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Outside of Sangreal in the vast expanse of plains can be found the Falani stud farm that produces a particular hardy breed of horse. It is here that the Falani Tersk breed was first developed.

The Sangreal agricultural ministry was concerned with reestablishing the native population of horses that once thrived in the area. These horses were prized for there speed and endurance and were one of the few breeds that could rival the calcobriania Hotblood in a race. At the beginning of the reestablishment of the breed only two silver colored stallions and a handful of mares remained from original stock. To prevent the breed from becoming to inbreed three pure breed Hotbloods were imported into the breeding program.

The program became very successful producing a beautiful new strain of Tersk. Many people find that the Falani Tersk is even more beautiful than the Calcobrina hotbloods. The Falani Tersk has a very Hotblood appearance, however they tend to be up to a full hand measurement taller than the Hotbloods.

The Falani Tersk has a most stately appearance that is characterized by a particularly light and elegant movement. This makes them good prospects for classical riding as they have clean, defined paces. They are excellent jumpers and bold travellers across varied terrain. The Falani Tersk has been raced very sucessfuly against the Calcobrianian Hotblood much to the dismay of breeders in Calcobrina who claim that their's is the superior horse.

The Falani Tersk stands the height of 15 to 16 hand measures tall at the highest point of the shoulder. They all have a light silvery white grey color with dark skin. They have a fine head with large expressive eyes that reflect the breed's intelligence and gentle disposition. They have medium length ears that are constantly in motion so as not to let any sound escape their notice. Their neck is of medium length and sat high on well sloped shoulders. They have a strong body with wide deep chest and a wide but short back and muscular loins. The Tersks' mane and tail are made of very fine thin hair that more resembles silken thread than horse hair.

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