The Danamax Falcon strikes most viewers immediately. The Danamax crest on the back further enhances the royal bearing of the currency. Mostly found in larger denominations, Falcon Coins have feathered textured edges to help prevent shaving.

Holding a Falcon coin and thinking of a specific individual who you wish to send the coin to will cause the coin to fly from the sender, hurtling towards the recipient. The Coins avoid immovable obstacles, generally are impossible to stop, and move quickly, covering distances under one hundred miles in less than an hour. A Falcon Coin that arrives hovers in front of the Recipient, imparting knowledge of the sender to them. The Recipient must take the coin, otherwise it flies back to the Sender. Any physical contact with the coin once it is hovering is sufficient for the coin to deem itself delivered. Most homes are now built to accomodate Falcon Coins, which created a small bubble in the window industry upon their introduction due to a great number of broken windows.

A Falcon Coin is magically obligated to go to extreme measures to reach its target, with no limit to how long a coin will wait until it can access the individual it needs to reach, upwards of years for a few documented individuals languishing in prison.

Falcon Coins are used to pay debts, move money large distances, and flight above popular trade areas is almost impossible due to clouds of coins swarming through the air. A Falcon Coin cannot be used to carry messages.

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