Full Item Description

In most cases, a thin iron collar that fits around the neck and requires a key to remove. For misbehaving nobles, it is made of gold to look like a nice piece of jewelry, a necklace or a torc, and spare the wearer public shame.
After the death of the evil Queen Emma of Pier Point, killed by a necklace with a clockwork blade in the far off days when that city had it's independence, some of the wizards in the city government decided that a variation on Emma's Choker would be a weapon in the fight against crime. So a large number of collars of various metals were made and enchanted so that the wearer, having had the collar placed on him or her by court order, was forbidden to do one or more things.

They might be forbidden to carry weapons, cast spells, go outside the city or incite trouble, amongst other things. It was swiftly found that most mages and witches could only cast one spell on the collar at one time. Otherwise, either the magic ceased to work and the criminal escaped, or the nasty spell that was set upon the collar to punish the wearer if he/she misbehaved was set off.

The spell varied but most collars had a simple but nasty Lightning spell set on them, enough to seriously shock the wearer who broke the order set on him or her by the court, without causing death. A few did have deadly spells but they were rarely used except in the case of accused murderers awaiting trial on bail. Because of this collar, those awaiting trial did not have to waste their time sitting in prison, and the State's budget for food and water for prisoners could be cut without cauing harm. In some minor cases, wearing this collar is the punishment for convicted criminals without any extra punishment imposed.

Magic/Cursed Properties

They normally (a few are different) have a Lightning bolt spell set into them, ready to go off and hurt the wearer if he/she does a certain thing, such as carrying a weapon.Normally only one thing can be successfuly forbidden or the spell won't work, but a very powerful wizard can use them to forbid up to three actions from being preformed, with a shocking penalty (ha ha) for those who disobey.

Other notes-Not every magical item needs to be worldshaking, some just need to be useful.

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