The Coalition

"There is no town, no village, no valley, no port within the region known as the Coalition where good and honorable citizens may feel safe. By all accounts, this vast and terrible domain is home only to bandits, thieves, corsairs and the other dregs of society."
-Captain Jonathon Sturic of Garrison

Proper Name
The Coalition of Seven

No central ruler. (See below).


Population Density
14 people per square kilometer

Human 25%, Ogre 20%, Orc 20%, Saurian 20%, Skrell 6%, Goblyn 4%, Dwarven 4%, Grum 1%

Southern 30%, Drakkellin 20%, Ogrish 10%, Orcish 10%, Goblyn 10%, Sauric 10%, Baenese 5%, Rukemian 5%

Capital City
Tyrrenkor (Population: 51,500)

National Colors
Black and grey.

Year Founded

All currencies accepted. Much trade and barter.

Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods
Iron ore, quarried stone (including ebony granite), sunder shards, Cat's Eye, quarried marble, salt. Manufactured goods include fine crafted steel products especially weapons and armor. Mercenaries.

Agriculture Products
Wheat, corn, barley, sugar beets, olives, tomatoes, wine, tobacco, potatoes, beef, sheep and mutton, dairy products, tropical fruit, natural cork, healing herbs, natural poisons, toxins and drugs.


Government Type

Government Stability
Unstable - minor friction between ruling groups

Various groups in the Pirate Isles

Garrison, Mercia, Ormek, War Vale, Rukemia, Drakkellian Alliance

Technology Level
Middle Ages

Primary Religion

Other Religions
Kalishiba, Vallaurias, Grundel, Karenia, Tharros, Kolter, Krokus

Temperate to Tropical

Total Land Area
952,000 square kilometers

Arable Land



The Coalition is an unorganized collection of bandit groups and fragments of military groups loosely collected under one banner. It is more than twice the size of Duthelm, but its fragmented political structure and lack of military organization make it slow to react to outside political events and less likely to initiate war against the good realms of Ithria. This in no way minimizes the danger that the Coalition represents. The Coalition is a dark realm where many fear to travel. It is a land filled with warlords and mercenary companies that often fight amongst each other. Petty wars erupt and are quenched almost monthly. Seven main groups form the bulk of the Coalition. They are:

The Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue - A huge group of bandits, hunters and outdoorsmen including ogres, humans, saurians, orcs and goblyns. Members fork their tongues as a sign of devotion to the group.

The Chosen - A mysterious group of beings that appear human, but whom legends name vampires. These reclusive creatures are said to be immortal and feast on the souls of the living.

The Fellowship - A large crime cartel which rules the thieves, assassins and spies of the Coalition. Led by a reclusive female assassin/priestess of Karenia.

Peil's Thunder - A large and well organized mercenary company which serves as the bulk of the Coalition military. Consists of over 20,000 soldiers which are mostly human, ogre and orc.

The Order of the Vile - A small group of alchemists, herbalists, wizards, sages and craftsmen.

The Selari Knights - A small, but powerful group of unholy priest/knights that use steel and spell to bend others to their whim.

The League of Stone and Steel - A powerful guild of craftsmen, smiths, masons and miners.

The Goblyn Kingdom
Within Coalition territory, on the east shore just south of the Barakose Swamp, there is a huge concentration of goblyns that have formed a rudimentary civilization. Here, thousands of goblyns dwell in a large gathering of semi-permanent structures and caves. This place is called the Goblyn Kingdom. Ruling over this tiny kingdom is an abnormally large and strong specimen who claims the title "The Goblyn King" and rules from a ruined keep. The Goblyn King and his minions are allied with the forces of the Coalition, but do not hold a seat on the Council of Seven. Rumors claim that the Goblyn King is a giant of the goblyn race and an aberrant as well. He may have telepathic and magical abilities, if rumors are to be believed.


The Coalition is spread throughout two large mountainous peninsulas in southern Ithria. It is bordered on the north by the Baen desert and on all sides by the Wild Sea. Much of the Coalition is very mountainous and difficult to traverse. Hence, most of the population is situated in the huge river valley between the two mountain ranges or on the coastlines. The Coalition ranges from temperate in the north highlands to lush and tropical at the southern tips. The coastlines enjoy cool, rainy winters but endure hot, humid summers. The interior mountainous region is drier with larger swings in seasonal temperatures. Along the coastal edges of the mountains, there is abundant plant and animal life. The Coalition is bordered on the northeast and northwest by two wetlands, both of which lie in rain shadows against the Sentinel Mountains. The Stench Bog collects the runoff from the western hills of the Sentinel Mountains while the huge Barakose Swamp drains all the eastern regions. There are some 47 volcanoes scattered throughout the Sentinel Mountains, especially along the eastern arm. A number of the islands in the region are volcanic as well. Many of these volcanoes are active.

Notable Fauna and Flora

Because of its large size, varied terrain and extensive coastline, the Coalition contains numerous ecosystems and a wide variety of plants and animals. Sheep is the most common herd animal and is used for wool and meat. Lamb meat is a staple of the diet here and forms the basis for many meals. Cattle are raised for beef and milk.

A variety of fish are harvested in coastal villages including black razor fins and sunfish. Myrtaks and erriku can be found on the coast and in the waters surrounding this land. Both the Stench Bog and the Barakose Swamp boast ebrin, dungflies, bore worms, red asps and even the rare gumric. In the dry interior of the nation, one can encounter brush hawks, small herds of llamas, roving packs of burrow hounds and sentinel scorpions. Dragon hounds are native to this region. They have been domesticated for use as hunting dogs and war dogs by the Coalition, but wild packs of dragon hounds can still be found deep in the mountains.

The Coalition is home to a wide variety of plants. Wheat and barley are the two main bulk grains that support the diet and cuisine of the natives of the Coalition. Olives and tomatoes are very common and also influence the cuisine here. Most dishes are adorned with olives or tomato sauce. Olive oil is very common and used in cooking.

Several dangerous plants grow in the Coalition including death blossoms, death grip trees, and tuskweed. In the north desert regions, shadebloom can be found. Bloodroot and other healing herbs grow in the Coalition as well. Cork trees are common in the warmer, southern regions.


The Sentinel Mountains were nothing but a war-torn, ravaged area after the Great War having been the eastern third of the Traxx Legion and an area of heavy fighting. When the Traxx Legion broke up, it disintegrated into dozens of smaller groups. Many of these scattered groups and individuals lived in the mountains... renegades, survivors, criminals all found safety and solace among the rugged peaks. Eventually, seven major groups formed from these people. For centuries, these groups fought with each other. Finally, in the summer of 2366, these seven gathered on the battle field in a ceremony of peace and united into a single nation - the Coalition. For the past four centuries, these seven groups have managed to maintain a precarious balance of power. No single group is powerful enough to lead the others and all depend on each other to survive. While these seven groups meet in council, make policies and attempt to hold a proper court, the Coalition, to this day, lacks true leadership. It is the primary reason why this large and powerful nation has not been successful in expanding its territory.


The Coalition government consists of a council of representatives. Each of the seven groups is represented in the council by one to three members (depending on the size and strength of the group). Despite this, the council is known as the Council of Seven, referring to the seven groups. The Council varies in size from year to year, but is usually between 12 and 24 members. This Council votes on all matters pertaining to the state.

A representative from the Goblyn Kingdom also sits on this council, but not as an active member. Three is talk of the Goblyn Kingdom joining the Coalition as an official member.

Legal System

There is no true legal system within the Coalition. Due to the divided nature of the Coalition, each group maintains its own laws. Few laws apply to all Coalition groups. But perceived violation of laws, whether actual or falsified, brings swift and harsh punishment. Innocents are often thrown into dungeon cells and left to rot. As in the city of Asylum, justice belongs to the strong.


Various bandit groups and mercenary companies operate from and within the Coalition, but only two organized military forces exist. The Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue is a full time military group with pseudo religious undertones. This group patrols the Sentinel Mountains and raids the surrounding territories. Peil's Thunder serves as the backbone of Coalition military might and conducts warfare, internal security, intelligence operations and patrols the sea.


The Coalition does not have much of an economy to speak of. Most people in the Coalition are poor and hunger is widespread. There is not much good arable land here for farming. What little land is suitable for farming is worked by small farm communities. These small villages band together for protection or hire out mercenaries to protect them. Some of the larger mercenary companies maintain farms to provide themselves with food and protect that land themselves.

Most communities stick to the coastline where fruits and other foods grow. Fishing supplements the diet here as well. Generally, it is safer and more civilized on the coasts. Most trade is conducted in these coastal communities. The further inland one travels, the more dangerous and lawless the lands become.

The Coalition does produce and export some goods. The region is rich in metal ores and minerals. Extensive mining operations can be found throughout the country and most people can find work in the mines. Metalsmiths craft weapons and armor which are sold locally or exported.

The Order of the Vile does a brisk business brewing potions, elixirs, poisons and antidotes from the abundant and exotic plant life found here.

Finally, a great deal of stolen goods ends up in the Coalition. The Coalition is a huge country with many buyers and few laws. It is easy to fence just about anything here. 


The Coalition is a melting pot of races, especially the warlike lesser races. Ogre, orcs, saurians and humans constitute the bulk of the population. Goblyns are common especially in the east. Tribes of scrub rats can be found in the hills and arid wastelands of the interior. Skrell are often employed (or enslaved) to help work the mines below. The occasional troll is captured and enslaved and put to work, often in the military. It is not unusual to find a sayune caravan trundling along the dusty roads here or to see a sea gypsy ship docked at one of the port towns.

The heart of the population is Tyrrenkor. This large city is colorful, crowded and very active. It is a dangerous city where most people carry a blade and know how to use it. The general attitude here is "mind your own business". And everyone here has business to attend here. Most people are here to sell a cargo, buy a slave or look for work.


Lamb meat and mutton form the basis of many meals. Although cattle is raised in the Coalition, beef is less common. Olives and tomatoes are grown in great quantities and influence the cuisine of the Coalition greatly. Most dishes are cooked in olive oil and involve sun dried tomatoes or tomato sauce. Many dishes are adorned with sliced olives.

Wheat and barley are the two most common grains grown. These are used to produce kebrins... flat, unleavened round disks of bread which are usually eaten with butter or jam.

Kulfa is a dish which involves a local tuber, boiled and then mashed into a thick grey paste. It has a sour flavor so it is often flavored or spiced. it is often served as a side dish.

Sravi is a a common dish that involves a mix of boiled corn, tomatoes, potatoes, minced lamb meat (and sometimes cheese) wrapped in a soft breading and baked. Typically four of these tube shaped pastries make a meal. They are often topped with a sauce and garnished with herbs.

On the coast, sunfish and rock crab are the most common catches and are worked into dozens of recipes.





Drake's Town


This city is ruled by a warlord and tyrant named Drake who is loyal to the Death Knights.

Broken Bridge


The Old Swamp Road is a dirt and rubble trail that leads from Tyrrenkor to the great Barakose Swamp. High in the mountains, this road goes through a pass which spans a great chasm. Once, long ago, a massive stone bridge spanned this abyss. But no longer. Now, only the crumbling ruins of the ends of the bridge remain. At this ancient place there is a city named after the bridge. The officials of this city have erected a large wooden bridge next to the ruined stone one to cross the chasm and connect the road. Even so, city officials are slowly rebuilding the stone wonder, one block at a time.

Murron's Pass


A small community situated at the only good pass through the Sentinel Mountains between Garrison and Tyrrenkor. The self-proclaimed mayor of this town, Murron, is loyal to the council and the Coalition. Murron's Pass is the staging point for all military raids against Garrison.



A small city built at the base of a volcano from which burning lava often erupts in great falls.



This coastal city is an active trade port through which a lot of cargo (including pirate captured goods and illegal merchandise) passes through. Darkport is ruled by a warlord who is said to be a servant of the Chosen.



Coastal port. Both Dailek and Darkport are suspected as being the homeports of several Coalition sponsored privateer ships.

Villages (Population less than 1,000)

Ason, Athulin, Bajodir, Bentbow, Brax, Crossroad, Deadwood, Dorak, Evenrock, Felldowns, Gezir, Gisawara, Hurumat, Igua, Jastara, Karahasir, Keizer, Longlake, Mud Town, Newbridge, Onnigon, Prue's Path, Rayner, Redtree, Ridgebottom, Shukira, Thorn Valley, Tasihar, Watertown


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