A fox got into the hen house week before last, I reckon it won't do that again. Had to rebuild the henhouse of course, but only lost one bird, plus got to eat roasted fox for nearly three days.

Flame Fowl

Flame Fowl are elementals of the weakest sort, summoned to the material plane long ago. After generations, they have adapted quite well to living in the Conglomerated Realms, in spite of water and earth and air. They are the same size and statue as common chickens, standing little more than a foot tall. The flamecock is well known for having very bright red plumage, and their feathers are prized for making arrows. Some archers insist that flaming arrows fletched with flamecock feathers fly straight and true. The flamehen is somewhat larger in mass but shorter in stature that the flamecock, and have dusky orange and brown feathers instead. While no longer true elementals, flame fowl retain a natural immunity to fire and heat.

Albino Flame Fowl

Albinism is rare, but not unknown among the flame fowl. These birds, rather than being white, have a blue color. These birds are highly sought after by alchemists as their blue feathers are a valuable ingredient in making alchemical agents ranging from potions of firebreathing to unguents of flame resistance.

Flame Fowl Eggs

Flamehen eggs are of limited value, breaking an egg tends to cause a violent reaction, a burst of flame and a splash of almost volcanic like plasm. Foxes and other ovinophages tend to die instantly when biting into such an egg. The lucky ones die quickly, the unlucky suffering from mouth and facial burns and generally succumb to massive infection and necrosis. Some reckless adventurer types could certainly imagine carrying the incendiary eggs as weapons, and there really is no reason they sholdn't be allowed. Of course, the flamefowl egg is no more durable than a mundane chicken egg, and breaking an egg in a belt, or sack is going to expose their gear and supplies to flame and a minute amount of what is basically lava.

False Fowl

It is common for the plumage of the flamefowl to be substituted for that of the phoenix. This almost certainly causes any sort of magic spell or potion requiring said phoenix feathers to fail horribly. Healing draughts made of this false feather look like normal potions but instead of healing cause violent nausea and instill a fear of water in the consumer for several hours to a day.

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? Quest


Summer may be winding down (in most places), but the fires of imagination still burn bright.
Thousands upon thousands of years ago, role-playing was invented by our ancestors. Long before the first wheel rolled down a hill, and long before the first loaf of bread was sliced, early humans sat around their caves regaling each other with tales of gods, creatures, heroes and villains, and entertaining themselves with impersonations, play-acting, and role-reversals. All this was made possible by the roaring FIRES inside their caves, which warmed their bodies, roasted their meats, and shone light on their faces.

This month we celebrate FIRE and Role-Playing!

'The Quest revolves around the element of FIRE. Water, Air, and Earth need not apply.
Items, Locations, NPCs, or Plots. All are welcome as long as FIRE is involved! Don your asbestos suits and enter with us, into the all-consuming inferno that is this month's Quest!'

15XP for each submission with 100XP for 1st and 50XP for second.

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