian Peaks, far from small-folk, guarding their legacy with fervor. They say that All That is Cold, Belongs to Ithyqonos, and will go out and claim frozen travellers as bizarre decorations for their other-wise simple caves.

For food, they hunt the feral, and often just as gigantic as themselves, animals of the untamed Frozen North. Their diet consist of the greasy meats of wooly mammoths and saber-toothed cats, which they are knowingly careful not to hunt to extinction, supplemented with the coarse yellow grass that breaks through the snow as the only vegetation around. They do not cook with rime-fire, and it is unknown if this is possible, impossible, or against certain codes of conduct for the giants.

There is another strange piece about these giants. No one has yet been able to get deep enough into their society to discover how many of them there are, or even what their social customs are. The appearance of an Ithyqonian Frost Giant seems to be very rare, and only occurs extremely deep in the peaks of Ithyqonos' Last Grasp, and even if you are lucky enough to stay with the clan for a night, they are likely to move on, to another, cave soon after you depart. You are far more likely to find a normal frost giant, than an Ithyqonian one, and there are no reported incidents of finding both at the same time.

No one has ever seen an Ithyqonian Frost Giant child or women, either. They are all men of over thirty feet tall, which is typically how you can tell they are Ithyqonian, being over ten feet taller than a typical frost giant and much more massive than their assumed cousins.

Truly, the Legend of Ithyqonos and the Last Ice Age is a tale that may never be fully understood by non-giants.

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