It is December 24th. People around the world are doing last minute shopping, traveling, and getting their work done. The world is filled with moments of joy and amusement as the world is desperately getting ready for a joyous holiday (or going to the movies or Chinese food w/ the family… depending on the tradition).

Then, the Gates open and the world changed. Mythics began to appear. However, out of the gates, yes those magical gates, out pours death and mayham into the Malls and Streets. They don’t have a name, nor do they give one. Some call them demons, aliens, or experiments; others just call them Monsters. The Elfs, they call them Grinches.

As the gates open, magic flooded into the world. Dreams and Ideals became manifest, living in motion already. The Elfs and Santa were already getting ready for Christmas to their view, but now they were material. Three seconds later, the Naughty Alarm sounded.

And The Elfs were Pissed.

Nothing was going to stop Christmas, especially if they had something to say about it. So they stopped making and wrapping up good toys. They broke out 'the bad toys' and those things they built in their spare time (you know…just in case). Everyone put on their North Pole Defense Uniforms. The Big Guy snapped on his goggles. He adjusted his uniform. 'It is go time.'

No Grinch was going to destroy Christmas while they could stop it.

And unbeknownst to them, others felt the same way.

The summary pretty much…. sums up the world.

This was inspired by a Make a Christmas RPG game on another site. So I thought, 'Some monsters from somewhere else try to destroy Christmas (actually they are destroying humanity, Christmas was just incidentally the day). So of course the Elves will stop them. And what about some other mythics?'

Thus I came up with Black Christmas

Black Christmas. The Elf Kicking Butt and Taking Numbers with Toys and Candy movie game.

That does set the tone, doesn’t it?

This is not a beer and pretzel game, this is an eggnog and cookies game. (Just make sure the eggnog has lots of nog if you know what I mean.) Play it for fun and laughs, we certainly wrote it that way. Put on some christmas music, even if it is july, and run with it.

Oh and if you need to get in the mood or need source material, just put on some Animated Christmas specials (Rudolf, Frosty, etc), The Santa Clause Movies, or Home Alone (I).

So there are a number of submissions linked to this. While I will also post up version one of the roleplaying game, feel free to adapt this setting to any simple game system that supports super powers or cool eqipment.

Black Christmas Plots
Black Christmas Rules v1

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