This puzzle is part of my Diabolist quest requirement (,6502.0.html), and is a take on Malisonxpert's sub (


Looming enigmatically at the far end of an underground chapel, this Pipe Organ is carved into the shape of a massive, wicked demonic skull in the natural stone wall, with metallic pipes spearing out from it and jutting up to the top of the room. The keys are of bone and lie within the gaping demon's mouth, and the stone head has been painted with swirling sigils and runes. The sight of the organ is very unsettling.


Created by a cult whose name is long lost in history, the Demonic Pipe Organ was made by their greatest occultist, Maladach, who also had a penchant for the theatrical. The man crafted this organ as a conduit between the mortal realm and the infernal. The magic entwined in the Organ allow a link to be established with the infernal realm, allowing communication and even travel to the hellish place.

Maladach knew that this was not something which just anyone should be able to do, so he created many failsafes in which to prevent people from attempting to successfully use the Organ.


When chords are played on the organ, random negative effects occur.

- Several wicked imps appear, summoned by the organ to attack and harass the PC's. (Take your pick out of these if you wish! )

- Hellish flames spew out of the organ pipes in a cone, causing PC's in range to take a reflex save or be burned!

- The demon head suddenly flexes into life and it's jaws snap shut; the player of the organ must take a reflex save to jump back or be bitten. After the bite, the jaws will open again, and the head will become still once more.

- The smell of rot and sulphur blows out from the pipes, nauseating the entire party.

- A powerful demon is summoned into existence at the rear of the chapel. Simultaneously, all the candles in the room are extinguished with a 'whoosh!'.

- Add your own to suit your party!

The Desired Effect: When the correct chords are played, the player (or the entire party if the GM wishes) who plays the chord is suddenly engulfed in flames! The flamed disappear after a couple of seconds though, and so does the PC! They have been transported to the Infernal Dimension (Hell or equivalent!). The main purpose of this organ is to do this. The downside, is that there is no organ on the other side! PC's must find their own way back out.

Where the PC's appear is up to the GM's discretion.

Help discovering the chords:

- A piece of sheet music dominant with the correct chords could be found on the corpse of a cultist from another room of your dungeon; the use of which may not be apparent until the PC's enter the chapel. I hope they kept it!

- Likewise, several crazed cultists could be heard earlier in the dungeon, humming the required chords for the organ if the PC's take the time to listen.

- The pipes that play the correct notes seem slightly more worn than the others; PC's could link those to the correct chords.

- Finally, if all else fails, a successful perception check may find that several keys on the Organ are more worn than others. A bit of trial and error later and they may be able to find the correct chords.


There's only two major uses for this that I can see.

The PC's are seeking out the Organ: The PC's are aware of the Organ and it's uses, and need to get to the Infernal realm. They fought their way down to this chapel to use the Pipe Organ, but still need to find the correct keys.

The PC's don't know of the Organ's powers: The GM can throw this at the PC's as a nasty twist to their dungeon: he can plant this at the bottom of a dungeon they were running and encourage them to work out the puzzle; perhaps hinting at secret doors and possible treasure. When the correct chords are played, have the entire group transported to a hellish realm against their will! Seconds ago they were thinking of all the loot and XP they were going to get for finishing the dungeon, but now they must find their way out of a land infested with demons!

This can be placed at the bottom of any dungeon you wish, really - it doesn't have to be a part of the storyline or theme of the dungeon above - perhaps it has been sitting here for centuries before, and other denizens have since taken up residence.

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Upon correct cord played the demon head grotesquely animates de-hinging its massive maw now agape and akin to a portal, sulfurous fire belching from the skulls nostrils and eye-sockets. An inky miasma fills the void between its jaws.

I would re-purpose this infernal device in my campaign to be used to strike at the very heart of evil giving my holy party of zealots a quest to secure this contraption made from malice and set up a forward command post in hell itself. I would add a knowledge check to secure the race of demon the organ's skull was made out of and have them create a shrine hell-side as a way-point home. Having to find kill and harvest said demon while in hell to do so of course.