An old man now, Dynas has the look of a man that has live a long and hard life, but despite that he dresses gaily in brightly coloured silks and cloths, in fashions that are most obviously foreign. A loud and boisterous man, he's fond of drinking, and is at his most talkative when he's well into his cups.


Born the son of a miller, Dynas decided at a young age that he was made for 'greater things,' and ran away from home twice at a young age, the first time on a failed 'expedition' down the river on a raft he made himself, ending in the raft flipping not two days walk down river. The second attempt was, by far, more successful; he joined up with a wandering peddler, and wandered with him for a few months, before getting press-ganged when they were staying in a port town for a few days.

He stayed in his Majesty's glorious navy for the better part of 5 years, visiting strange and exotic lands, and partaking in the sacking of them; he finally parted ways when his ship made port in the same city he was recruited in, slinking off into the night to make his way back to his home-town for a glorious reunion with his family.

He stayed with his family through the winter, setting off again in the spring to 'Visit the four corners of the earth,' as a mere starting goal, unfortunately for cartographers everywhere, who eternally want to fill in those blasted maps of theirs', he never actually did this, settling instead to found a trading company specializing in the shipping of certain furs that are nearly worthless in their home range, to places where they are worth more than a man's life; becoming rich in the process.

Roleplaying Notes

He's the founder of one of the largest and most successful trading empires of modern history, between the Northern Reaches and the Imperium, and is a mine of information on cultures on the route and anywhere his Majesty's Navy has sailed in addition to places that no one has ever heard of and places no sane person would ever believe in, and is also willing and able to invest in various trade ventures, where those seeking his funding seem worthy, even if their cause is foolhardy.

This last being because everyone knew that setting up a trade route between the Reaches and the Imperium was impossible, mountains and icebergs, raiding tribes of orcs and vile corsairs, etc. etc. separated the demand and supply, and that it would be impossible to maintain ships or caravans, let alone find fools to man them.

Plot Hooks

The Dark Heart of the Continent - The PCs are in need of a map to a Temple of Ancient and Everlasting Evil in the middle of an uncharted waste, rumour has it that in his wandering days Dynas once meandered his way through the waste, coming out the other side starved and half mad with thirst, but any help is better than none, right?

Startup - The PCs have found some substance that is in massive demand (tobacco maybe?), but it's only found in some desolate, bandit infested locale. No one else is willing to invest in their company, but maybe they can convince Dynas.

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