Aterrizar is a large and diverse continent, one that has only been glimpsed through the Kingdom of Trinistine, Falhath, and other scattered submissions. This Scroll/codex is to serve as a central repository for the various fauna that is native, or particular to the Aterrizaran continent.

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The Goral

Also known as the Falhathian Black-Eyed Goat, this species is known for having heavily muscled limbs, sound feet and a black bandit mask of black hair around their eyes. Originating in the high hills of the mountain piedmont, these animals were domesticated easily and quickly became the primary meat animal of the Falhathian peoples.

The Stooping Drake

Known for it's ungainly profile, thick teeth and vile demeanor, the stooping drake is generally not welcome when it is encountered. The creature is named for its hunch-backed appearance, a feature that is created primarily by its long and gangly neck and odd posture. It is a carrion feeder and its teeth are well adapted for gulping down rotting meat. It has a foul smell about it, but this is actually a reptilian musk that it uses as a defense mechanism against other drakes and wyverns that might make a meal of it.

Silkfeather Griffin

This diminutive creature is roughly twice the size of a common house cat. It has the fierce aspect of a gold-feather hawk and a tawny housecat and is considered a superior specimen for sport hunting small animals. It is found primarily in the far west regions of Aterrizar, in what is generally considered the 'Elven Lands'

The Oscitan

This animal, a bulky pachyderm native to the central highlands is knwon for being inattentive, dull, and almost constantly has its mouth open. As a massive ruminant, it spends it s time chewing large amounts of cud, when it isnt chewing, it is generally eating. Reaching weights of up to 4500 pounds, sheer size and thick hide are it's primary defences. Most predators smaller than dragons or packs of gnolls will leave the herds alone. The common oscitan is a buff color with primitive markings, a dorsal stripe and leg barring. They generally resemble a cross between a hornless rhino and a pig.

The Pagopher

This diminutive rodent has a similar condition to the Kha-Nyou. Rather then being a hybrid of rodent and earth elemental, the Pagopher is a naturally occuring hybrid, a cross between a cold weather rat and a burrowing ice elemental. Pagophers form massive colonies in northern lands, feeding on structures within ice sheets and glaciers. Mundane food comes in the form of insects, elemental aspected vermin, and other prey that is caught and viciously torn to pieces. Pagopher swarms are rare, but dangerous even to large tundra predators such as bears and ice wyrms.